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Wesleyan Methodist Church - Easton - Portland

This church was built in 1906-7 *

7 Aug 1825: Wesleyan Chapel was opened in Wakeham by the Rev George Smith, the friend and colleague of Mr R. C. Brackenbury. *

1832. Death of the Rev George Smith, who with Mr Brackenbury, established Methodism in Portland in 1791. *

1839. Portland Methodists celebrated the first centenary Year of Methodism*

1854. Easton Wesleyan Church built.*

1878. The Wesleyan School at Easton was built for 227 children*

1891 (Dec.) Centenary celebration of the establishment of Methodism in Portland.*

1902. New Wesleyan Church scheme inaugurated at Easton.*

* Portland Year Book for 1905

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Paul Benyon