September Term 1807

(PAVEY, Daniel
is listed in this passage) William Barlow, in life on April 10, 1802, contracted with James Currie to locate and survey land in Warrants No. 1698 and 4108. A small part of the land is in Highland County, but most of it in Fayette County. William Barlow died Aug. 24, 1807; he resided in Scott County, Kentucky but died at Chillicothe, Ohio.

Letters of Administration granted in Scott Co. on personality to Samuel Sheperd and Thomas Barlow; Thomas died Jan. 29, 1825; Currie said to have lived in Union County, Ohio, but the one there said he wasn’t he; Currie, a Scotsman, lived in Richmond, Virginia, and died there, leaving heirs there and in Scotland; it was learned that Robert Gordon of Richmond was Admr. Gordon is dead, too, Sept. 19, 1829. John Jamison in Washington Court House said he was Agent for part of the heirs of Currie—the heirs being six in number. (Currie died at Richmond in April 1807) Gordon later found to be alive; three of Currie heirs were John Jamison Currie of Kentucky; Malcolm Jamison and Isabella his wife, late Currie and Robert Armstrong of Scotland; Daniel PAVEY had bought part of land from Currie; John Jamison and Daniel PAVEY residents of Ohio.

PAGE 259—August Term 1840
PAVEY, Jesse
vs Edwin Conway and wife Marj J.

Conways gave land in 1816 to Charles Thornton; Conways now non residents of Ohio; Thornton gave part of a tract Samual W. Wilson or Winston, who contracted with Samuel Gregory; Conways in 1816 of Orange County, Virginia; Thornton and Winston of Campbell County, Kentucky in 1818; Tracts show ownership by (1) Luther McVay, (2) William Parker, Isaac Mcvey and John Ellis, (3) George Binegar, (4) Samuel Gregory and William Gregory. The Gregorys are of Clark County, Ohio in 1819

Page 35---March Term 1843
PAVEY, Charles T.
Charles T. PAVEY
vs Levi Rogers et al

Levi Rogers owned land in survey No. 3782 and gave Part to his son Joseph; Levi lives in Illinois apart from his family who live in Fayette County, Ohio. Hannah, wife of Levi; Mortgage given Levi A. Rogers by Levi Rogers mentioning his Mother---; sisters Hannah and Mary, Levi Rogers of Madison Co., Ills. Levi A. Rogers a minor.

Page 559—July Term 1848
Thomas G. Johnson vs Anna PAVEY et al

Thomas G. Johnson has one twelfth interest in several tracts; Anna PAVEY late Johnson, wife of wWilliam PAVEY, Willian Johnson, Sophia Johnson Rowe, wife of Martin Rowe, Otho Johnson, Isaac Johnson and Caleb Harper Johnson of Fayette County; Sarah L. Johnson PAVEY wife of Thomas A. PAVEY; James H. Johnson, Eliza Jane Johnson Michener wife of John Michener and Marietta Johnson of Highland County, Ohio, and Mary Jane Johnson heir at law of George Johnson, dec’d. of Iowa are tenants in common; title obtained by deed from Shadrack Stafford and wife in 1834 to heirs of William Johnson then late of Fayette County, Ohio, dec’d. John Johnson died without children; George died leaving Mary Jane; other tracts from David Woodmansee, Senr. And Jane B. his wife of Highland County, Ohio, in 1848; William Johnson Father of petitioner is now deceased. John died in 1840 intestate; George died-----. Jane the widow married August 17, 1843 David Woodmansee. Suit brought to use Guardian’s large balance of money to improve farm.

Page 586—July 1848
(PAVEY, William - PAVEY, John)
William PAVEY vs John PAVEY
et al

William PAVEY of Fayette County, Ohio. Isaac PAVEY of Highland County, Ohio, dec’d. owned land on Lees Creek 25 A. and 100 poles. Isaac by verbal agreement with Petitioner. Isaac died by accident April 1, 1843. John PAVEY, John Barger and wife Elizabeth, Wesley West and Polly his wife, Sarah McKay a minor all of Fayette County, Ohio. Charles T. PAVEY, Thomas A. PAVEY, Thomas McKay, David McKay, Joseph Adams and Nancy his wife, Isaac McKay (Harriet, Elizabeth and Franky Jane McKay minors) of Highland county, Ohio, and Thomas Andrew and his wife Margaret of Allen County; Jonathan and Lucinda Gusten of Clark Co., Ohio, Warner Mans and Nancy his wife of Delaware Co., Indiana; Polly Stafford of Tippecanoe Co., Indiana; Thomas Palmer and wife Isabel and Franky Wilson of Clinton Co., Missouri are heirs.

Page 337—October Term 1851
PAVEY, Henry
Elijah Bocock et al vs Henry L. PAVEY et al

Elijah Bocock and wife Louisa and Samuel Wesley Gregory brought the suit. Louisa Bocock and Samuel W. Gregory only children and heirs of Samuel Gregory late of this County, dec’d. In 1811 Francis Dade’s survey No. 4375 patented to Edwin Conway and wife Mary Jane; On Feb 27, 1819 Samuel Gregory bought of Conways 167 ½ acres out of survey. William Gregory, father of Samuel was co-bondsman with Samuel on mortgage; Samuel became mentally deranged and in 1824 broke up housekeeping; malady continued until death; in 1825 his brother Joshua of Clark Co. Ohio, took him home with him. In 1826 Jesse PAVEY then of Highland Co., Ohio near the Fayette County line, father of Mrs. Gregory, the Mother of Orators. (Louisa born March 6, 1823 and Samuel born April 4, 1825). PAVEY went to Clark Co. to get the bond for the orators assigned to him; PAVEY did not pay for land but Gregorys did and it was deeded to PAVEY who died intestate January 29, 1945, leaving Daniel and Clement PAVEY, Nancy Anders, wife of Jacob Anders and widow of Samuel Gregory, Henry L. PAVEY, Prissey or Priscilla PAVEY, Joseph PAVEY, Samuel PAVEY and Jesse PAVEY. Jesse PAVEY, Jr. in possession of 40 or 45 acres of tract; Eliza PAVEY is daughter of Jesse (Pavey), Jr. and Susan Maria his daughter under age. John How in possession of 61 ¾ tract and orators of 105 ½. They charge Samuel Shepherd and Jesse PAVEY with collusion; John Boots bought of Shepherd and he sold to Philip Barger, Samuel Gregory of Clark Co. in 1819 also William Gregory.
Joshua Gregory is now 67 and is brother of Samuel, dec’d. Joshua now lives in northwest corner Champaign Co. Resided in Clark Co. 20 years ago. Isaac Hardesty of Allen County, Ohio, of lawful age and Henry Morris of Allen County, Ohio, before James Cheevers, J. P. of Bath Township. Charles Binegar of Fayette County of lawful age, 46 past now. Was at Evan Evans in Highland Co. when house was built (cabin was built in 1820) Binegar was about 21 years old at time house was built. He lived at George Binegra’s when second house built.
John Boots wife was Rhoda, June 29, 1837 Martin Boots and Christopher Swain witnessed deed that day, in Delaware Co., Indiana from Boots to Barger, Philip and Elizabeth Barger of Randolph Co., Indiana to Henry S. PAVEY of Highland Co., Ohio. October 26, 1844. William T. Shepard, Thomas J. Shepard, Alpheas T. Shepard and James M. Shepard heirs at law of Samuel, dec’d of Scott Co., Kentucky, Henry S. PAVEY of Highland Co., Ohio, September 3, 1845.
Hiram and Mary Rees of Fayette Co. in 1849 sold to John Howland in Green township. Francis Dade in 1791 leaving Francis, Jr. and Mary J. now wife of Edwin Conway. Francis, Jr. died in 1816 leaving widow Harriet and two children, Francis and Sarah T. both of very tender years. Wm. Dade appointed guardian of heirs of Francis, 1st Laurence T. Dade swore before Pay Grimes in Orange Co., Va., in 1819 that he is another child of Francis 1st. The appraisers in 1829 were Elijah Harbor, Thomas Moon, Rees Moon, George Knedler and John Stinson.
Case was dismissed without prejudice.

Page 133---June Term 1871
PAVEY, Milford & wife PAVEY, Catherine
(mentioned in this passage)
George W Hadley and wife Christina vs Francis Moon et al

Thomas Moon died Fayette County intestate, May 17, 1871 owning lands. Left widow Frances. Petitioner is a daughter. Nancy C. Smith, Eliza Jane Blackmore, Mary E. Binegar wife of George W. Binegar, Frances Worthington wife of Edward, Margaret Jones wife of Robert L Jones, Catherine PAVEY wife of Milford PAVEY are daughters of said Thomas Moon, and Albert Moon a son.