1813 - Capture of Porto-Ré, Farasina, &c., Capture of Rovigno, Ragosniza, and Triest


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1813 Boat Attacks, &c. in the Adriatic 179

carronades, opened upon the gable end of it with such effect, that the French gave way at all points, and forsook the town in every direction. Captain Hoste, with his division, followed close to Captain Rowley ; and, on their junction, the two captains took possession of the two batteries, along with the field-piece, stores, and shipping ; but no prisoners were made, the governor and every officer and man of the garrison having ran away.

Considering that the number of troops in the town, besides the natives, was about 350, the loss on the British side, in amounting to only one marine killed, and Lieutenant Lloyd and five seamen and marines wounded, was comparatively trifling. Although the town was stormed in every part, such was the prudent management of Captains Rowley and Hoste, that not an individual was plundered, nor was any thing taken away, except what was afloat and in the government stores. Ninety vessels were captured. More than half of these were restored to the proprietors ; 13, laden with oil, grain powder, and merchandise, were sent to Lissa, and the remainder destroyed. The guns on the batteries were rendered useless, and 500 stands of arms and 200 barrels of powder were brought off.

On the 5th the British squadron moved from Fiume to Porto-Ré ; at which place Captains Hoste and Markland landed with the marines, and found the forts abandoned by the enemy. The boats went up to Bocca-Ré, where a convoy of 13 sail had been scuttled ; and, after rendering the guns, 10 in number, useless, and destroying the carriages and works, the two captains returned to their respective ships.

On the 7th, at 11 A.M., the Eagle attacked the fortress of Farasina, mounting five 18-pounders. After some resistance, the works were stormed and carried, under cover of the ship's fire, by a party of seamen and marines, under the command of Lieutenants Greenaway and Hotham and Lieutenant of marines Samuel Lloyd. The guns were disabled and the works laid in ruins; and at 2 p.m. the party re-embarked, with no greater loss than midshipman John Hudson slightly wounded.

On the 2d of August, in the evening, while the Eagle and Bacchante were sailing along the coast of Istria, a convoy of 21 sail was seen at anchor in the harbour of Rovigno. Conceiving the capture of the vessels feasible, an attack was determined on ; and, the Bacchante leading in, the two ships opened their fire on the batteries. After some resistance, the batteries were abandoned ; whereupon Captain Hoste landed with a detachment of seamen and marines, drove the enemy out of the town, disabled the guns, and destroyed or brought off the whole of the vessels ; and that with so slight a loss as one marine wounded.

On the 4th of August, in the evening, the boats of the 74-gun ship Milford and brig-sloop Weasel, under Captain Black of the latter, accompanied by Lieutenant John Grant, and Lieutenant of marines Kenyon Stevens Parker, left the Milford about seven

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