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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

No. 9.
See p. 62

A list of ships and vessels, late belonging to the British navy, captured destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1800.

Gun   Name - ship Commander. How, when, and where lost,


Queen Charlotte Lord Keith (V.-admiral)
Andrew Todd
Accidentally burnt and blown-up, March 17, off Leghorn ; crew, except 167, perished.


Marlborough Thomas Sotheby Wrecked, November 4, on a sunken rock near Belleisle crew saved.



Repulse James Alms Wrecked, March 10, on a sunken rock 25 leagues south-east of Ushant : crew, except 10 saved on the Glenan islands, but made prisoners.


Stag Robert Winthrop Wrecked, September 6 ; in Vigo Bay crew saved
Gun p. ship        


Danaé Lord Proby Captured, March 17, by her crew mutinying and carrying her into Brest.
20 (P) Cormorant Courtney Boyle Wrecked, exact date unknown, on the coast of Egypt : crew saved, but made prisoners by the French.
Gun ship sloop        



Brazen James Hanson Wrecked, January 26, near Brighton: crew, except one man, perished.
Chance George S. Stovin Foundered, October 9, after upsetting on her beam-ends crew, except 25, perished.
Trompeuse Parker Robinson Foundered, May 16 or 17, as is supposed, having parted company in a gale in the Channel : crew perished.
16 (T) Havick Phil. Bartholomew Wrecked, November 9, in St. Alban's bay Jersey; crew saved.
(U) Martin Hon Mat. St.-Clair Foundered in October, in the North Sea, as is supposed : crew perished.


Railleur John Raynor Foundered, at the same time as the Trompeuse.
Gun brig. sloop      
18 (Z) Diligence C. B. Hodgson Ross Wrecked, in September, on a small island near Havana ; crew saved.
Hound W. Jas. Turquand Wrecked, September 26, near Shetland : crew perished.


Albanaise Fran. Newcombe Captured, November 23, by her crew mutinying and carrying her into Malaga.
F.S. (e) Comet Thomas Leef Destroyed, July 7, in Dunkirk roads, in attempting to burn some French frigates.
Falcon H. Samuel Butt
Rosario James Carthew
Wasp John Edwards
12 (g) Mastiff James Watson Wrecked, January 5, on Yarmouth sands : crew, except eight, saved.
T.S. (r) Weymouth Ambrose Crofton Wrecked, January 21, on the Bar of Lisbon : crew saved.
(s) Dromedary Benj. W. Taylor Wrecked, August 10, in the Bocca near the island of Trinidad : crew saved.


  Lost through the enemy Lost through accident  
  Captured Destroyed Wrecked Foundered Burnt Total
Ships of the line     2   1 3
Ships under the line 2 4 9 4 19
Total 2 4 11 4 1 22

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