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Naval history of Great Britain - Vol. IV
William James
1805 Appendix 13 367

No. 13. See p. 184.

A list of ships of the line and frigates, late belonging to the French navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1805.
Gun   Name How, when, and where lost.
80 (K) Formidable Captured November 3 by a British squadron under Sir Richard John Strachan
74 (M) Duguay-Trouin
74 (M) Mont-Blanc
74 (M) Scipion
80 (M) Indomptable Wrecked, October 24 or 25, off Rota, near Cadiz
80   Bucentaure rec Captured October 21, at the Battle of Trafalgar.
74   Achille The Achille was accidentally burnt before possession could be taken; and the Bucentaure and Algesiras were recaptured, but the former was wrecked immediately after wards. The remainder of the prizes except the Swiftsure, were lost or destroyed.
74   Aigle
74   Algesiras rec
74   Berwick
74   Fougueux
74   Intrepide
74   Redoutable
74 (O) Swiftsure
40 (O) Atalante Wrecked December, near the Cape of Good Hope.
40 (Z) Didon Captured, August 10, by the Phoenix frigate off Cape Finisterre.
40 (Z) Ville-de-Milan Captured, February 23, by the Leander 50, Halifax station.
38   Libre Captured, December 24, by the Egyptienne and Loire, off Rochefort
32 (H) Cleopatra Recaptured with Ville-de-Milan.
32 (G) Psyche Captured, February 14 by the British frigate San-Fiorenzo, East Indies.

No Dutch vessel of war above a gun-brig taken in 1805.

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