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United Reformed Church - formerly the Congregational or Independent Church, Chesil - Portland

The United Reformed Church, formerly the Congregational or Independent Church, Chesil

1825 Congregational Church was established on the Isle of Portland. **

Also known as the Union Chapel, Chissell - opened 24 September 1828 * , but the building wasn't large enough and by 21 Oct 1858 a new church was opened on the same site.**

The first pastor was Frederick William Meadows - ordained 5 Nov 1828 who was followed by Rev. Charles Cannon in 1831, who remained until 1854

1827. Congregational Chapel erected and enlarged 1828 **

1858. The present Congregational Church was opened.**

1879-1892. Rev W. R. Waugh was pastor of the Congregational Church.**

1883. Congregational Church renovated. **

1903 (June). Congregational Church reopened after renovation. **

  • Services **
    Sunday: 10.15 am 6 p.m
    Wednesday, 7 pm
    Sunday-school: 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Minister
    Rev. J. T. Davis, The Manse, Fortune's Well.
  • Deacons
    Messrs. J.S. Norman, W. Attwooll, H. Hibbs, W. Wakeham and F. Gamblen
  • Organist
    Mrs Doust
  • Sunday-school:
    Messrs. Norman and W. Attwooll
  • Secretary:
    Miss Atkins
  • Band of Hope
  • Conductor
    Mr Gamblen
  • Secretary
    Mr W. Attwooll
  • Treasurer
    Mr J. Flann
  • * The Island and Royal Manor of Portland, JH Bettey, p 83

    ** The Portland Year Book of 1905

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    Paul Benyon