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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

1800 -> early months of 1805

by William James


British and French Fleets
1-State of the British Navy
1-Buonaparte's negotiation for peace
4-Loss of the Repulse (1800)
5-Expedition to the Morbihan
6-Loss of the Marlborough
6-Lord Keith in the Mediterranean
6-Loss of the Queen-Charlotte by fire
9-Siege and bombardment of Genoa
10-Cutting out the Prima galley
12-Surrender of Genoa
13-Convention between France and Austria
13-Blockade of Malta
20-Surrender of Malta
21-Treaty of El-Arich
24-Death of General Kléber

25-British and Spanish Fleets - Atlantic
25-General Pulteney at Ferrol

27-Light Squadrons and Single Ships
27-Constellation and Vengeance
29-Capture of the Pallas
33-Nereide with Bellone and consorts
34-Mutiny on board and loss of the Danaé
35-Capture of the Ligurienne
36-Peterel and a Turkish 80-gun ship aground
37-Capture of the Carmen and Florentina
38-Boats of Calypso off Tiburon
39-Lark and French privateer
39-Boat-attacks at St.-Croix
40-Same at Quimper
40-Same at Noirmoutier
41-Cutting out the D�sir�e
45-Capture of the Concorde and Médée
46-Seine and Vengeance
49-Capture of the Guêpe
50-Captain Hillyar at Barcelona
51-Rover and Santa-Ritta
52-Gipsy and Quidproquo
53-Kent and Confiance
54-Boston and Berceau
55-Lieutenant Beaufort at Fuengirola
56-Milbrook and Bellone
57-Netley and San-Miguel
58-Destruction of the Réolaise
58-Lieutenant Argles in Quiberon bay
59-Capture of the Admiral-Pasley

59-Colonial Expeditions
59-Surrender of Curaçoa
60-Lieutenant Fitton at Curaçoa


State of the British Navy
62-British and Danish Fleets
63-Northern confederacy against England
63-Attack upon the Freya
63-Hostility of Russia and armed neutrality
64-Naval force of Russia &c.
65-Arrival of Sir Hyde Parker in the Sound
65-Lord Nelson at Copenhagen
66-Armistice with Denmark

81-Negotiation with Sweden
81-Anecdote of Lord Nelson

82-Recal of Sir Hyde Parker
82-Lord Nelson at Revel
82-His departure from the Baltic
83-Arrival and departure of Vice-admiral Pole

83-British and French Fleets
83-Invasion Flotilla
84-Boats of Jamaica &c. at St.-Valery
87-Buonaparte's attempts to relieve his Egyptian army
87-Escape of Admiral Ganteaume from Brest
88-Concorde and Bravoure
90-Cruise of Admiral Ganteaume
90-His successes in the Mediterranean
90-Capture of Success and Sprightly
91-Squadrons in search of M. Ganteaume
91-Pursuit of M. Ganteaume by Sir John Warren
94-Capture of the Swiftsure
95-Sieqe of Porto-Ferrajo
96-Capture of Carrère
96-Recapture of Success
97-Destruction of Bravoure
98-British Expedition to Egypt
103-Death of General Abercromby
107-Capture of Suez
108-Capture of Marabou and Alexandria
109-Also of Egyptienne Régénérée &c.

111-British and Franco-Spanish Fleets
111-Sale of Spanish ships to France
112-Sailing of M. Linois from Toulon
113-Sir James Saumarez at Algeziras
123-Sailing of Spanish squadron from Cadiz
124-Its arrival at Algeziras
125-Sailing of British squadron from Gibraltar
126-Sir James Saumarez in the Gut of Gibraltar

132-Light Squadrons and Single Ships
132-Melpom�ne and S�n�gal
133-Mercury's boats
133-Capture of the Sans-Pareille
133-Boats of Cyane at Guadaloupe
133-Capture of Eclair
135-Abergavenny's tender and Santa-Maria
136-Capture of the D�daigneuse
136-Bordelais with Curieux and consorts
137-Penguin and French corvette
139-Phoebe and Africaine
141-Boats of Andromache at Levita
142-Boats of Trent at Brehat
142-Sibylle and Chiffoune
144-Speedy and Gamo
146-Kangaroo and Speedy at Profeso
147-Boats of Mercury at Ancona
148-Boats of same and Corso at Tremiti
148-Cutting out the Chevrette
152-Capture of the Invention
152-Boats of Atalante in Quiberon bay
153-Victor and Flêche
155-Colonial Expeditions - East Indies
158-Boats of Lark at Cuba
158-Pasley and Spanish xebec of war
159-Same and Vergen-del-Rosario

159-Colonial Expeditions WEST INDIES
159-Capture of St.-Bartholomew St.-Martin St.-Thomas St.-John Santa-Cruz
160-St.-Eustatia and Saba

160-Capture of Madeira and peace between France and Portugal

160-Surrender of Ternate &c.
160-Peace between England and France
160-Treaty of Amiens
161-Colonial restorations

162-West Indies
162-Coast of Africa
161-East Indies

State of the British Navy
163-Review of annual abstracts

166-America and the Barbary States
166-The George-Washington at Algiers
166-War with Tripoli

170-French expedition to St.-Domingo
170-Buonaparte and Toussaint-Louverture
172-Imprisonment and death of Toussaint
173-Death of General Leclerc


174-British and French Fleets
174-State of British navy
175-King of England's message to parliament
175-Warlike preparations on both sides
176-General Decaen's mission to India
177-Admiral Cornwallis off Brest
178-Invasion Flotilla
179-Capture of Inabordable and Commode
179-Boats of Hydra near Havre
179-Bombardment of Dieppe St.-Vallery en Caux and Granville
180-Also of Calais
181-Leda off Calais and Boulogne
181-Lieutenant Shippard off Boulogne
182-Sir Richard Bickerton in the Mediterranean
182-Lord Nelson Off Toulon
182-French force there
183-Recapture of Ambuscade
184-Newly discovered anchorage by Captain Ryves

185-Light Squadrons and Single Ships
185-Capture of Affronteur
186-Also of Franchise and Bacchante
187-Boats of Loire at Isle Bas
187-Capture of Mignonne
188-Hercule and Poursuivante
188-Capture and loss of Cr�ole
189-Capture of Minerve
191-Boats of Naiad at the Saintes
192-Elephant and Duguay-Trouin
193-Boadicea and same
193-Culloden with Duguay-Trouin and Guerrière
194-Racoon and Lodi
195-Same and Mutine
195-Same and Petite-Fille
196-The Lord-Nelson and Bellone
196-Seagull and Lord-Nelson
197-Boat of Sheerness in Brest bay
199-Princess-Augusta with Union and Wrack
199-Boats of Atalante off Pennerf
200-Boats of Osprey at Trinidad
200-Boats of Merlin and Milbrook off Calais
201-Boats of Blanche in Mancenille Bay
201-Lieutenant Nicolls and the Albion
204-Mr. Smith and French schooner
204-Mr. a'Court and French schooner
205-Boats of Blenheim and Drake at Martinique
206-Loss of the Shannon
206-Boats of Merlin at Tatihou

206-Colonial Expeditions WEST INDIES
207-Capture of Sainte-Lucie
207-Also of Tobago Demerara Essequibo and Berbice
208-Commodore Loring at St.Domingo
208-Capture of the Surveillante
208-Lieutenant Willoughby and the Clorinde
209-Capture of Clorinde
210-Evacuation of Cape Nicolas Mole

211-M. Linois at Pondicherry
212-Admirals Rainier and Linois
213-M. Linois at Bencoolen Sellabar and Batavia

214-British and French Fleets
214-State of the British Navy
215-Preparations for invading England
216-Admiral Cornwallis off Brest
216--Buonaparte's naval regulations
217-He is made Emperor of France
217-Rear-admiral Graves and French squadron
217-Force in Brest
217-Plan of operations for Brest fleet
218-Invasion Flotilla
218-Description of prames &c
219-Defensive preparations in England
219-Capture of Jeune-Isabelle
220-Also of Vincejo
223-Cruiser and Rattler off Boulogne
227-Gun-brigs and French prames
227-Bombardment of Hâvre
227-Commodore Owen and Boulogne flotilla
229-Bruiser off Boulogne
229-Archer and Bloodhound off Cape Grinez
230-Immortalité off Boulogne
231-Catamaran expedition
234-Captain Henniker off Grosnez
234-Captain Hancock off Ostende
235-Catamarins at Calais
235-Lord Nelson Off Toulon
237-Rear-admiral Campbell and Toulon Ships
237-Amazon and Phoebe and Porquerolles
238-Lord Nelson and M. La Touche-Tréville
239-Intended cruise of latter
241-Also of Admiral Villeneuve
242-Directions to Lord Nelson regarding Spain

242-Light Squadrons and Single Ships
243-Commodore Hood and the Diamond-rock
244-Cutting out the Curieux
246-Eclair and Grande-D�cid�
246-Boat of Eclair at Guadaloupe
248-Commodore Dance and Admiral Linois
252-Lieutenants Cumpston and King at Trinité Martinique
252-Lieutenant Furber at St.-Pierre
253-Capture of Mosambique
253-The Drake at the Hayes Guadaloupe
254-Penguin at S�n�gal
254-Osprey and Egyptienne
255-Hippomenes and Egyptienne
255-Wolverine and Blonde
258-Loss of the Apollo
261-Cutting out the Atalante
263-Swift and Espérance
263-Wilhelmina and Psych�
268-Hippomenes and Buonaparte
270-Boats of Narcissus &c. at La Vandour
271-Destruction of Charente and Joie
271-Lilly and Dame-Ambert
272-Tartar and Hirondelle
273-Boats of Galatea at the Saintes
276-Capture of the Blonde
276-Centurion with Marengo and Consorts
281-Capture of Spanish treasure ships

283-Colonial Expeditions WEST INDIES
283-Captain Tucker and the fiscal of Curaçoa
284-Captain Bligh at Curaçoa
289-Capture of Surinam

291-Capture and re-capture of Gorée

291-America and the Barbary States
292-War with Tripoli
294-Capture of the Philadelphia
294-Bombardment of Tripoli
295-Peace between America and Tripoli

296-British and French Fleets
296-State of the British Navy
297-Treaty between France and Spain
298-Admiral Cornwallis off Ushant
299-Lord Gardner off Brest
299-Lord Gardner and M. Ganteaume
299-Napoléon's plan of operations for his fleet
301-Admiral Cornwallis and M. Ganteaume
305-Escape of a strong division of Brest fleet
305-Invasion Flotilla
306-Captain Honyman off Ostende
307-Captain Adam off Fécamp
308-Lieutenant Garrety off Granville
308-Surrender of Plumper
309-Captain King off Dunkerque
310-Captain Digby off Calais
311-Captain Owen off Vimereux
315-Full strength of Invasion Flotilla
316-Review by Napol�on of his army embarking
318-Buonaparte's real plan in arming the flotilla
320-His measures on hearing of Sir Robert Calder's Action

322-British and Franco-Spanish Fleets
322-Subserviency of Spain to Buonaparte
322-Force under Lord Nelson Off Toulon
323-Sailing of M. Villeneuve from Toulon
323-Sailing of Lord Nelson in chase
324-Seahorse and Cornélie
324-Phoebe and Indomptable
325-Lord Nelson's arrival in Egypt
325-Return of French fleet to Toulon
327-Departure of M. Villeneuve a second time from Toulon
328-Lord Nelson's second chase of him
329-Learns that M. Villeneuve has passed the Straits
330-Junction of Admirals Villeneuve and Gravina and departure from Cadiz
331-Their arrival at Martinique
331-Forged despatch in the Moniteur
332-Departure of Lord Nelson from Gibraltar
332-Anchors in Lagos bay
334-Departure for West Indies
334-Fruitless voyage to Trinidad
334-Returns to Europe
335-Napoléon's ignorance of Lord Nelson's movements
336-Expedition to retake the Diamond rock
336-Its recapture
337-Design of Buonaparte in the West Indies
338-Departure of combined fleet from Martinique
338-Capture of a British convoy
339-Successful ruse of Captain Cribb
340-Admiral Villeneuve off Cape Finisterre
340-Lord Nelson at Gibraltar
341-Anecdote of him
342-Lord Nelson at Spithead

Attack by Sir James Saumarez on French squadron at Algeziras 118
Action of Wilhelmina and Psych� 265

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Appendix No 28
Appendix No 29
Appendix No 30
Appendix No 31
Appendix No 32
Appendix No 33
Appendix No 34
Appendix No 35
Appendix No 36
Appendix No 37
An ABSTRACT of the ships land vessels belonging to the British Navy at the commencement of the year 1800
An ABSTRACT of the ships land vessels belonging to the British Navy at the commencement of the year 1801
An ABSTRACT of the ships land vessels belonging to the British Navy at the commencement of the year 1802
An ABSTRACT of the ships land vessels belonging to the British Navy at the commencement of the year 1803
An ABSTRACT of the ships land vessels belonging to the British Navy at the commencement of the year 1804
An ABSTRACT of the ships land vessels belonging to the British Navy at the commencement of the year 1805

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