A small coin purse of woven colored threads with real gold threads woven right into it came with the trunk and also was a gift from the royal relatives, a goodbye present. Bon voyage gift so to speak. From Priscilla's mother came the pottery bowl with lid like a casserole. The bottom is smooth and has come from some potter that did not even put a mark on it. The clay with so much age is trying to bleed through the light colored glaze. It gets darker and more spotted looking as the centuries pass. The leather purse was from Priscilla?s father who made it for her to keep the gold threaded coin purse in. Her father was a shoemaker and worked with leather. When both of Priscilla?s parents died she inherited a bunch of already made shoes and they were like gold in the colonies then. She was considered a good catch and was very beautiful so our story goes. That is why Myles Standish wanted her and she only had to pick and choose. When John Alden was asked to secure her hand for Myles as a favor, Priscilla picked young muscular John Alden and got her choice. She told him, 'Speak for yourself John'. John did not think he had a chance against Standish who was older and richer. John was delighted. They had a daughter Elizabeth Alden who obtained these heirlooms. They then passed on down until they got to Lucinda Ann Soule who married David Peavey. Charles Hiram Peavey got them and gave them to his son Everett Wesley Peavey. From there they passed four generations more, and are split up to different descendants. I have sent pedigree charts that have been authenticated by the Alden Kindred of America and the Soule Kindred to the owners so they can display items with the pedigrees for proof.

Submitted by Hallie June Peavey