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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III

No. 31.
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A list of ships of the line and frigates late belonging to the British navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1804:

Gun   Ship Commander How, when, and where lost.
74 (O) Magnificent William Henry Jervis Wrecked, March 25, near the Pierres Noires, in the environs of Brest: crew saved, but 86 made prisoners.
Venerable John Hunter Wrecked, November 24, on sunken rocks in Torbay : crew saved.
64 (P) York Henry Mitford Foundered, as is supposed, in January, in the North Sea crew perished.
50 (T) Romney Hon. John Colville Wrecked, November 19, on the Haaks, near the Texel : crew saved.
38 (Z) Creole Austen Bissell Foundered, January 2, on passage from Jamaica : crew saved.
(A) Hussar Philip Wilkinson Wrecked, February, on the Saintes, in the bay of Biscay : crew saved.
36 ( C) Apollo J.W. Taylor Dixon Wrecked, April 1, on the coast of Portugal : captain and many of the crew perished.
14 (X) Lilly William Compton Captured, July 14, by the Dame-Ambert fr. privateer, off the Coast of Georgia.
18 (Y) Raven Spelman Swaine Wrecked, July 6, on the coast of Sicily, Mediterranean crew saved.
16 (a) Vincejo James Wesley Wright Captured, May 20, in a calm, by a flotilla of fr. gun-boats, in Quiberon-bay.
14 (b) Drake William Ferris Wrecked, September, on a shoal off the island of Nevis crew saved
Weazle William Layman Wrecked, March 1, on Cabareta point, Gibraltar-bay crew, except one man, saved
Wolverine Henry Gordon Captured, March 24, by a French privateer, on passage to Newfoundland
bb (d) Tartarus Thomas Withers Wrecked, December 20, on Margate sands : crew saved
12 (g) Conflict Charles C Ormsby Wrecked, October 24, in chase of the enemy, near Nieuport (sic) Isle of Wight: crew saved
Fearless George Williams Wrecked, February, off Redding-point, Cawsand-bay crew saved
Mallard Thomas Read Captured, December 25, after running on shore near Calais: crew saved, but made prisoners.
Sterling George Skottowe Wrecked, December 18, near Calais : crew saved.
10 (h) Cerbère Joseph Patey

Wrecked, February 19 the Berry-head: crew
Gun schooner        
6 (n) Morne-Fortunée John L Dale Wrecked, in December, on Crooked Island, West Indies : crew saved
Demerara Thomas Dutton Captured, July 14, by the French privateer Grand-Décidé, West Indies
TS (q) Severn Prince of Bouillon Wrecked, December 21, in Grouville-bay, Jersey: crew saved.
SS (r) Hindostan John Le Gros Burnt, April 2, having caught fire in the hold, Mediterranean : crew, except five men, saved
RS (a) De-Ruyter J. Beckett Wrecked, September 3, in the hurricane at Antigua crew saved


  Lost through the enemy

Lost through Accident  
  Captured Destroyed Wrecked Foundered Burnt Total
Ships of the line     2 I 3
Ships under the line 5   14 1 1 21
Total 5   16 2 1 24

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