1816 - Battle of Algiers


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1816 Battle of Algiers 407

(Robert Fulton), one lieutenant of marines (Athelston Stephens, five midshipmen (John Duffell, George W. Hervey, Wynne Baird, George Henry Heathcote, and ----- Keay), 25 seamen, three marines, and one boy wounded; Granicus, two lieutenants of marines (William M. Morgan and William Renfrey), one midshipman (Robert Pratt) nine seamen, one marine, one marine-artillery, and two boys killed, one lieutenant (Henry Augustus Perkins), four midshipmen (Lewis Dunbar Mitchell, Lewis Tobias Jones, George R. Glennie, and Dacres Furlong Wise), 31 seamen, three marines, two rocket-troop, and one boy wounded ; Hebrus, one midshipman (George H. A. Pococke) and three seamen killed, one midshipman (Aaron Sykes Symes), 10 seamen, one marine, two rocket-troop, and one boy wounded ; Infernal, one lieutenant of marine-artillery (John James P. Bissett) and one seaman killed, one lieutenant (John Foreman), her boatswain (George Valentine), clerk (Matthew Hopkins), three midshipmen (James Barber, James M. Cross, and John H. Andrews), eight seamen, one marine-artillery, and two boys wounded.

None of the remaining three bomb-vessels, nor any of the sloops, appear to have incurred any loss. That sustained by the Dutch squadron amounted to 13 killed and 52 wounded ; making the total loss, on the part of the allies, 141 killed and 742 wounded. The following statement will show, along with the names of the first lieutenants (and of some of the others in the flag-ships) of the British ships, the individual loss sustained by the two squadrons, and the quantity of powder and shot which each of the British and Dutch ships expended in the action.

The quantities marked with an asterisk are doubtful : the others are officially correct. The Impregnable, it is understood, fired two shot at a time; which accounts for her expenditure so greatly exceeding that of either of the other line-of-battle ships. The whole quantity of powder and shot expended in the engagement, according to Mr. Salamé's very interesting narrative, was upwards of 500 tons of the latter, and nearly 118 tons of the former. This includes, of course, the quantity expended by the sloops, most of whom fired when they could do so with effect. Mr. Salamé states, also, that the number of 13 and 10 inch shells thrown by the four bomb-vessels was 960.

Although none of the ships lost any spars, many, particularly the Impregnable, Leander, Superb, Granicus, Glasgow, and Severn, had their masts much injured. In hull, also, these ships, the first two especially, were considerable sufferers. The Impregnable, indeed, is stated to have received 233 large shot in her hull ; a great many of them between wind and water. One 18-pound shot entered the bulwark, passed through the heart of the mainmast, and went out at the opposite side. The loss in killed and wounded, on the part of the Algerines, amounted, as represented by some accounts, to 4000 men, and, by others, to nearly 7000.

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