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Index of Ships
Naval history of Great Britain - Vol. VI
William James
Vol. VI
Light Squadrons and Single Ships, 1
Little-Belt and President, 3
Action off Madagascar, 15

Colonial Expeditions, East Indies, 26
Capture of Java, 39.

British and French Fleets, 40
State of the British Navy, ibid.
Russia declares war against France, ibid.
Escape of M. Allemand from Lorient, 41
Vice-admirals Emeriau and Sir Edward Pellew, 44

Light Squadrons and Single Ships, 45
Rosario and Griffon with French flotilla, ibid.
Recapture of the Apelles, 47
Destruction of the Arienne and Andromaque, 50
Sealark and Ville-de-Caen, 52
Dictator and consorts with Nayaden and consorts, 53
Boat of Briseis at Pillau, 54
Boats of Osprey near Heligoland, 55
Boats of Horatio on coast of Norway, ibid.
Attack and a French privateer, 56
Same and Danish gun-boats, 57
Boats of Medusa at Arcasson, 58
Narrow escape of the Magnificent, 59
Sir Home Popham on north coast of Spain, 61
Captain Ussher on south coast of Spain, 63
Capture of the Merinos, 64
Victorious and Rivoli, ibid.
Boats of Pilot and Thames at Policastro and Sapri, 67
Boats of America and Leviathan at Languelia, 68
Same at Allasio, 69
Swallow with Renard and Goéland, 70
Lieutenant Dwyer at Biendom, 72
Boats of Bacchante at Port Lemo, 74
Boats of Eagle at Cape Maistro, 75
Southampton and Améthyste, 76
Chase of the Belvidera, 81
Treatment of a British seaman at New-York, 86
Minerva and Essex, 87
Alert and Essex, 88
Rattler and Essex, 89
Shannon and Essex, 90
Chase of the Constitution, 92
Guerriere and Constitution, 94
Frolic and Wasp, 110
Macedonian and United-States, 113
President and Congress with Galatea, 125
Java and Constitution, 126
Laura and Diligent, 139.

State of the British Navy, ibid.
The frigate-classes, ibid.
The sloop-classes, 148
The schooner-classes, 151
On building ships of war, 152

British and French Fleets, 153
Sir Edward Pellew and Comte Emeriau, 154

Light Squadrons and Single Ships, 156
Blazer and Brevdrageren in the Elbe, ibid.
Albacore and Gloire, 158
Linnet and Gloire, 159
Alphea and Renard, 160
Telegraph and Flibustier, 161
Scylla and Royalist with Weser, 163
Andromache and Trave, 164
Thunder and Neptune 165
Snap and five French luggers, ibid.
Sir George Collier off north coast of Spain, ibid.
Boats of Undaunted at Carri, 166
Of Volontaire at Morgion, 167
Of Repulse, &c. at same place, ibid.
Of Berwick and Euryalus at Cavalarie, 168
Capture of Ponza, 169
Captain Hall and Neapolitan gun-boats, ibid.
Boats of Bacchante and Weasel near Cape Otranto, 170
Bacchante at Karlebego, 172
Her boats at Gela-Nova ibid.
Weasel and French gunboats near Zirana, 173
Boats of Kingfisher at Melara, 174
Of Havannah at Vasto, &c. 175
Of Apollo and Weasel at St.-Cataldo, ibid.
Capture of islands of Augusta and Curzola, 176
Boats of Apollo and Cerberus, near Corfu, &c. ibid.
Saracen at Zapano, 177
Boats of Elizabeth and Eagle at Goro, Omago, &c. ibid.
Capture of Fiume, 178
Also of Porto-Ré, Farasina, &c. 179
Capture of Rovigno, Ragosniza, and Triest, ibid.
Bacchante and Saracen at Castel-Nuova, 181
Boats of Swallow off d'Anzo, ibid.
Of Edinburgh and squadron at same place, ibid.
Boats of Furieuse at Marinelo, 182
Of Revenge at Palamos, 183
Of Undaunted at Port-Nouvelle, ibid.
Boats of Swiftsure and French privateer, ibid.
Amelia and Aréthuse, 184
Bonne-Citoyenne and Hornet, 191
Peacock and Hornet, 192
Shannon and Chesapeake, 196
Alexandria and President, 213
Dominica and Decatur, 216
Boxer and Enterprise, 218
Pelican and Argus, 220
Boat-attacks, &c. in Chesapeake bay, 224
Capture of the Lottery schooner, 225
Lieutenant Polkinghorne at the Rappahannock, ibid.
Rear-admiral Cockburn at Frenchtown, &c. 226
Capture of Surveyor schooner, 231
Junon and American gun-boats, ibid
Unsuccessful attack on Craney island, 232
British at Hampton, 234
Rear-admiral Cockburn at Ocracoke, 235
Capture of Asp, 236
Martin and American gun-boats in the Delaware, ibid.
Valiant and Acasta with the United-States and Macedonian, 239
Attempt to destroy Ramillies by an explosion vessel, 240
British and Americans on Canadian lakes, 241
Operations on lake Ontario, ibid.
Same on lake Erie, 242
Captain Barclay and Commodore Perry, 250
Captain Everard on lake Champlain, 253.


British and French Fleets, 254
State of the British Navy, ibid.
Sir Edward Pellew, and the Baron Cosmao-Kerjulien, 255
Boyne and Romulus, 256
Concluding operations in the Adriatic, 257
Surrender of Cattaro, Ragusa, &c. ibid.
Also of Spezzia and Genoa, ibid.
Passage of the Adour and peace with France, 259

Light Squadrons and Single Ships, ibid.
Capture of the lphigénie and Alcmène, 260
Severn with Etoile and Sultane, 261
Creole and Astrea with Etoile and Sultane, 262
Hebrus and Etoile, 265
Niger and Tagus with Cérès 267
Eurotas and Clorinde, 268
Primrose and Marlborough packet, 278
Majestic with Atalante and Terpsichore, 279
Loire and President, 283
Phoebe and Essex, 284
Orpheus and Frolic, 290
Epervier and Peacock, 292
Reindeer and Wasp, 293
Avon and Wasp, 294
Landrail and Syren, 299
Ballahou and Perry, 300
Boat-attacks, &c. in Chesapeake bay, ibid.
Captain Barrie and Commodore Barney's flotilla, ibid.
Rear. admiral Cockburn at Leonard's town, 302
At Nominy ferry, &c., 303
Defensive preparations at Washington, 305
Destruction of Commodore Barney's flotilla, 307
Battle of Bladensburg, 308
Capture of Washington, 309
Captain Gordon at Alexandria, 312
Death of Sir Peter Parker, 316
Attack on Baltimore, 317
Sir Thomas Hardy and Commodore Decatur, 322
Captain Coote at Pettipague, 325
Lieutenant Garland at Wareham, ibid.
Pique and Constitution, 327
Junon and Tenedos with Constitution, 328
Expedition to the Penobscot, 329
British and Americans on Canadian lakes, 330
Operations on lake Ontario, 332
Attack on Oswego, ibid.
On vessels at Sandy creek, 334
Operations on Lake Huron, 335
Capture of schooners Tigress and Scorpion, 337
Capture of schooners Somers and Ohio on lake Erie, 338
British and Americans on lake Champlain, 339
British boats and General-Armstrong privateer, 349.


British and French Fleets, 351
State of the British Navy, ibid.
Buonaparte's return from Elba, 352
His surrender, and conveyance to St.-Helena, ibid.
Rivoli attacks and captures Melpomène, 353
Pilot engages Légère, ibid.
Proceedings at Martinique, 355

Light Squadrons and Single Ships, ibid.
Expedition to New Orleans, ibid.
Attack on Fort Bowyer and destruction of Hermes, 356
Captain Lockyer and American gun-boats, 357
Boat-attacks on coast of Georgia, 360
Rear-admiral Cockburn at Cumberland island, 361
Endymion and President, 362
St.-Lawrence and Chasseur, 370
Levant and Cyane with Constitution, 372
Third chase and escape of the Constitution, 375
Penguin and Hornet, 383
Nautilus and Peacock, 387
Piratical vessels, 391
Cameleon and Tripoli, 395.

State of the British Navy, 397
American expedition to Algiers, ibid.

Battle of Algiers, 399.

1817 to 1820
State of the British Navy, 411
New classification of the ships, 412
British and American 74s, 413
Sir Robert Sepping's improvements, &c 417
New plan of ship-building by Captain Hayes, 418.



Action off Madagascar: Its commencement 17
Action off Madagascar: Squadrons becalmed 18
Action of the Guerrière and Constitution 100
Action of the Macedonian and United-States . 116
Action of the Java and Constitution 133
Action of the Shannon and Chesapeake 204

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