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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

No. 1.
See p. 2.

A list of ships of the line and frigates, late belonging to the French navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1799.

GunShip How, when, and where lost.
50 (T) Leander Captured, March 3, by the Russians and Turks, on the surrender of Corfu, and restored to England by the Emperor of Russia.
44 (W) Forte Captured, February 28, by the British frigate Sibylle, off Bengal river, East Indies.
38 (B)
Captured, June 18 by a British squadron under Captain Markham, of the Centaur, in the Mediterranean.
36 - Charente Wrecked, November 10, on entering Lorient.
- Preneuse Destroyed, December 11, after having been run on shore near Port-Louis, Isle of France by the Tremendous, 74, and Adamant, 50.
- Prudente Captured, February 9, by the British frigate Daedalus, near the Cape of Good Hope.
- Vestale Captured, August 20, by the British frigate Clyde, off Borden,
28 - Brune Captured, with the Leander at Corfu
- Républicaine Captured, August 26, by the British frigate Tamar, off Surinam

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