Fortune 1621

Records do not list John Peverel-Peverly as a passenger on the Fortune. There were 3 passengers not named on the microfilm studied by researcher Hallie June Peavey. She drew her conclusions from the information below along with other information found on the page linked to the title below.

Family Speculations and Conclusions" There are Peavey family tradition stories handed down that state that John Peverel-Peverly came on the first ship after the Mayflower. Records give the name of the second ship as "The Fortune" arriving at Plymouth on 9 Nov 1621.

The 'Fortune' passenger list was contrived after the fact from the grants of land earned by the surviving planters. We went to the ship records that say oddly enough there were 'three extra' non planters on the ship but 'were not named'. In fact the ship ran out of provisions while still at sea. It also said all aboard were from near London.

We searched for Governor William Bradford's Journal. Sure enough Fortune arrives and they complain 35 MORE mouths to feed and no provisions. There were 'only 32 planters'. Ship records and Bradford's records agree.

Hallie June Peavey states: "Our traditions that John hitched over here for the King and sailed back with David Thompson may very well be correct".

SOURCES for John Peverel-Peverly

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