Extracts from Late 19th and Early 20th Century Newspapers - Passenger Lists

Extracts from Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Newspapers

Passages Booked P And O Co Steamer

Source: St. James's Budget dated January 6, 1882 (a weekly edition of the St. James's Gazette) transcribed by Bev Edmonds

Date Passage Booked EPD - EPA Passengers
January 25th London to Malta Mr. C. Berners, Major  Bevan, Mr. and Mrs. M. Dunlop, Mr. Irvine,sister, infant, and maid.
January 25th London to Suez; Mr. and Mrs. P. Pew.
January 25th Venice to Alexandria Mr. and Mrs Weyerbusch.
January 25th London to Bombay Mrs. W. Morris and infant, Lieut-Colonel Totterham, Miss D.J. Heath, Miss Le Troy, .....? Baylis, Mr. F. Austen,
January 25th Brindisi to Bombay Stanton
February 1 London to Gibraltar Mr. T.J. Pulley, Mr. Simmonds
February 1 London to Malta Miss Boyle.
February 1 London to Suez Rev. C.W. Spencer Stanhope, Mr. and Mrs. D. Edwards.
February 1 Gibraltar to Suez Mr., Mrs., and Miss Stephens.
February 1 Venice to Bombay Mr. A. C. Campbell
February 1 Brindisi to Mr J.W. Johnston.
February 1 Brindisi to Alexandria Mr and Mrs. Lyman
February 1 London to Colombo Major and Mrs. Vetch
February 1 London to Calcutta Col. W. Playfair, R.B.S. ......ady? and gentleman, Mr. and Mrs Ward.
February 2 Brindisi to Alexandria Mr., Mrs., and Miss Whittell.
February 2 Venice to Singapore Mr. Down.
February 2 London to Shanghai Mr. Strickson.
February 2 London to Hong Kong Mr. and Mrs. Giles, five children, infant, and servant.
February 2 Venice to Melbourne Mr. and Mrs. Langmour
February 2 Suez to Adelaide Mr. C.B. Fisher
February 2 London to Sydney Mr. and Mrs. Young,  .......? Richardson, Miss Voyd, Mr. A.W. Cavage, Mr. and Miss Murray, Miss Byrie and infant.
February 2 Gibralter to Sydney Mr., Mrs., and Miss Stephens.
February 2 Venice to Sydney Mrs. Cox and three daughters.

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