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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

No. 5.
See p. 2.

A list of ships and vessels late belonging to the British navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1799.

Gun   Ship Commander How, when, and where lost
98 (H) Impregnable. Jonathan Faulknor Wrecked, October 19 between Langstone and Chichester ; crew saved.
64 (P) Sceptre Valentine Edwards Wrecked December 5 in Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope 291 of the crew perished.
38 (A) Apollo Peter Halkett Wrecked January 7, on the coast of Holland : crew saved.
Ethalion John Clarke Searle Wrecked, December 25, on the Penmarcks : crew saved.
36 (D) Lutine Lancelot Skynner Wrecked. October 9, off the Vlie-island, coast of Holland crew, except two, perished.

  Proserpine James Wallis Wrecked February 1, in the river Elbe : crew, except 15 saved.
G. Sh. slp.        
16 (T) Nautilus Henry Gunter Wrecked February 2, off Flamborough Head : crew saved.
(Y) Trincomalé John Rowe Destroyed, October 12, by being blown up in action with a French privateer, in the Straits of Babelmandel : crew perished.
18 (Y) Orestes William Haggitt Foundered, exact date unknown, in a hurricane in the Indian Ocean : crew perished.
G. bg. Slp.        
14 (b) Amaranthe John Blake Wrecked in September, on coast of Florida ; and many of the crew perished on shore with hunger.
    Weazle Hon. Henry Grey Wrecked, January 12, in Barnstaple Bay : crew, except the purser, perished.
Gun. brig        
14 (f) Deux-Amis Hen. Smith Wilson Wrecked, May 23 on the back of the Isle of Wight: crew saved.
(g) Contest John Ides Short Wrecked, exact date unknown, off the coast of Holland: crew saved.
10 (h) Fortune Lewis Davis Captured, May 8, by a squadron of French frigates, off the coast Syria.
14 (i) Fox Wm. Wooldridge Wrecked September 28, in the gulf of Mexico: crew saved.
6 (n) Musquito Thomas White Captured, exact date unknown, by two Spanish frigates, off Cuba.
T.S. (q) Nassau George Tripp Wrecked, October 14, on the coast of Holland : crew, except 42, saved.
(r) Grampus George Hart Wrecked, February, on Barking shelf, near Woolwich : crew saved.
(t) Blanche John Ayscough Wrecked, September 28, in the Texel : crew saved.
Espion Jonas Rose Wrecked, November 16, on the Goodwin Sands : crew saved. Was Atalante.
g. v. (w) Dame-de-Grace   Captured along with Fortune.


  Lost through the enemy Lost through accident Total
  Captured Destroyed Wrecked Foundered Burnt
Ships of the line . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . 2
Ships under the line 3 1 14 1 19


3 1 16 1   21

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