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1811 Manly with Loland and consorts 347

p.m., the Lougen, having just got an air of wind, was advancing fast upon the Brevdrageren's starboard quarter, the Algerine hauled up and hove to, as if to cover her consort. This demonstration of resistance produced the desired effect, and the Lougen fell back. At sunset the Danes discontinued their fire, and at 9 p.m. gave up the chase of the two British vessels.

Although very much cut up in hull, masts, and rigging, the Brevdrageren escaped with so slight a loss, as one man killed and three wounded. The Algerine had also one man killed, but suffered very little in other respects. The small crew of the gun-brig, as may be supposed, were nearly exhausted by their labour at the guns and at the sweeps ; and great credit was undoubtedly due to the officers and men of the Brevdrageren for their gallantry and perseverance. " A very serious investigation, " says our contemporary, " would have taken place on the conduct of the lieutenant of the Algerine, but before any complaint could reach the admiralty, he was dismissed from the command of his vessel for another breach of discipline." *

On the 2d of September, at 1 h. 30 m. a.m., as the British brig-sloop Chanticleer, of eight 18-pounder carronades and two sixes, with 75 men and boys, Captain Richard Spear, and gun-brig Manly, mounting two more carronades than the Chanticleer, with 42 men and boys on board, Lieutenant Richard William Simmonds, were standing along the coast of Norway to the westward, three sail were descried by the Chanticleer, on her lee bow. The sloop, who was considerably ahead of her consort, immediately bore away in chase ; and, as the three strangers, which were the Danish 18-gun brigs (long 18-pounders, with 120 men' each) Loland, Captain Holm, Alsen, first Lieutenant Lutkin, and Sampsoe, first Lieutenant Grothschilling, hauled up also in chase, the two parties were not long in meeting. At 2 h. 30 m. a.m. the Chanticleer closed and hailed the Sampsoe ; who immediately replied by a broadside ; and an action commenced between these two brigs. In a short time the Loland and Alsen, who had already opened their fire upon the Manly, wore round, and made sail to support their consort engaged with the Chanticleer. The latter, on observing this, wore under the stern of the Sampsoe, and made all sail on the larboard tack, followed by the three Danish brigs.

The Loland shortly afterwards hauled her wind for the Manly, then gallantly approaching on the starboard tack, to co-operate with her consort in repulsing the superior force which had so suddenly come upon them. At 4 a.m., having by her superior sailing got upon the larboard beam of the Manly, the Loland commenced firing at her ; and these two brigs soon became warmly engaged. The action continued in this manner until 6 a.m.; when the Sampsoe and Alsen, having given over the

* Brenton, vol. v., p. 329.

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