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St. John's the Baptist Church, Fortune's Well - Portland

St. John's the Baptist Church, Fortune's Well

1839. St. John the Baptist church was erected this Year. It is a Gothic structure of Portland stone, with chancel, nave, and Square tower containing three bells. Consecrated 6 Oct 1840, built as a daughter church to St George's Church, Tophill.

In 1865 the Underhill district became a parish in its own right. The Dorset County Records Office hold PRs as follows: Baptisms: 1840-1953; Marriages: 1841-1973; Burials: 1841-1929; Banns: 1845-1951

  • Sunday services *
    10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. ; also Wednesday evening
  • Holy Communion:
    1st Sunday in month after morning service;
    2nd Sunday, 8 a.m.
    3rd Sunday, after evening service
  • Vicar: Rev T.A .Ottley, D.D. (instituted 1874).
  • Churchwardens: Messrs A. Score and Roberts.
  • Sidesmen: Messrs H. Gill and W. Comben.
  • Organist: Mr T. Davis.
  • Verger: Mr S. Smith.
  • Sunday-school:
    girls, superintendent: Mrs Ottley
    boys superintendent: Mr A. Young.
  • Missionary Society: local secretary: Mrs Ottley

During 1901 the new Parish room was built and opened at the north end of Ventnor Road, and is proving great boon to the work of the church.

1857 St John's National School was built for 500 children. *

1865. St. John's became a new parish.*

1874. Rev. H. Jenour, first vicar of St. John's, died. He was succeeded by the Rev. Dr. T. Ottley.*

1876. St. John's Church renovated and enlarged. The living is worth 256 a year, with five acres of land and a residence.*

Per a Guide to The Location of The Parish Registers of Dorset, published by the Dorset Record Office.

* Portland Year Book for 1905

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