1805 - Battle of Trafalgar


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Naval history of Great Britain - Vol. IV
William James
1805 Battle of Trafalgar 28

south-east, while the ships in the offing, as was frequently the case on this coast, had the wind from the south-south-west. The French and Spanish ships composing this fleet were as follows:

Gun ship FRENCH
80 Bucentaure Vice-ad. P.-Ch. J. B. S. Villeneuve.
Captain Jean-Jacques Magendie
Formidable Rear-ad. P. R. M. E. Dumanoir-le-Pelley.
Captain Jean-Marie Letellier
Neptune Comm. Esprit-Tranquille Maistral.
Indomptable Comm. Jean-Joseph Hubert.
74 Algésiras Rear-ad. Charles Magon.
Captain Gabriel-Auguste Brouard
Pluton Comm. Julian-Marie Cosmao-Kerjulien
Mont-Blanc Guill: Jean-Noël La Villegris
Intrépide Louis-Antoine-Cyprien Infernet
Swiftsure Captain C -E: L'Hospitalier-Villemadrin
Aigle Pierre-Paul Gourràge
Scipion Charles Berenger.
Duguay-Trouin Claude Touffet.
Berwick Jean-Gilles Filhol-Camas
Argonaute Jacques Epron.
Achille Gabriel Denieport
Redoutable Jean-Jacques-Etienne Lucas
Fougueux Louis-Alexis Beaudouin
Héros Jean-Bap.-Jos.-Remi Poulain
130 Santisima-Trinidad Rear-ad. don B. Hidalgo Cisneros.
Commod. Don Francisco de Uriarte
112 Principe-de-Asturias Admiral don Frederico Gravina
Rear-ad. don Antonio Escano
Santa-Ana Vice-ad. don Ign. Maria de Alava
Captain don Josef Gardoqui
100 Rayo Commod. Don Enrique Macdonel
80 Neptuno don Cayetano Valdés.
Argonauta don Antonio Parejas
74 Bahama Captain don Dionisio Galiano
Montanes don Josef Salzedo
San-Augustin don Felipe Xado Cagigal
San-Ildefonso don Josef Bargas
S.-Juan-Nepomuceno don Cosme Churruca
Monarca don Teodoro Argumosa
S.-Francisco-de-Asis don Luis de Flores
San-Justo don Miguel Gaston
64 San-Leandro don Josef Quevedo

Frigates (all French): Cornélie, Hermione, Hortense, Rhin, Thémis, Brigs: Argus and Furet.

Scarcely had the Franco-Spanish fleet cleared the harbour than the south-south-west wind, attended by thick weather, began to baffle the ships in their progress. Meanwhile the Euryalus and Sirius kept their stations, watching every manoeuvre. At 8 h. 30 m. A.M. the Agamemnon, with a heavy merchant brig in tow, was unconsciously running into the midst of the enemy's ships; when, at length, after repeated signals, enforced by guns from the Euryalus, the British 64 (but still

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