The Landry Family

The Landry Families
L'Ardoise, Cape Breton

 by Paul Landry

The Landry family in Cape Breton descends through 2 distinct branches of the family tree. The River Bourgeois Landrys descend from Pierre Landry. He was deported to France. Lists of 1761 and 1762 show Pierre at LaRochelle, France. By this time he had married Anne Clerge, daughter of Claude Clerge and Francoise Lavergne. Anne had been at Port Toulouse, Ile Royale, about 1742. 

On Isle Madame, the largest line of Landrys descend from Jean-Baptiste Landry and Marguerite Gauterot. Sixty-two year old Jean-Baptiste Landry with three of his sons (38 year old Jean-Baptiste, 35 year old Joseph, and 27 year old Alexis) and a group of grandchildren, came to Cape Breton during August of 1751, specifically RiviÍre aux Habitants. They did not stay long at that location. Their sons, Alexis Landry, married to Marguerite Aucoin, Joseph Landry, married to Marie Marguerite Breau, and Jean Baptiste dit L'Abbe Landry, married to Marie Josephe LeBlanc soon settled the Isle Madame area. Most of the Isle Madame Landrys can trace their roots to this branch of the Landry family.

It is interesting to note, this branch of the Landrys who came to Cape Breton, came voluntarily, and came before the deportations took place.

The Landrys who settled in L'Ardoise descend from both these branches to the family. Michael Landry who married Elizabeth/Isabella Marchand is a descendant of the Isle Madame Landry family. His grandfather was Alexis Landry who married Marguerite Aucoin. Most of the L'Ardoise Landrys can trace their roots through this branch of the family.

The second branch of the L'Ardoise Landry family descends through Pierre Landry and Anne Clerge. This line of the family is the lineage most of the River Bourgeois Landrys, including myself, can trace their roots through. Their grandson, Pierre Landry who married Susanne Mombourquette, had ties to the River Bourgeois and L'Ardoise areas. Several of their descendants settled in the L'Ardoise area.

This graphic web will allow you to easily see how the branches of the Landry family spread and where they settled in the Richmond County area of Cape Breton. 

What follows are the family trees for the Landry lineages mentioned above. I have deliberately cut off the reports around 1900 to preserve the privacy of any living relatives. If you are interested in further information, please feel to contact me at I would be more than pleased to send along information and hopefully add your updates to the Landry database.

Descendants of Michael Landry and Elizabeth Marchand

Descendants of Pierre Landry and Susanne Mombourquette

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