1804 - America and the Barbary States - Peace between America and Tripoli


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Naval History of Great Britain - Vol III
1804 Peace between America and Tripoli 295

and 22 taken prisoners. Seven of these last were severely wounded. Lieutenant Trippe received 11 sabre wounds, some of them dangerous. The blade of his sword bending, he closed with his antagonist. Both fell. In the struggle, Trippe wrested the Turk's sword from him, and with it stabbed him to the heart.

The American archives contain the records of several more such desperate feats between the American and Tripolitan officers and men. At length, however, an end was put to all hostility between the United States, and the regency of Tripoli, by a treaty of peace concluded in June 1805, but not, it appears, upon terms so advantageous as the Americans had anticipated.

* Clark's Naval history of the United Staten, vol. i., p. 157.

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