"Everett Wesley Peavey prompted the building of the church"

Today it is the Wesleyan Church

Pews were sold to pay for the building project of the Pilgrim Holiness Church on Elm Street in Clarkston, Washington, 99403. Abiel Pevey had previously sold pews for the building project of the Congregational Church in Newington, New Hampshire in 1713. The pews are still in the church.

A gold metal plaque was made and engraved with the name of the pew purchaser. It was then placed on the back of the pew. One of them was bought by Everett and Hattie Peavey. He is from what the Peavey Group called the "Money Line".

Everett and Hattie Peavey
taught and preached
in the church.


The church was sold and it is now a Wesleyan Church. The pews were sold with the church and they remain in the Sunday School area on the lower level because they are older and unpadded. The metal engraved plaques are still on them.