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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

No. 18.
See p. 166.

Recapitulatory Abstract

Showing the number of British ships and vessels of war captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered or accidentally burnt during the war commencing in February, 1793, and ending in October, 1801 ; with the foundered vessels divided into British and foreign built:

- Lost through the enemy Lost through accident.  
  Captured Destroyed Wrecked   Foundered Burnt Total
        British-built Foreign-built    
Ships of the line 5 9 6 20
Ships under the line 37 9 73 8 14 4 145
Total 42 9 82 8 14 10 165

Of the eight foundered British-built vessels, one, the Malabar, had been an East-Indiaman. Seven of the others were sloops, the largest of which did not exceed 324 tons ; and it is even doubtful whether three of those were not wrecked. The remaining vessel was the Leda frigate; which vessel, according to one account, upset in a heavy squall, according to another account, struck on a sunken rock, and, according to a third, filled in consequence of having her side stove by some of her guns that had broken loose in a severe gale of wind : in fact, the fate of the Leda is still involved in mystery.

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