1797 - Contents of Naval history of Great Britain - Volume II - by William James


Naval history of Great Britain - Volume II


William James

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Index of most vessels mentioned


British and French Fleets, 1
[Revised Scheme of Complement for Frigates dated 20 Jun 1796, ibid.]
State of British navy, ibid.
Expedition to Ireland, 2
Indefatigable and Amazon with Droits-de-l'Homme, 11
Loss of the Amazon and Droits-de-l'Homme, 16
Expedition to Ireland, 20
Negotiation for peace, 22
Mutiny at Spithead, 23
Second meditated invasion of Ireland, 28
Second overture for peace, 29

British and Spanish Fleets, ibid.
Sir John Jervis off Cape St.-Vincent, ibid.
Bombardment of Cadiz, 54
Cutting out the Mutine, 56
Nelson at Santa-Cruz, ibid.
Mutiny off Cadiz, 61
French successes in the Mediterranean, 62

British and Franco-Spanish Fleets, 63
Cruise of Rear-admiral Brueys, 64
Mutiny at the Nore, ibid.

British and Dutch Fleets, 66
Admiral Duncan off Camperdown, 68

Light Squadrons and Single Ships, 79
Escape of Indiamen, ibid.
Andromache and an Algerine, 80
Capture of the Résistance and Constance, 81
Viper and Spanish privateer, 82
Capture of the Hardi, ibid.
Capture of the Ninfa and Santa-Elena, ibid.
Destruction of the Calliope, 85
Mutiny in the Lady-Shore convict-ship, 86
Arethusa and Gaieté, 87
Alexandrian and Coq, 88
Penguin and Oiseau, ibid.
Pelican and Trompeur, 89
Capture of the Ephicharis, 90
Recapture of the Hyæna, ibid.
Gallantry of a purser, 91
Phbe and Néréide, 92
Capture of a gun-brig by two French privateers, 93
The capture of the Daphne, 94

Colonial Expeditions, NORTH AMERICA, ibld
Loss of the Tribune, 95

Capture of Trinidad, 98
Boats of the Hermione at Porto-Rico, 99
Destruction of the French Hermione, 100
British boats and French privateers at Cape Roxo, 101
Mutiny on board the British Hermione, 103

Mutiny in the squadron there, ibid.


British and French Fleets, 105.
State of the British Navy, ibid.
Mars and Hercule, 108
Buonaparte's plan for invading England, 111
Invasion Flotilla, its origin, 113
Repulsed at Saint-Marcouf, 114
Captain Popham at Ostende, 117
Destruction of the Confiante, 119
Expedition to Ireland, 122
Capture of General Humbert, 123
Expedition to Ireland, 124
Capture of the Hoche and Consorts, 129
Melampus and Resolue, 135
Kangaroo and Loire, 137
Mermaid and Loire, ibid.
Anson and Kangaroo with Loire, 141
Fisgard and Immortalité, 142
Expeditions to Ireland, 145
CarteIs, 147
Rear-admiral Nelson in the Mediterranean, 148
Departure of Buonaparte`s Egyptian expedition, 150
Buonaparte's seizure of Malta, 151
Nelson's chase of Buonaparte, 152
Buonaparte at Alexandria, 157
French fleet at anchor in Aboukir bay, 158
Battle of the Nile, 163
Summons and blockade of 188
Capture of Goza, 189
French successes in Italy, 190
Turks at Corfu, 191
Blockade of Alexandria, 192
Capture of Torride and destruction of Anémone, ibid.
Attack on Aboukir castle, 194

British and Spanish Fleets, 195
Earl St.-Vincent off Cadiz, ibid,
Capture of Minorco, 196

British and Dutch Fleets, 198

Light Squadrons and Single Ships, ibid.
George and Spanish privateers, 199
Pomone and Cheri, ibid.
Kingfisher and Betsy, 200
Lieutenant Pym and Désirée, ibid.
Melampus and Volage, 201
Speedy and.Papillon, ibid.
Cobourg and Revanche, 202
Chase of the Charente, 203
Recovery and Revanche, 204
Victorieuse and French privateer, ibid.
Escape of Sir Sidney Smith, 206
Aurora and French privateer, ibid.
Princess-royal and Aventurier, 207
Seahorse and Sensible, 208
Tippoo Saib and the French, 210
Sibylle and Fox at Manilla, 211
Same at Sanboangon, 215
Preneuse and two Indiamen, 216
Loss of the Resistance, 217
Pearl and French frigates, 219
Capture of the Seine, 220
Capture of the Mondovi, 222
Brilliant and French frigates, ibid.
Eagle privateer and Lodi corvette, 223
Boats of Regulus in Aguada bay, 225
Lion and four Spanish frigates, 226
Melpoméne at Corigiou, ibid.
Espoir and Liguria, 227
Capture of the Vaillante, 229
Hazard and Neptune, 230
Leander and Généreux, ibid.
Capture of the Décade, 239
Capture of the Flore, ibid.
Also of the Furie and Waakzaamheid, 240
Herald and French privateers, 241
Perdrix and Armée-d'Ilalie, 242
Ambuscade and Baïonnaise, 243

Colonial Expeditions, WEST INDIES, 249
Evacuation of Port-au-Prince, ibid.
Spanish attack on Honduras, 251.


British and French Fleets, 252
State of the British Navy, ibid.
Lord Bridport of Brest, 254
Escape of Admiral Bruix from Brest, ibid.
Admiral Bruix off Cadiz, 258
Admiral Bruix in the Mediterranean, 259

British and Franco-Spanish Fleets, 260
Cadiz fleet in Carthagena and M. Bruix in Toulon, 261
Capture of M. Perrée's squadron, 262
Lord Keith and M. Bruix, 266
Junction of Admirals Bruix and Massaredo, ibid.
Departure of Admirals Bruix and Massaredo for Brest, 267
They anchor in Brest, 268
Spanish squadron at the Isle of Aix, 269

British and French Fleets, 270
French in possession of Italy, ibid
Surrender of Ancona to the Austrians, 272.
Lord Nelson at Palermo 273
Captain Foote at Palermo, 274
Same at Naples, 275
Lord Nelson at Naples, 276
Lord Nelson and Caraccioli, 278
Captain Troubridge at Fort St.-Elmo, 280
Same at Capua and Gaeta, 282
British seamen at Rome, 282
Buonaparte at Suez, 283
Buonaparte and Achmet-Djezzar, 284
Bombardment of Alexandria, 285
Sir Sidney Smith at Acre, 286
French and Turks at Aboukir, 296
Buonaparte's preparations for leaving his army, 298
His escape from Egypt, 299
Centurion and Albatross at Suez, 300
Dædalus and Fox at Kosseïr, 301
French and Turks at Bogaz, 303
Surrender of El-Arich by treachery, 305

British and Dutch Fleets, 306
, ibid.
Captain Boorder at Lemmer-town, 312

Light Squadrons and Single Ships, 313
Wolverine and two French luggers, ibid.
Loss of the Proserpine, 315
Dædalus and Prudente, 317
Capture of the Santa-Teresa, 319
Constellation and Insurgente, 323
Espoir and Africa, 324
Sibylle and Forte, 325
Telegraph and Hirondelle, 333
Trent and Sparrow's boats, 334
Sir Harry Neale and a French frigate-squadron, ibid.
Amaranthe and Vengeur, 336
Fortune and Salamine, ibid.
Boats of Success, 337
Alcmène and Courageux, 338
Speedy and Spanish vessels, 339
Recapture of Crash, 340
Lieutenants Slade and Humphreys at Schiermonikoog, ibid.
Clyde and Vestale, 341
Tamar and Républicaine, 344
Capture of the Draak and Gier, 345
Rattlesnake and Camel with Preneuse, 346
Jupiter and Preneuse, 349
Destruction of the Preneuse, 350
Speedy and Spanish gun-boats, 351
Ferret and Spanish privateer, 353
Capture of the Bordelais, 355
Trincomalé and lphigénie, ibid.
Boats of the Echo, 356
Capture of the Thetis and Santa-Brigida, 357
Cerberus and five Spanish frigates, 359
Cutting out the Hermione, 361
Capture of the Zeelast and Zeevraght, also of Galgo, 366
Courier and Guerrier, 367
Solebay with Egyptien and consorts, 368
Racoon and Intrépide, 369
Glenmore and Aimable with Sirène and Bergère, 370
Recapture of the Lady-Nelson, 372

Colonial Expeditions, WEST INDIES, 373
Capture of Surinam, ibid.

Capture of Seringapatam, ibid.

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Capt Sir William Hoste, Bart.
Admiral Viscount Nelson

Battle of the Nile . 164
Action of Leander and Généreux 232 233

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