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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

No. 24.
See p. 214.

A list of ships of the line and frigates, late belonging to the British navy captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1803.

Gun   Name. Commander             How, when, and where lost.
38 (Z) Minerve Jahleel Brenton Captured, July 2, after having run aground near Cherbourg crew saved, but made prisoners.
Seine David Milne Wrecked, in the night of June 5, on a sandbank near the Texel: crew saved.
36 (C) Resistance Hon. P. Wodehouse Wrecked, May 31, on Cape St. Vincent: crew saved.
Shannon Ed. Leveson Gower Wrecked ins gale, December 10, under the batteries near Cape la Hogue : crew saved, but made prisoners. Hull of the ship destroyed by the Merlin's boats.
28 (I) Circe Charles Fielding Wrecked, November 16, on the Lemon and Ower, North Sea, in chase of an enemy: crew saved.
Gun p. ship      
22 (N) Garland Frederick Cottrell Wrecked, November, off Cape Français, St. Domingo : crew saved.
Déterminée Alexander Becher Wrecked, March 26, on a sunken rock off the island of Jersey: crew and passengers (soldiers) saved, except 19.
Gun ship sloop      
18 (S) Surinam Robert Tucker Captured by the Dutch, at the island of Curacoa.
16 (T) Calypso William Venour Foundered, August, by being run down in a gale, by one of a convoy coming from Jamaica : crew perished.
14 (X) Avenger Frs. Jackson Snell Foundered, December, off the Weser : crew saved.
Gun brig sloop      
16 (a) Suffisante George Heathcote Wrecked, December 15, in a gale off Spike island, Cork harbour: crew saved.
Gun. Brig      
12 (g) Grappler A. Wantner Thomas wrecked, December 31, on the isles de Chosey, and hull destroyed by the French : crew saved, but made prisoners.
12 (k) Redbridge George Lempriere Captured August, by a squadron of French frigates, near Toulon.
SS. (r) Porpoise Robert Fowler Wrecked August 17, on a reef of coral in the Pacific Ocean : crew saved.



  Lost through the enemy Lost through accident  
  Captured Destroyed Wrecked Foundered Burnt Total
Ships of the line            
Ships under the line 3 ... 9 2 ... 14
Total 3   9 2   14

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