Kings Regulations & Admiralty Instructions - 1913 - Appendix

Kings Regulations & Admiralty Instructions - 1913 - Volume I


Front Page
Explanation of Terms

Chapter I - General Regulations

Chapter II - Ceremonies and Distinctions
Royal Salutes and Flags
Salutes and Flags in India
Salutes to Civil, Naval, and Military Authorities
International Salutes and Salutes to Foreigners
Salutes in General
Salutes which are to be Returned or not Returned
Flags to be Hoisted when Saluting or Returning Salutes
Visits of Ceremony
Distinguishing Flags and Pendants of Naval Authorities
Distinguishing Flags of other Authorities
Ensign, Jack, and Pendant - Navy and not Navy
National Colours
Military Honours and Marks of Respect
Naval Salutes and Marks of Respect
Funeral Honours
Special Decorations and Medals
Foreign Orders and Medals
Manner of Wearing Decorations, Orders, and Medals

Chapter III - Rank and Command
Officers in General
Flag Officers, Captains of the Fleet, and Commodores
Captains and Commanders
Lieutenants and other Officers of the Military Branch
Officers other than the Military Branch
Ship's Company
Relative Rank of the Officers of the Navy and Army

Chapter IV - Appointment of Officers
Officers in General
Officers Authorised to make Appointments, &c.

Chapter V - Definitions of Service
Military Branch-Commissioned Officers
Non-Military Branches-Commissioned Officers
Commissioned Warrant Officers and Warrant Officers
Retirement and Half Pay

Chapter VI - Officers.- Qualifications and Examinations for Promotion
Military Branch
Engineer Branch
Medical Branch
Accountant Branch
Commissioned Warrant and Warrant Officers

Chapter VII - Officers.-training and Examinations Generally
Military Branch and Marine Officers
Engineer Branch
Medical Branch
Accountant Branch
Warrant Officers
Interpreters and Foreign Languages
Examinations generally

Chapter VIII - Men and Boys - Entry, Qualification and Instruction
Medical Examination and Inspection
Raising and Entering
Continuous, Non-continuous, and Special Service
Training, Instruction, Qualification, and Examination
Non-substantive Ratings
Qualifications for and Service in Coast Guard

Chapter IX - Instructions to Officers in General.

Chapter X - Instructions to Commanders-in-Chief and Officers in Command of Fleets, Squadrons, and Stations.
General Duties of Commander-in-Chief
Duties of the Senior Officer Present
Commanders-in-Chief at Home Ports
Officers recommended for Promotion

Chapter XI - Instructions to a Flag Officer or a Commodore of the First Class not Commanding-in-Chief

Chapter XII - Instructions to the Captain of the Fleet

Chapter XIII - Instructions to Captains
On Appointment
Fighting Efficiency
Exercises and Instructions as to Armaments and Magazines
Fire Precautions
Regulations for Closing Water-tight Doors
Smoking Regulations
Clothing, Cleanliness, and Health
Logs, Register and Signal Books, &c.
Instruction of Officers
General Instructions
Letters and Mails
Anchors and Cables
Payments, Cash and Store Accounts, and Surveys
Discharge of Officers and Men
In case of Wreck

Chapter XIV - Instructions to Lieutenants and Sub Lieutenants
Sub Lieutenants

Chapter XV - Instructions to the Gunner, Boatswain, and Carpenter
The Gunner
The Boatswain
The Carpenter

Chapter XVI - Instructions to the Chaplain and Naval Instructor
Naval Instructor

Chapter XVII - Courts-Martial.

Chapter XVIII - Courts of Inquiry and Naval Courts.

Chapter XIX - Discipline
Chaplain, Divine Service
Discipline Generally
Good Conduct Badges
Good Conduct Medal and Gratuity.
Summary Punishments Tables of Punishments
Dismissal With or Without Disgrace
Corporal Punishment
Imprisonment and Detention.
Deprivation of Good Conduct Medal or Badges
Reduction to Second Class for Conduct
Extra Work and Drill
Classification for Short Leave.
Punishments for Leave-breaking
Punishments for Drunkenness on Leave .
Extra Work or Drill for Two Hours a Day <
Reprimand by Captain
Extra Guard
Birching and Caning Boys
Deductions from Pay
Deserters and Absentees
Civil Power

Chapter XX - Police

Chapter XXI - Certificates
Officers' Certificates
Ratings' Certificates

Chapter XXII - Messing, Cabins, and Canteens
Messing Officers
Messing-Ship's Company

Chapter XXIII - Leave of Absence
Ship's Company

Chapter XXIV - Gunnery and Torpedo
Captain - General Duties
Gunnery Officer - Duties of
Torpedo Officer - Duties of
Royal Naval Reserve - Instruction of Officers

Chapter XXV - Signalling and Wireless Telegraphy

Chapter XXVI - Physical Training

Chapter XXVII - Engine Department
General Instructions
Engineer Rear-Admiral or Engineer Captain
Engineer Officer
Engineer Officer of Watch

Chapter XXVIII - Navigation and Pilotage
Compasses, Chronometers, and Charts
Navigating Officer

Chapter XXIX - Regulations for Preventing Collisions, and Lights for Torpedo Boats, &c.

Chapter XXX - Convoys

Chapter XXXI - Commissioning and Equipment

Chapter XXXII - Preservation, Repairs, and Docking.
Repairs, Alterations, and Additions

Chapter XXXIII - Paying Off

Chapter XXXIV - Royal Marines
Instruction and Training
Prizes for Shooting
Arms, Clothing, &c.
Discharges and Re-engagements
Officers, Royal Marines, employed on Special Duties
Marines employed on Special Duties
Classification for Conduct, &c.
Service Certificates
Good Conduct Badges and Restoration
Good Conduct and other Medals and Gratuities
Pensions for Service, Wounds, &c.

Chapter XXXV - His Majesty's Land Forces and Transports.
When Embarked. for Passage
Hired Transports
Landing and Embarking Troops and Army Stores

Chapter XXXVI - Medical
Surveys on Invalids
Hospital and Sick Quarters
Duties of Medical Officers

Chapter XXXVII - Instructions to the Accountant Officer

Chapter XXXVIII - Full Pay, Allowances and Deductions
Flag Officers and Commodores
Petty Officers, Seamen, and Marines

Chapter XXXIX - Extra Pay and Committee Allowances
Extra Pay
Committee Allowances

Chapter XL - Travelling Expenses, Subsistence and Lodging Allowances
Travelling Expenses generally, and at Home
Travelling Expenses Abroad
Lodging and Provision Allowance
Passages of Officers and Men in Merchant Ships
Contribution on account of Messing

Chapter XLI - Passenger Allowances and Compensation for Losses.
Replacement of Medals

Chapter XLII - Pay Accounts
Books and Returns connected with Pay and Numbers Victualled
Register of Services, and Monthly Returns
Transfer Lists
Pay Tickets
Settlements on Discharge
Paying Off
Disposal of Dead and Run Persons' Effects
Differences on Audit of Ledger
Work done for Private Individuals, or for Dependent or Foreign Governments
Bounty Regulations
Pay of Officers and Men while Prisoners of War
Savings Banks

Chapter XLIII - Cash and Cash Accounts
Obtaining Supplies of Money
Disbursement of Public Money
Cash Accounts to be kept and rendered

Chapter XLIV - Victualling Instructions
Allowance of Provisions
Messing Allowance
Supplies, &c., of Victualling Stores
Issues and Returns

Chapter XLV - Purchase of Stores and Provisions.

Chapter XLVI - Stores and Store Accounts.
Allowance and Care of Naval, Naval Ordnance, and Whitehead Torpedo Stores, Books of Reference, and Forms
Demands for Naval, Naval Ordnance, and Whitehead Torpedo Stores, Books of Reference, and Forms
Charge and Accounts of Naval, Naval Ordnance, anal Whitehead Torpedo Stores, Books of Reference, and Forms
Supply of Stores and Provisions to, and receipts from, Foreign Powers, other Departments, &c.

Chapter XLVII - Surveys and Stocktakings of Stores
Surveys on board by Ships' Officers
Naval and Naval Ordnance Stores - As to Quality
Chain Cables, Steel-Wire Hawsers, Dismounting Chains of Heavy Guns, &c.
Naval Stores and Fixtures, and Naval Ordnance Stores - As to Quantity
Provisions, Clothing, Candles, Implements, and Medical Stores

Chapter XLVIII - Returns and Accounts in General
Returns and Accounts in General
Miscellaneous Books and Returns

Chapter XLIX - Prizes and Prize Money, Prisoners of War
Prize Money
Prisoners of War

Chapter L - Quarantine and Customs Regulations

Chapter LI - Salvage

Chapter LII - Pensions and Gratuities to Officers
Pensions for Wounds and Injuries
Gratuities for Wounds and Injuries
Retiring Pensions to Commissioned Warrant Officers, Warrant Officers, and Coast Guard Officers
Disability Pensions to Subordinate Officers
Good .Service Pensions
Naval, Greenwich Hospital, and Travers Pensions

Chapter LIII - Pensions and Gratuities to Petty Officers, Seamen, and Boys
Naval Pensions and Gratuities for Wounds or Hurts, and for Disability,
Naval Pensions for Service
Greenwich Age Pensions for Naval Pensioners
Greenwich Special Pensions for Seamen and Marines

Chapter LIV - Pensions and Gratuities to the Relatives of Officers and Men of the Royal Navy and Marines, and Education of Their Children.
Widows of Naval Officers
Widows of Marine Officers
Widows and Children of Officers Killed in Action
Children of Officers - Compassionate Allowances
Mothers and Sisters of Officers
Education of the Children of Officers and Men
Pensions, Allowances, and Gratuities, to Relatives of Men Killed on Duty

Chapter LV - Half and Retired Pay and Pensions - Payment of

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