BIRTH: Abt. 1625 in Devonshire, England
DEATH: 26 May 1670 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
FATHER: John PEVEREL-PEVERLY - BIRTH: Abt. 1599 in Bradford-Peverell, Dorsetshire, England
MOTHER: Unknown

MARRIAGE: Abt. 1643 - Jane WALFORD in Kittery, Maine or Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire


1. Thomas PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt. 1644 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

2. Mary PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt. 1645 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire
(May have been born in England)
MARRIED: (bef 6 Nov 1666)
(See Thomas Walford's will)
John HOLMES - BIRTH: abt 1641

3. Martha PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt. 1647 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire
MARRIED: (bef 19 Apr 1670) Christopher ? NOBLE

(Christopher Noble was the only Noble in the church list of 1678
'Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth, Vol. 1, p.62.)

4. John PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt. 1649 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

5. Lazarus PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt 1653 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

6. Samuel PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt. 1655 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

7. Jeremiah PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt 1657 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

8. Sarah PEVERLY-PEAVEY - Abt 1659 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

NOTE: Had fenced land bef 1651. Town gr 1652, oath alleg Jul 1657. [F] Will TP of Ports, 19 Apr 1670, beq to wife Jane, son John P {prob eld}, child Thomas P, Lazaras P, Samuell P, Jeremiah P, Sarah P, Martha NOBLE, some not of age, dau HOLMES. wife Jane exec, friends & neighbors John SHIRBURNE Sr & Richard SLOPER overseers, p 30 Jun 1670. Inv 26 May 1670, L191. [280] Oath Fremman Exeter 14 Jul 1657. [NEHGR 8] Had "outlot" 50 acres 1652. Granted 42a of common lands + had 68 acres 1660. {Rambles about Portsmouth 1:27} in part of Portsmouth south of the "Plains". House on the Creek {NH State Papers v31p87}.[v81:139]

Thomas Peverly married Jane Walford, daughter of Thomas & Jane Walford. Jane's mother, Jane, was the Jane Walford of the "Witch Trials". The accusations and defamation followed in Jane's daughters until Thomas Walford went to court to defend the Honor of his wife and won a defamation of character suit against an accuser of his wife.

The NEHR states that Thomas had fenced land before 1651 and an 'outlot' of 50 acres in 1652 He was granted 42 acres of common land and also had 68 acres in 1660. In "Rambles about Portsmouth 1:27" he was living in part of Portsmouth south of the 'Plains'. The "New Hampshire State Papers (v31p87 and v81:138)" state he had a House on the spot where a stream running from Peverly Brook dumps into Sagamore Creek.

Thomas took the Oath of Allegiance on 02 July 1657. He became a minister prior to 1658 as he is shown in the New Hampshire Residents 1633-1699 which shows him as a resident of Portsmouth in 1652 & he had land grants in Portsmouth in 1652, 1653 & 1661. This record shows him as an 'Exeter Freeman' in 1957 and was taxed at the 'ministers rate' that same year. His estate value and his will were listed in Portmouth in 1670. He died before 26 May 1670 (the date of his estate inventory).
According to this same record, his widow was taxed at the 'ministers rate' in 1671.

Thomas Peverly Will & Probate

Thomas Peverly Biography

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Peverly Family: Thomas Peverly of Portsmouth,N.H.; 1623 - 1670;
and Some of His Descendants; by Henry Winthrop Hardon, A.M., LL.B.;
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New Hampshire Residents 1633-1699

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