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York, 1796
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 64
Launched : 1796 ; Disposal date or year : Jan 1804
Disposal Details : Foundered, as is supposed, in the North Sea - crew perished. Captain Henry Mitford.

22 Jul 27 Oct 1799 the York captured 5 merchant vessels in the West Indies.

30 Mar 1801 the Sans Pareil, 80 ; Carnatic, Thunderer, 74s ; York, 64, Capt Ferrier ; Abergavenny, 54 ; Apollo, Nereide, 36s ; Retribution, 32 ; Bonetta, 18 ; Merlin, Albicore, 16s ; were at Port Royal, Jamaica, when the Falmouth packet Lady Francis arrived from Martinique.

18 Jul 1801 this morning passed by the Isle of Wight, en route for the R Thames, a convoy made up of 165 vessels when it departed Jamaica on 20 May, under the command of the York, dividing in the Chops of the Channel, the Swallow, Capt Davie, taking the ships bound for Bristol and up St George's Channel.

19 Jul 1801 arrived the Downs the York and armed ship Empress Mary, with what was left of the Jamaica convoy, about 90 sail, which have sailed for the River.

22 Jul 1801 departed the Downs for the Eastward.

3 Aug 1801 arrived in the Downs yesterday evening, and remains.

6 Aug 1801 departed the Downs the York with the Nemesis, on a cruise.

15-16 Aug 1801 experienced casualties amongst her ship's company when the ship's boats, with others, were involved in an unsuccessful operation in the Bay of Boulogne to cut out an enemy vessel which was successfully defended and suffered the following casualties : in boat one : a petty officer, Mr. Berry, Midshipman, and 2 seamen killed ; and in boat two : a warrant officer, Mr. Brown, Gunner, 10 seamen and 5 marines wounded. Total 19.

1 Sep 1801 arrived at Dover an unnamed vessel laden with wine, attempting to go into Boulogne, detained by the York, and accompanied into Dover by the hired cutter Queen, Lt R.P. Minster.

2 Sep 1801 sailed past Dover for the Downs a squadron containing the York, Isis ; Discovery, Bomb ; Gannet, sloop ; Plumper and Snipe, gun vessels, along with a number of other cruisers, blown off the Coast of France by strong winds.

7 Sep 1801 A Court-Martial was held on board the York man of war, Captain Ferrier, in the Downs, for the trial of the Boatswain of his Majesty's sloop Hound, on several charges of insolence to his superior officer, neglect, inattention, &c. and the charges being clearly proved, he was sentenced to be broke, and turned before the mast.

9 Sep 1801 the Overyssel, Magicienne, Amazon, Leyden, Alkmaar, York, Isis, Shannon, Gannet, Hound, Gier, and Autumn sloops ; Volcano, Vesuvius, Terror, Discovery, Zebra bombs ; Victoire, Nancy & Akers, fire ships ; the Locust, Plumper, Bold, Eclipse, Ferriter, Snipe, Minx, Jackall, and Mallard, gun vessels, apart from seven gun brigs who were about to depart that evening with the Eugenie and Diligence for the Coast of France ; remained in the Downs overnight.

10 Sep 1801 departed for the Coast of France with the Isis.

6 Nov 1801 has departed the Downs for Sheerness.

10 Nov 1801 arrived Sheerness from the Downs, the Helden, frigate ; Hound, and Zephyr sloops, with the remaining gun brigs from the Downs station.

30 Nov 1801 remains with the Zealand and some 20 other vessels at the Nore.

14 Dec 1801 departed Sheerness the York, Capt Ferrier ; with the Helden frigate, Capt Parker ; and Diligence sloop, Capt Jones, for the River.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Mr. Yates, of the Diadem, apptd to the York.

28 Aug 1803 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness.

30 Aug 1803 departed the Downs for the Westward.

11 Sep 1803 arrived in the Downs the Monarch, York, and Ranger, from a cruize.

30 Sep 1803 the York, Immortalite, Harpy and Circe departed the Downs on a cruise. Wind W., with rain.

1 Oct 1803 put back to the Downs, the wind having gone round to the NW, blowing them on to the French coast.

12 Oct 1803 came to anchor in the Downs during the night. Is bound for Dungeness where she is supposed to be stationed as a block ship. [Ed: Although, looking at the coastline, hardly seems a likely setting, but I do appreciate that the coastline there is forever on the move.....see large shingle beds being formed today ?]

Circa 18 Feb 1804 fears are being expressed regarding the safety of the York, which has not been heard of since 26 Dec 1803, when she parted company with the Squadron off the Texel.

Circa 31 Mar 1804 pieces of wreckage marked York have been coming ashore off Peterhead.