Regiments at the Verne Citadel, Portland, Dorset - 1873-1933

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Regiments at the Verne Citadel, Portland, Dorset - 1873 - 1933

NB: Although various regiments garrisoned the Citadel over the years it should perhaps be remembered that members of the Royal Artillery were were invariable present as the main armament of the fortress was its heavy guns
1873 Royal Regiment of Artillery
1873 Royal Regiment of Engineers
1873 4th Battalion, Kings Royal Rifles
1874 1st Battalion, 102nd (Royal Madras) Fusiliers
1876 1st Battalion, East Sussex Regiment
1876-7 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment
1877 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers
1877-8 2nd Battalion, 20th (East Devon) Regiment
1879 1st Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry (32nd (Cornwall) Light Infantry)
1879 2nd Battalion, Essex Regiment (56th (West Essex) Regiment)
1881 1st Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
1881 1st Battalion, 14th (Buckinghamshire) Prince of Wales Own
1882 1st Battalion, Dorset Regiment
1882-3 1st Battalion, Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
1883-4 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment
1885-6 1st Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers
1886-7 1st Battalion, Dorset Regiment
1888-91 2nd Battalion, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
1891-2 2nd Battalion, North Stafford Regiment (here during the census for 1891)
1892-3 2nd Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment
1894-6 2nd Battalion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry
1897-9 2nd Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers
1899 2nd Battalion, Prince Albert's (Somerset Light infantry)
1900 4th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry
1900-01 3rd Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment 
1901 4th Battalion, Manchester Regiment 
1902 2nd Battalion, Manchester Regiment 
23 Sep 1904
2nd Battalion, Dorset Regiment
Left for Colchester
23 Sep 1904-6 2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
1907 Depot Royal Field Artillery
1908-11 1st Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry
1911-12 2nd Battalion, Royal Warwick Regiment 
1912-13 1st Battalion, Welch Fusiliers
1914 2nd Battalion, Welch Fusiliers
1914 Royal Garrison Artillery
1914 3rd Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers
1914 9th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers
1914 Royal Naval Division (various battalions) with the 3rd Battalion Devonshire Regiment
1915 2nd Battalion, 15th Devonshire Regiment
1916 1st Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
1916 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
1916 2nd Battalion, Dorset Regiment
1916 2nd Battalion, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
1916 44th Battalion. Training Res Devon
1916 1st Battalion, Dorset Regiment
1917 Australians
1919 2nd Battalion, Dorset Regiment
1919-22 2nd Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
1923 2nd Battalion, Buffs
1926 Gloucester Regiment
1929 2nd Battalion, Dorset Regiment from the Rhine
1933 Green Howards
1933-1948 Other units occupied the Verne during this time, but details are not known at the present time
1948 The Verne was converted into a prison

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