Source: Henry E. Dunnack, The Maine Book (Augusta, ME: 1920), pp. 80-84. Keep in mind that this book was written in 1920 and should be considered and used as an historical record. Waterboro Public Library and its staff, board, and members take no responsibility for any errors in fact or any statements of opinion that may appear in this book. In other words, verify!

986 - - Biorn (or Bjarn), a Norseman, first European to visit America, lands at Cape Cod.

1000 - Lief and Norsemen, investigating Biorn's story, spend the winter near the present site of Fall River and name the place Vinland.

1002 - Lief's brother, Thorvald (Thorwald), visits Vinland and remains three winters.

1008 - Thorfinn and his wife, Gudrida (Gudrid), also spend three years in Vinland. Their son, Snorri Thorfinnson, was the first white person born on the American continent.

1121 - Bishop Eirik (Erik, Erick) visits Vinland as a missionary.

1492 - Christopher Columbus discovers American.

1497 - John Cabot, first English explorer to the New England coast.

1498 - Sebastian Cabot explores entire New England coast.

1500 - Gasper Cortereal, for Portugal, searching for Northwest Passage, sails along Maine coast.

1524 - Giovanni da Verrazano (Verrazini), for Francis I of France, makes examination of Maine shores.

1525 - Estevan Gomez, for Charles V of Spain, seeking Northwest Passage, enters New England harbors.

1527 - John Rut, for England, explores interior of Maine.

1556 - Andre Thevet, for France, visits Maine and explores Penobscot.

1583 - Sir Humphrey Gilbert, for England, explores Maine coast.

1602 - Coast of Maine visited by Bartholomew Gosnold.

1603 - Martin Pring makes survey of Maine's coast and larger rivers.

1604 - Expedition of De Monts.

1605 - Captain Weymouth kidnaps natives.

1606 - First Virginia charter. Southern part of Maine included in grant to the Plymouth Company.

1607 - Unsuccessful Popham colony at mouth of Kennebec. Building of first ship on American soil.

1613 - Jesuit mission established on Mount Desert Island.

1614 - Maine coast visited by Captain John Smith.

1615-18 - Destructive war and pestilence among the eastern Indians.

1616-17 - Richard Vines winters at mouth of Saco River.

1620 - Patent of the Council for New England. The whole of Maine included.

1622 - Grant to Gorges and Mason of region between Merrimac and Sagadahoc, under the name of Laconia.

1623 - Permanent settlement made at Saco. Other settlements by this time at Sheepscot, Damariscotta, Pemaquid, Monhegan, and a few other points.

1625 - Trading post established on the Kennebec by Plymouth colonists.

1628 - First charter of Massachusetts.

1629 - Comnock's patent (Scarboro and vicinity). Second Kennebec, or Plymouth, patent.

1635 - Division of territory of Council/New England. Encroachments of French, under d'Aulney, on Penobscot.

1636 - First organized government in Maine up at Saco by William Gorges, nephew of Sir Ferdinando Gorges.

1639 - Sir Ferdinando Gorges'charter of "The Province of Maine." Penobscot tract (Brunswick and vicinity) ceded to Massachusetts.

1651 - Massachusetts asserts its claim to Maine under the charter of 1628.

1652-53 - Settlements in western Maine submitted to Massachusetts. County of Yorkshire established. Gradual absorption of other settlements.

1653 - First representation of Maine, then county of Yorkshire, in hte Mass. General Court.

1661 - Plymouth, or Kennebec, patent sold to John Winslow and others.

1664 - Royal order directing Massachusetts to restore Maine to Ferdinando Gorges (grandson of original proprietor). Eastern Maine in grant to Duke of York, known as Newcastle pr the County of Cornwall.

1665 - Royal commissioners set up independent government in Maine.

1668 - Massachusetts government resumes control of Maine.

1674 - County of Devonshire (east of Kennebec) established.

1675-77 - King Phillip's War.

1677 - Purchase of Maine by Massachusetts from Gorges for 1250 pounds.

1678 - Andros becomes governor, under the Duke of York, of New York and Sagadahoc

1680 - Government of Maine reorganized by the General Court.

1684 - Massachusetts charter vacated.

1687 - Andros governor of New England.

1688-89 - King William's War. Settlements in Maine ravaged.

1689 - Andros deposed and provisional government set up.

1691 - Second charter of Massachusetts, including whole of Maine.

1697 - Treaty of Ryswick. France & England both claim Sagadahoc (territory between Kennebec & St. Croix).

1703-11 - Queen Anne's, or Third Indian, War. Settlements again ravaged.

1733-35 - Lovewell's, or Fourth Indian, War.

1739 - Line between Maine and New Hampshire fixed, after long dispute, by the king in council.

1741 - George Whitfield visits Maine. A second visit in 1744-45.

1745 - Capture of Louisburg by New England troops commanded by William Pepperell.

1745-56 - Renewed Indian War.

1754-63 - Seven Years'War, the last of the French and Indian Wars.

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