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British Navy - Destroyers

10 Admiralty Modified "R"

Page 107
TOWER          By courtesy of Messrs. Swan Hunter (Builders).

1 Beardmore: Ulster. 1086 tons. Brown-Curtis A.G. turbines.
1 Doxford: Umpire. 1091 tons. Brown-Curtis A.G. turbines.
1 Fairfield: Undine. 1090 tons. Brown-Curtis A.G. turbines.
2 Palmer: Urchin, Ursa. 1085 tons. Parsons A.G. turbines.
2 Scott: Tirade, Ursula. 1076 tons. Brown-Curtis A.G. turbines.
1 Swan Hunter: Tower. 1087 tons. Brown-Curtis A.G. turbines.
2 White: Trenchant, Tristrum. 1085 tons. Brown-Curtis A.G. turbines.

  • Dimensions: 265 (p.p.), 275.5-276, (o.a.) x about 26.75 x 10.5 feet (mean), 11.75 (max.)
  • draught.
  • Guns: 3-4 inch (Mk. IV with 30° elevation in Ulster and Ursa), 1-2 pdr. pom-pom. Tubes: 4-21 inch in pairs.
  • Machinery: "All geared" (A.G.) turbines as noted above. 2 screws. Designed S.H.P. 27,000 = 36 kts. Boilers: 3 Yarrow in all except Trenchant and Tristram by White with 3 White-Forster. Oil: about 300/250 tons.
  • Complement, 82.

General Notes: All Emergency War Programme. These boats are said to be an attempt by the Admiralty to combine the "Admiralty R" design with that of the Yarrow "Later Ms." They are said to be not quite so satisfactory as the Admiralty M's and R's, but good sea-boats.

To distinguish: Very long and high fo'xle, which is not not sheered or turtle-backed as in "S" boats, Charthouse built on fo'xle. Fore funnel very close to foremast. Funnels nearly equal in size with boats in davits abeam of after funnel. Quarter-deck abaft of mainmast is shorter than in "Yarrow M" boats, and has 4 inch in bandstand.

War losses: Ullysses (Doxford).

URCHIN. Some boats have platform on after pair of tubes, as above.          Photo, Topical.

  Begun Launch Comp.
Ulster 19/9/16 10/10/17 21/11/17
Umpire ........ 9/6/17 8/17
Undine ........ 22/3/17 26/5/17
Urchin ....... 7/6/17 8/17
Ursa ........ 23/7/17 10/17
Tirade ........ 21/4/17 6/17
Ursula ...... 8/17 9/17
Tower 9/16 5/4/17 8/17
Trenchant 17/7/16 23/12/16 30/4/17
Tristram 23/9/16 24/2/17 30/6/17

Source: As extracted from Jane's Fighting Ships © for 1919 - p 107

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