1813 - Amelia and Aréthuse


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1813 Light Squadrons and Single Ships 188

established supernumerary) boys, and her 54 supernumerary men and boys, composed chiefly of the Daring's crew, the Amelia had her three lieutenants (already named), second lieutenant of marines (Robert G. Grainger), Lieutenant Pascoe, late commander of the Daring, one midshipman (Charles Kennicott), the purser of the Thais (John Bogue, of his second wound), 29 seamen, seven marines, and three boys killed, her captain (severely), Lieutenant Reeve, invalided from the Kangaroo sloop, the master (already named), first lieutenant of marines (John Simpson), purser (John Collman), boatswain (John Parkinson, dangerously), one master's mate (Edward Robinson), four midshipmen (George Albert Rix, Thomas D. Buckle, George Thomas Gooch, and Arthur Beever), 56 seamen (two mortally), 25 marines (three mortally), and three boys wounded ; total, 51 killed and died of their wounds, and 90 wounded, dangerously, severely, and slightly.

The Aréthuse, as well as her opponent, left off action with her masts standing ; but they were all more or less wounded, and her rigging was much cut. Her hull must also have suffered considerably; as her acknowledged loss, out of a crew, including the boat's crew of the Rubis, of at least 340 men and boys, amounted to 31 killed, including 11 of her officers, and 74 wounded, including nearly the whole of her remaining officers.

The guns of the Amelia (late French Proserpine *) were the same as those mounted by the Java, with an additional pair of 32-pounder carronades, or 48 guns in all. The guns of the Aréthuse were the same, in number and caliber, as the Java mounted when captured as the French Renommée. † Although the total of men and boys on board the Amelia would be 349, yet, if we are to allow for the number of her men that were unable to attend their quarters, and for the feeble state of many of the remainder, among whom, including the Daring's, there were nearly 40 boys, 300 will be an ample allowance. The Aréthuse has been represented to have had a crew of 375 or 380 men, but we do not believe she had a man more of her proper crew than 330 ; making, with the boat's crew of the Rubis, 340. The Aréthuse was the sister-frigate of the Renommée : consequently the tonnage of the Java will suffice.





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Here was a long and bloody action between two (taking guns

* See Vol. i., p. 122 † See p. 21.

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