Naval history by William James - 1805 - Appendix 16


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Naval history of Great Britain - Vol. IV
William James
1805 Appendix 16 369

No. 16. See p. 184.

A list of ships and vessels late belonging to the British navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt, during the year 1805.

Guns   Name Commander How, when, and where lost.
54 (S) Calcutta Daniel Woodriff Captured, Sept. 26 by a French squadron, near Scilly
44 (V) Sheerness Lord George Stuart Wrecked, January 7, in a gale off Trincomalee bay, Ceylon: crew saved.
36 (C) Blanche Zachary Mudge Captured, July 19, by a French frigate two corvettes, and a brig, West Indies
36 (C) Doris Patrick Campbell Wrecked, Jan. 21, on a sunken rock in Quiberon bay : crew saved.
32 (H) Cleopatra Sir R. Laurie, Bart Captured, Feb. 17, by the Ville-de-Milan French frig. off the coast of North America.
  (Q) Arrow Rich. Budd Vincent Captured, Fe b. 4, by the French frigates Hortense and Incorruptible Mediterranean.
18 (R) Cyane Hon. Geo. Cadogan Captured, May 12, by the French frigates Hortense and Hermione, near Martinique.
18 (S) Hawke James Tippet Foundered, in May or June, in the Channel : crew perished.
18 (S) Imogene Henry Vaughan Foundered, March 1, on passage from Leeward islands : crew saved.
18 (S) Orquixo Charles Balderson Foundered in October, near Jamaica : 95 of crew perished.
16 (T) Fly Pownoll B. Pellew Wrecked, May, on the Carysfort fort reef, gulf of Florida: crew saved
16 (T) Ranger Charles Coote Captured, July 17, by the Rochefort squadron.
14 (X) Orestes Thomas Brown . Wrecked July 1l, on the Splinter sand, Dunkerque road: crew saved.
18 (Y) Raven William Layman Wrecked, January 29, in Cadiz bay: crew, except two men saved
18 (Z) Seagull Henry Burke Foundered, exact date unknown crew perished
bb (d) Acheron Arthur Farquhar Captured with the Arrow
12 (h) Biter Geo. T. Wingate Wrecked, November 10, near Calais : crew saved.
12 (h) Bouncer Samuel Bassan . Wrecked, February, off Dieppe crew saved, but made prisoners.
12 (h) Plumper James H. Garrety Captured, Aug., by five French gun-brigs off St: Malo.
12 (h) Teazer Geo. Lewis Kerr
12 (h) Woodlark Thomas Innes Wrecked November 18, near St: Valery : crew saved.
14 (i) Pigmy William Smith Wrecked, August, in St Aubin's bay, Jersey: crew saved.
10 (l) Redbridge J. Blower Gibbs Foundered, March near Jamaica: crew saved.
6 (n) Dove Alexander Boyack Captured, August 5, by the Rochefort squadron.
4 (o) Barracouta J.Orchard Wrecked, October 2, on the Jordan quay, Cuba: crew saved, but made prisoners.
4 (o) Pigeon John Luckraft Wrecked, December, off the Texel : crew saved, but made prisoner.


  Lost through the enemy. Lost through Accident.  
  Capt Dest Wrecked Foundered Burnt Total
Ships of the line ... ... ... ... ... ...
" " under the line 10 ... 11 5 ... 26
Total 10 ... 11 5 ... 26

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