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Zealous, 1786
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1786 ; Disposal date or year : 1816
BM: 1627 tons
Complement: 584

16 Dec 1796 Soon after leaving Gibraltar, for the Tagus, with the Mediterranean fleet, the Zealous struck on a sunken rock in Tangier bay, and, although got off, was greatly damaged.

21 Dec 1796 the Tagus. The Mediterranean fleet arrived ; the Zealous to undergo repairs.

29 May 1797 Attack on Santa-Cruz, Teneriffe.

24 May 1798 departed from off Cadiz with a squadron of 10 ships of the line to join Nelson's squadron in the Mediterranean, arriving 7 Jun.

7 Jun 1798 the search for the French fleet.

1 Aug 1798 the preparation for the Battle of the Nile.

1 Aug 1798 Battle of the Nile.

10 Aug 1798 Lieutenant Thomas Duval, of the Zealous, despatched overland to Bombay with the intelligence of the victory over the French at the Nile.

19 Aug 1798 the Zealous, Goliath, Swiftsure, Seahorse, Emerald, Alcmène, and Bonne-Citoyenne, leave Aboukir Bay to cruise off the port of Alexandria..

End of the year 1798 remains stationed off Alexandria.

2 Feb 1799 relieved and departed from off Alexandria.

18 Mar 1799 arrived at Palermo from off Alexandria. 31st detached to blockade the port of Naples.

30 May 1799 joined Nelson's squadron off Palermo.

13 Jun-mid Aug 1799 departed from off Palermo for a cruise, arriving Naples 24th, where crews were involved in operations ashore.

2 Aug - 4 Sep 1799 the boats of the Vanguard and Zealous captured Zebec (No. 25) bound from Tarragona to Barcelona, with 4000 reams of paper, on account of the King of Spain ; a latteen sail vessel (No. 19), bound from Tarragona to Barcelona, with paper, wine, and corn ; a latteen sail vessel, bound from Tortola to Barcelona, with pine timber for ships or building.

2 Aug - 4 Sep 1799 captured a single latteen sail-decked boat, quite new (No. 184), from Tarragona bound to Barcelona, with 130 quarters of wheat. Also detained a Single latteen sail-boat with 160 quarters of wheat, but boat being old, let go with the old men, passengers, and boys.

24 Oct 1799 Portsmouth, departed from Gibraltar with the Serapis, Majestic, and Aurora, and a large convoy, among which were four ships from Smyrna with foul bills of health.

9 Nov 1799 Spithead, passed by last night with a convoy from Gibraltar for the Downs.

28 Jan 1801 Capt Dilkes, late of the Madras, appointed to the Zealous, fitting for sea at Sheerness.

7 Feb 1801 is reported to have been commissioned at Chatham following the recent formation of the Confederacy of Northern Powers of Russia, Sweden and Denmark against Great Britain.

12 Mar 1801 arrived Sheerness, Capt Linzee.

29 Mar 1801 departed Sheerness for the Great Nore.

6 Apr 1801 Adm Totty hoisted his flag on board the Zealous at the Nore, following the loss of the Invincible.

8 Apr 1801 departed Sheerness, with the gun brig Boxer, Lt Mitchell, to join the North Sea fleet.

10 Apr 1801 the Zealous arrived N. Yarmouth, with the gun brigs Plumper and Boxer, and the cutter Phoenix, the latter from Harwich.

17 Apr 1801 at N. Yarmouth, 5 men are reported to have drowned when one of the ship's boats overturned.

21 Apr 1801 departed N. Yarmouth this morning a squadron for the Baltic under the command of Adm. Totty in the Zealous, with the Powerful, Vengeance, 74s ; Ruby, 64 ; Alkmaar, Hospital Ship ; Pomone, frigate ; Vesuve, Wrangler, Ready, Safeguard, Pincher, Eclipse, Boxer, Plumper, Griper, Adder and Cracker gun vessels ; Drake, cutter ; Prince William, hired armed ship.

10 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead from the Baltic as a part of a Fleet under the command of Vice-Admiral Pole.

19 Aug 1801 departed Spithead as a part of a squadron under the command of Vice-Admiral Pole for a cruise off Cadiz, including the St George, Dreadnought, Zealous, Ramillies, Vanguard, and Powerful.

21 Aug 1801 last evening hove in sight off Plymouth Sound, at 8 P.M. the Dreadnought, with 5 sail of the line, and lay to till dark.

21 Aug 1801 last evening stood in off Plymouth Sound the Zealous, hoisted a Dutch ensign, reversed, and fired three guns to leeward, as a signal for the Goliath to join the squadron from Cawsand Bay ; she immediately warped out to the bite of the bay, and this morning at day-break, the whole squadron made sail to the westward, with a fine wind at E.S.E. blowing fresh.

31 Aug 1801 arrived off Cadiz, to join Sir James Saumarez's squadron, Adm Pole in the St George, with the Dreadnought, Ramilies, Vanguard, Powerful and Zealous.

2 Sep 1801 the St George, Dreadnought, Ramilies, Vanguard, Powerful and Zealous, in company with Sir James Saumarez's squadron, consisting of the Defence, Warrior, Spencer, Superb, Audacious, ships of the line ; and Caroline, Thames, frigates ; and sloop Peterell, began cruising before Cadiz. The Bellona was reported to be at Gibraltar fishing her main-mast.

15 Jan 1802 was reported to be off Gibraltar.

5 Feb 1802 letters received Plymouth from the Caesar, 84, state that Adm. Gantheaume's squadron had passed the Gut of Gibraltar the 20th ult., and that Sir James had dispatched after them the Bellona, 74 ; Warrior, 74 ; Zealous, 74 ; Defence, 74, to watch them ; destination unknown.

Circa 25 May 1802 Captain S. H. Linzee, of the Zealous, apptd to the Desiree,

Circa 25 May 1802 Captain Dacres. of the Desiree, apptd to the Zealous.

10 Jul 1802 came up to Spithead from St. Helen's the following men of war from the West Indies. They left St. Domingo on the 16 June, several large packets of letters were landed from them, and sent off to London. The St. George, 98, Captain Lobb ; Warrior, 74, Captain Tyler ; Resolution, 74, Hon. Capt. Gardner ; Captain, 74, Captain Boyles ; Zealous, 74, Captain Linzee ; and Robust, 74, Captain Jervis.

15 Jul 1802 came into Portsmouth harbour the Zealous, 74, Captain Linzee ; Robust, 74, Captain Jervis ; Saturn, 74, Captain Brisbane ; Acasta, 36, Captain Wood ; La Pique, 36. Captain Young ; and the Determinée, 24, Captain Beaver, to be paid off.

22 Jul 1802 a Court-Martial was held at Portsmouth on J. Hamilton, of HM ship Zealous, for neglect of duty. The charge being proved he was sentenced to receive two hundred lashes, which sentence was put in execution alongside the respective ships in the harbour. Just before he was seized up alongside the first ship, he jumped overboard and attempted to make his escape, but was soon retaken.

24 Jul 1802 the Robust, Zealous, Saturn, Phoenix, Pique, and Determinée which were paid off at Portsmouth during this last week.

Doubled and sheathed &c.from lower sill of gun deck to keel and strengthened with diagonal braces.

Circa 4 Aug 1804 the Barfleur, Cumberland, Zealous, Success, Dido, and Serpent are being prepared at Portsmouth for being brought into commission.

May 1805 Portsmouth fitting in Ordinary ; Guard Ship.

Post-May 1805 sent to join the Mediterranean Fleet.

2 Oct 1805 detached from off Cadiz to Gibraltar for provisions and water.

29 Apr 1810 At Cadiz.

22 Apr 1811 remains in the Tagus.

7 Jul 1811 arrived Spithead from Lisbon.

8 Aug 1811 arrived Deal to join the fleet off Flushing.

25 Oct 1811 remains in Hosely Bay, Harwich.

4 Jan 1812 a line of battle ship is now working into Leith Roads, supposed to be the Zealous, from the Nore, with French prisoners.

10 Jan 1812 landed some of the prisoners at Leith on Wednesday morning.

1 Apr 1812 departed Deal for the Baltic.

24 Jan 1814 departed Spithead for Basque roads.

2 Apr 1814 came into Cawsand Bay from off Brest.

31 May 1814 at anchor in the Garonne.

28 Jun 1814 has arrived Plymouth with troops from Bordeaux.

7 Aug 1814 arrived Spithead from Cork.

31 Aug 1814 will be ready for sea at Spithead in a few days.

15 Dec 1814 arrived Spithead from Halifax.

29 Dec 1814 came into Portsmouth harbour.