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Pea Ridge is the high flat land South of the Elk River in Tennessee.  It is generally thought of as the Southern half of Lincoln County, the old 17-25th Districts, but actually includes much of Madison County, Alabama and parts of Franklin County, Tennessee.  You may consider yourself a Ridger if you have family or historical interests in Camargo, Skinem, Well's Hill, Yukon, Belview, Pleasant Grove, Kirkland, Macedonia, State Line, Hazel Green, Toney, Taft, Blanche, Cash Point, Ardmore, Lincoln, Corder's Crossroads, Fussy Hill, Flintville, Huntland, New Market, Old Salem or Belvidere.  If so, this page is for you.
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We have over 25,000 individuals in our database. Much of it is not well documented and is included here only as a guide. We recommend you use it as "leads" to other discoveries and cite original sources before publishing. If you have questions, comments or would like to contribute material to our archives, drop us a line at .

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