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John THOMAS (1799-????)
Mary Louise THOMAS (1881-1964)

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John THOMAS (1799-????)

Birth:  1799 - Llandysyl, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Death:  ?

Father:  ?
Mother:  ?

Spouse:  Sarah ?

            b. circa 1799 - Llanwenog, Cardiganshire (Ceredigion), Wales
            d. ?

Married:  Date and Place


   David THOMAS (1822-????)

 * Isaac THOMAS (1825-1907)

   Jane THOMAS (1827-????)

   Mary THOMAS (1830-????)

   Thomas THOMAS (1833-????)

   Ann THOMAS (1835-????)

   Rachel THOMAS (1838-????)


Isaac THOMAS (1825-1907)

Birth:  February 12, 1825 - Llanybyther (Llanybydder), Camarthenshire, Wales
Death:  June 8, 1907 - Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Father:  John THOMAS (1799-????)
Mother:  Sarah ? (1799?-?)

Spouse:  Mary HOPKINS (1828-1888)

            b. December 5, 1828 - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, West Wales
            d. April 29, 1888 - Cumberland, Maryland

            Father: Thomas HOPKINS (1786-????) - b. 1786? - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, West Wales
            Mother: Laura ? (????-????) - b. Circa 1787 - Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Wales

Married:  October 7, 1853 - Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire (Ceredigion), Wales

Wesleyan Methodist Minister of a Congregation of Miners in County Durham, England


   Laura Ann THOMAS (1854-1919)

      b. August 13, 1854 - Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
      d. September 24, 1919

      Married to Ernest SHRIVER (1857-1947)
         b. 1857 - Maryland
         d. November 16, 1947

 * John Lloyd THOMAS (1857-1925)

   Thomas Hopkins THOMAS (1860-1918)

      b. September 27, 1860 - Canville, Escomb (West of Bishop Auckland), County Durham, England
      d. January 13, 1918 - New York City

      Married Josephine ROUZER (1868-1869?) (3 children)

   Sarah Jane THOMAS (1863-1945)

      b. March 9, 1863 - Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England
      d. May 16, 1945 - Floral Park, Long Island, New York

      Married Benjamin PHILLIPS (1865-1920) b. May 1865 in Wales d. April 15, 1920
      Sarah Jane THOMAS and Benjamin PHILLIPS (1865-1920) had one son who died at a young age
   Catherine E. THOMAS (1867-????)

      b. 1867 - Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England
      d. ????


John Lloyd THOMAS (1857-1925)  John Lloyd THOMAS (1857-1925)

Birth:   April 22, 1857 - Canville, Escomb (West of Bishop Auckland), County Durham, England
Death:   February 6, 1925 - Mamaroneck, Westchester, New York

Father:  Isaac THOMAS (1825-1907)
Mother:  Mary HOPKINS (1828-1888)

John Lloyd THOMAS and his father, Isaac, immigrated and settled first in Utica,  
New York in 1867, then went for a period of time to Cumberland Maryland where 
John Lloyd THOMAS met his wife to be, Mary Ann BRANT.

Spouse:  Mary Ann BRANT (1860-1943)  Mary Ann BRANT (1860-1943)  Also known as "Mollie"
Married:  April 15, 1880 in Mamaroneck, New York


 * Mary Louise THOMAS (1881-1964)

   Lloyd Brant THOMAS (1882-1961)
      b. August 1882
      Married twice - son named John Thurston THOMAS

   Allen THOMAS (1883-1891)  Allen THOMAS (1883-1891)

   Frances Evelyn THOMAS (1888-1919)  Frances Evelyn THOMAS (1888-1919)

      b. June 7, 1888 - New York City
      d. March 18, 1919 - Geneva, New York

      Spouse: Henry Sibley PUTNAM - Married September 24, 1912

         Charlotte PUTNAM
         Laura PUTNAM
         Marion PUTNAM

      'Evelyn' Thomas, as she was known, graduated from Cornell in 1910, earning her 
      A.B. degree and having been active in choral music at Cornell. She was later the food 
      administratorfor Geneva, New York and was very prominent in social work. Her husband, 
      Henry Sibley PUTNAM, graduated from Cornell in 1907. Evelyn died tragically at a young 
      age due to pneumonia just ten days after the birth of their third daughter, Marion.

   Arthur W. THOMAS  (1889-1966)

      b. October 1889 (or 1891) in New York

      Married, wife's name Edith CAGNEY, born approximately 1894. Arthur and Edith THOMAS
      may have living descendant(s).

   Gwyneth THOMAS  (1897-1965)

       b. 1897 - New York City

       Gwyneth THOMAS married James Leo (Jim) KAVANAGH [name possibly James Devereux KAVANAGH]
       born in Canada in approximately 1891, father born in Ireland, mother in England. Gwyneth
       THOMAS and James KAVANAGH had a son, Devereux J. KAVANAGH, born approximately 1927.

   Dorothy THOMAS

       Died before 1900

John Lloyd THOMAS and Mary Ann BRANT Biographical Information

The couple lived for a period of time in Columbus, Ohio before settling in New York City where, by 
1900, John Lloyd THOMAS had become the Manager of the Manhattan Mills Hotel for working men on 
Bleecker Street.  John Lloyd THOMAS, widely known as an humanitarian, was also also an editor and 
writer for various publications as well as a lecturer, specializing in social issues, particularly 
as related to housing and care of working men and "incurables."  He was also a trustee of the New 
York State Masonic Home.

Research has indicated the John Lloyd THOMAS was a 33 Mason who took a very active leadership role 
in the New York branch of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Mary Louise THOMAS (1881-1964)  Mary Louise THOMAS (1881-1964)

Known to the Family As "Louise"

Birth:  June 2, 1881 - Washington, D.C.  
Death:  August 30, 1964 - New York, New York

Father:  John Lloyd THOMAS (1857-1925)
Mother:  Mary Ann BRANT (1860-1943)

Spouse:  William Frederick SPENCE (1879-1956)

Mary Louise THOMAS graduated from Hunter College in New York City and became a teacher
specializing in the education of handicapped children.  She was also an accomplished
singer, singing in church and also on stage.

For Marriage Details and Continuation of the Line of Mary Louise THOMAS see:

   William Frederick SPENCE (1879-1956)

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