C. Frost-Maine Probate



John Eldridge Rost; Maine Probate Abstracts,
Vol 1, 1687-1775; Picton Press,
Camden, ME, 1991

Page 106/107

Charles Frost, of Kittery, Esq. LT (3.144). Will (3.145). Inv (3.147). F6295. LT gr Kittery, 10 Mar 1724/5, to Charles & John Frost, exors of the will of their fr Charles Frost, late of Kittery, Esq., decd, with t&p inv exh at or bef 10 June next, & p&t acct. Will, MW 257-264. Inv of the est of Charles Frost, of Kittery, Esq., decd, ret [by court order of 10 Mar 1724] by Nicholas Shapley, John Dennett & Nathan Bartlet, at L1027/3/0; inv include home farm with ye bldgs thereon, at L6000, 520 a of land lying in the township of Berwick called Carolina (sic) Farm, at L1000, 160 a of land lying in the township of Kittery called Stony Brook Farm, at L500, 1/3 of a saw mill on York Pond brook & half the stream, at L100, c. 40 of land lying above Mj. Clarke’s patten (sic), at L200, 34 a of land lying by the way going to Spruce Creek, at L100, 10 a of salt marsh lying in Cape Porpus, at L50, c. 10,000 a of land bought of Mr Jacob Clark lying on Sheepsgut River, at L100, a house lot of land lying in Portsmouth, at L830, his share of the Common Right lying in Kittery & Berwick, at L150, 3 negro men at L60 ea, at L180, a Negro girl & boy, at L50, & ment a library of books, sconces, pictures, maps, fireplace appurts, 2 silver hilted swords, a silver hilted scimitar, a steel hilted sword, a silver headed & a glass headed cane, a watch, gold buttons, a riding
hours and another, both with furniture, the cider house, hall chamber, kitchen chamber, bedroom, parlour, kitchen, writing room, parlour chamber, wash house.

Transcribed by Debra F. Wilmes