1800 - Appendices

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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

No. 3.
See p. 2.

A list of ships of the line and frigates, late belonging to the Spanish navy captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1799.

Gun Name. How, when, and where lost.
34 Guadalupe Destroyed, March 16, by being run on shore by the Centaur 74, and Cormorant 20, near Cape Oropesa, Mediterranean.
(H) Hermione Captured, October 26, by being cut out of Puerto-Caballo, South America, by the boats of the Surprise frigate.
  Santa-Brigida Captured, October 18, by a British frigate-squadron, near Cape Finisterre.
(D) Santa-Teresa Captured, February 6, by the Argo 44, in company with the Leviathan 74, near Majorca, Mediterranean.
  Thetis Captured, October 17, by the British frigate Ethalion, in company with the Naiad and others, near Ferrol.

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