"Road Preacher"

Farmington (now Rochester), New Hampshire

John L. Peavey was born in the town of Farmington, Strafford County, New Hampshire on
January 5th 1793.

Col. Anthony Pevee son of Thomas of Rochester, New Hampshire, son of Hutson, son of Abel, son of Edward Peve of Newington, New Hampshire was accustomed to holding worship meetings in his home. His son John Langdon Peavey was converted in his Father's home at one of these meetings to the immense rejoicing of his large family of a dozen siblings.

John was called into the ministry and anointed by Rev. Enoch Place who united with him in a huge revival at Strafford, New Hampshire in the year of 1818. John taught school on Strafford Ridge during the day and preached at night and on weekends. He helped to organize the Third Freewill Baptist Church of Strafford in 1819. He later became a circuit rider - a horse riding Evangelist. He traveled through Vermont to the top of New York preaching the gospel.

John became ill with tuberculosis but he kept on traveling and preaching. His motto was "rather wear out than rust out."

Milan Christian Church & JoAnn Miller Peavey

In Milan, New York he was called to the First Christian Church where he preached for 7 years. While here, he met and wed his gift from God, JoAnn Miller on September 14th, 1823. She was born on May 7, 1802. John and JoAnn soon became the parents of a daughter, Elizabeth Rosilla born on June 20th, 1824.

Frances Peavey Tupper kept a scrapbook where there is a photo of "The Christian Biblical Institute" in Stanfordville, New York. She notes that it was founded by her grandfather, Rev. John L. Peavey, for the training of more ministers and workers in the churches.

Christian Biblical Institute

John continued to travel and hold revival meetings all the while his
disease was making him weaker. He wrote letters to his wife admonishing her to be strong in her faith. Rev. John L. Peavey died at 36 years of age on June 6th, 1829 in Milan, Dutchess County, New York.

Reverend John Langdon Peavey's Gravestone

  Elder J. L. Peavey grave stone, born NH, died in Milan, Dutchess Co., NY

Gravestone was found laying on the ground. The bottom fourth is broken into about 8 pieces but the top is intact. Pictures taken on July 28th, 1993. Town of Milan has been contacted to have the town historian check to see who is in charge of the cemetery, If possible, we would like to see if the stone can be repaired.
Mary Lou Veal, Aug. 5, 2003,
Both pictures of the gravestones were contributed by Martha Sayles.

Grave Site of Rev. John Langdon Peavey
Cemetery in Milan, Dutchess County, New York

  Exact copy of inscription on his gravestone.

Sacred to the memory of John L. Peavey, Minister of the gospel; Who departed this life, June 6th 1829, In the 37th year of his age. The last 15 years of his life were devoted to the work of preaching free salvation. He acknowledged no creed but the Bible, and took no name but that of Christian. I heard a voice from heaven, saying unto me, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, saith Spirit, and their works do follow them.

John's Family Bible Page - 1825

John's Letters - to his wife Joann in 1827 & to Brother Hathaway in 1829.

John L Peavey's Will & Probate - 1829

Rev. J.L.Peavey's Descendants Pictures