Appendix 20 - Ships of the British navy, lost during 1795


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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol I


No. 20.


See p. 305.

A list of ships and vessels, late belonging to the British navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1795.

    Name. Commander. How, when, and where lost.
  98     (H)   Boyne George Grey Accidentally burnt, May 1, at Spithead: crew saved.
74 (M) Censeur John John Gore Captured, Oct. 7, by a French squadron, off Cape St.-Vincent.
(O) Berwick Adam Littlejohn. Captured, March 7, by the French fleet in the Mediterranean.
Illustrious T. L. Frederick Wrecked, March 14, in a gale, on the rocks near Avenge crew saved.
44 (V) Diomede Matthew Smith Wrecked, Aug. 2, by striking on a sunken rock off Trincomalé, island of Ceylon: crew saved.
Gun. frig.    
38 (A) Amethyst Thomas Affleck Captured Wrecked, Dec. 29, at Alderney crew saved.
28 (I) Nemesis Samuel H. Linzee Captured, December 9, by the French frigate Sensible and corvette Sardine, in the road at Smyrna.
Gun p. sh.    
20 (O) Daphne Wm. B. Cracraft. Captured Feb. 12, by a detachment of the Brest fleet.
G. b. slp.    
14 (b) Flêche Charles Came Wrecked, Nov. 12, in San-Fiorenzo by: crew saved.
G. Sch.    
6 (n) Flying-fish Seton Captured, in June, by two French privateers.
Float battery    
... (v) Musquito M'Carty Wrecked, exact time unknown, on the coast of France, near Jersey : crew perished.
G. Dutch    
4 hey (w) Shark Watson Captured, Dec. 11, by being run away with into La Hogue by her own crew.

  Lost the through enemy. Lost through accident. Total.
Captured Destroyed Wrecked. Foundered. Burnt.
Ships of the line 2 ... 1 ... 1 4
Ships under the line 4 ... 4 ... ... 8
Total 6 ... 5 ... 1 12
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