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Wesleyan Methodist Church, Fortuneswell, Underhill - Portland

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Portland Circuit.
There has been a Chapel on the this site since 1792, but the above Church replaced the original Chapel built by Robert Carr Brackenbury, the founder of Methodism on the Isle of Portland.

1841. The Wesleyan School at Fortune's Well was built for 200 children *

1845 (May 15). Fortune's Well Wesleyan Day School Opened. *

1847. Mrs Brackenbury, who died in this year left by her will 100 to the Methodist School, 19 guineas each to the Sunday school and the poor of the society, and 19 guineas to the poor of the Island.*

1858. Weston Wesleyan Chapel built.*

1899. Brackenbury Memorial Wesleyan Church opened at Fortune's Well.*

1902. Fine new organ added to Fortune's Well Wesleyan Church.*

1903. New Wesleyan Manse erected at Fortune's Well.*

1903. Wesleyan Sunday School centenary*

  • Services: *
    • Brackenbury Memorial Church, Fortunes Well
      Sunday: 10.15 am and 6 pm
      Monday, prayer meeting 7.15 pm
      Thursday service 7.15 pm
    • Easton Church
      Sunday 10.30 am and 6 pm
      Monday 7:15 pm
      Thursday 7.15 pm
    • Chesilton
      Sunday: 6 pm
      Tuesday: 7.30 pm
      Sunday: 6.1.5 pm
      Tuesday: (alternate), 7 p.m.
    • Weston
      Sunday: 3.15 pm
      Tuesday (alternate week), 7 pm
    • Training Ships
      Monday 1 pm (bi-weekly)
    • Hospitals (Naval and Military)
    • HM Convict Prison
      Thursday, 3 p. m. (alternate weeks)
    • Sailors Soldiers Institute
      Sundays 8 p.m.
  • Circuit ministers
    Rev. Ebenezer Cole (superintendent)
    Rev. G. H. Marshall.
  • Circuit Officers
    Stewards: Messrs R. Elliott and J. Beer
    Treasurer Foreign Missions: Mr. R. Elliott
    Secretaries Foreign Missions: Rev. G. H. Marshall, Mr Epsley
    Education and Temperance Secretary: Rev. G. H. Marshall
    Treasurers Aged Ministers' fund: Messrs. E. Comben and C. Flann
    Chapel Secretary: Mr. H Epsley
    Secretary Quarterly Meeting: Mr. T. Flew
    Secretary Local Preachers' Meeting: Rev. G. H. Marshall

    There are also Society Stewards, Pew Stewards, and Chapel Stewards for each chapel.

    Missionary Committees

    Fortunes Well: Rev. I. Cole, Messrs. I. Allen, E. Comben sen., E. Comben, jun., T. Flew, J. Flew, W. T. Flew, J. Fisher, E. Hunt., W Morris, ,jun., F. L. Simmonds

    Easton Messrs. R. Fall, W. A. Attwooll, J. Beer, J. Flann, W. T. Flann, W. Edwards, R. Pearce, W. J. Pearce, C. Talbot, J. T. Scriven

    Weston: Mr R H. Comben

    Southwell: Mr J Pearce
    Secretaries: Rev G. H. Marshall, Mr H J. Epsley
    Treasurer: Mr R. Elliott

    Sunday School Superintendents
    Easton: (morning) Mr B. Stone; (afternoon) Mr Robt. Pearce
    Southwell: (morning) Mr B Hinde
    Weston: (afternoon) Mr T. L. Attwooll
    General Secretary: Mr Corbet Stone, Wakeham
    General Treasurer: Mr C. Talbot

    School Secretary: Mr John Flann, Jun

    Secretary: Mr W. Hopper

    Secretary: Mr N. Carter

    Fortune's Well
    Sunday School Superintendent: Mr R. Elliott
    Morning Superintendent: Mr C. Burdon
    General Secretary: Mr T Elliott
    Treasurer: Mr H. Elliott

    Chesil School
    Superintendent: Mr W. Comben
    Secretary: Mr Benmets Treasurer: Mr H. Elliott

    Band of Hope
    Conductor: R. Allen
    Secretary: Mr A. Flew
    Treasurer: Mr H. Lillywhite

    Wesleyan School Fortune's Well
    This school was opened on May 15 1815. The land on which the school was built was purchased in 1822, and was a part of Tilley Combe - at one time described as a farm. The school was initiated by Mrs Brackenbury, wife of the benefactor and founder of the church. Plans had been passed (1905) for the enlargement of the schools.

    School Managers 1905
    Rev. E. Cole,
    Messrs. E. R. Mitchell, J. R. Stone, R. Elliott, E. W. Cross (County Council), the District Council representative vacant).

    * Portland Year Book for 1905

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