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A. L. Peel
Civil War Diary
Adjutant, 19th. Mississippi Regiment

May/June 1861

May 29, 1861 - We left home today for the war.  Add & I came to H. Springs this morning.  Our Company arrived here this evening.  they are supplying themselves with shoes, hats & etc.  We are at D Matthewse's
May 30 - We left H. Springs today for Corinth & arrived at 12 today We are in an old Church.  J McKie is very sick I am sitting up with him.  I drilled the company.
May 31 - We are still here at Corinth.  We have supplied ourselves with cooking utensils & Tents.  I saw Miss Ludia Baugh, Amelia & Sallie McCarol at the Tavern.  I went out to the camps and saw several of my old school mates, I am Corporal of the guard.
June 1, 1861 - We left Corinth at one oclock this evening & have traveled over some very rough country.  We arrived here at Huntsville tonight the citizens had supper prepared for us.  We will travel all night.  Black, Bowen, Shaw, Ludovick, Pryor, Add & I will guard the Baggage at Richmond.
June 2 - We arrived here at Noxville tonight & found supper prepared for us, we will stay here tonight and sleep in the cars, it is raining very hard.
June 3 - We arrived here at Bristol today at 10 pm PM & took supper at the Hotel & slept in the cars We will leave tomorrow..  Dr Hyer fooled J. Harris & made him stand guard until midnight.
June 4, 1861 - We arrived here at Christians Range this evening & several of the soldiers spoke as we were waiting for the cars.  We got supper and saw some pretty girls.
June 5 - We arrived here at LinchBurge at sunrise.  D. Bowen & I up town & got breakfast it is very cold all day.
June 6 - We arrived here at Richmond last night at 12 remained in the cars until this morning.  Lu & I went up town & got Breakfast. We then moved out & struck camp in the old Fairground it is quite cool, I saw two ladies & made them sing Dixy.  Richmond is an ancient looking place.
June 7, 1861 - We have done nothing today of importance a good many of the boys have been downtown.  I was amused at seeing them cook.  Some of them think hard times are at hand when they have to cook what they eat.
June 8 - Our Regiment was formed today all other Companies have left the ground our company is the 9th  Pres Davis came out to see us this evening & a pretty girl came out this evening on a fine horse & dressed in secession uniform.
June 9 - I drilled the company today and went to the spring got some cool water.  We have to use a good deal of hydran water don't like it.  We have the fairground guarded  I don't like so much confinement.
June 10, 1861 - William Ellis left here for home this morning he has a great many letters to take with him  he thinks it will not be long till he returns.  Pryor & I have been drilling the company in squads.
June 11- (
no entry)
June 12 - We were mustered into service this morning. The boys think that there is no use of talking for their hands are tied Add, Pryor & I have been drilling the company today it is very warm.  We got our arms today, We don't like the muskets  We cant give the yankeys justice with them.
June 13, 1861 - I am not well today.  I have been laying in my tent all day think of home and these hard times.  I wish that old Abe was where the lord intends that he shall go one one of these days.
June 14 - The company drilled this morning in Squads, some of them think it is hard to have to drill, but they will learn better than that before they get home.  Orderly Dean & I went down Town and bought a violin  We will have some music here  I feel quite weak & fatigued from my walk.  I wrote a letter home today.  I must now extinguish my light & go to
June 15 - We had no drill today  I have spent the day moping about like a lost sheep, & think I will go on duty tomorrow, Dr Hyer & I have been discussing war matters & reading
June 16, 1861 - Add, Pryor & I have had our squads drilling, they are improving, I guess the Captain will soon drill his company.
June 17 - J McKie arrived here this morning & brought us a good many letters.  he will not be mustered into service.
June 18 - I am Corporal of the guard today & have had a good many in the guard house & gagged some of them.
June 19, 1861 - I went down Town today and bought a pair of shoes some paper & a Blanket, the nights are pretty cool up here.  Days are very warm  I got some ice cream & cakes in Town & saw a few peaches.
June 20 - I have been out drilling today.  found it pretty warm & went down to the spring.  Pres Davis came out to see us today & made a little speach.
June 21 - We had a very hard storm last night.  that blew Tents, clothes, cooking utensils & everything else away  it was amusing to see Doctor & I holding to our tent.  My hat got the countersign and passed out by the guards.
June 22, 1861 - I have past the day as usual  Dr Hyer & I have been in a Tent together for a week.  I took a bath to night and feel all right,  Dr is getting well.
June 23 - J McKie left here for home this evening.  he is quite sick & thinks that he will not try the soldiers life again.  Dr Hyer says that he is to delicate to stand the exposure.  Capt Drilled us like thunder to day.
June 24 - Capt Took us out drilling awhile & then let Robt, take us to the canal to bathe,  There were Three Spies brought in Town this evening,
June 25, 1861 - We got our uniforms this morning, there is not enough for all of our company  We all like it very much it is much the nicest in our Regiment
June 26 - We drilled to day as usual, I went to the Canal a bathed, cut my foot & left in disgust.  I had some good Lemmonade this evening  We are having Miss. Buttons put on our coats.
June 27 - I am Corporal of the guard to day & have had a good many ?men in the guard house.  I saw Burch to day he is 2nd Leut  I wish I could see some more of the old K. M. (H. M.?) Institute boys, guess I will meet some of them
June 28 - Add is sick & confined to his tent to day.  I am corporal of the guard & have several Irish men in the guard house
June 29 - I have been out drilling the company to day & saw a Regt pass for Manassa
June 30 - I have been over to see Add  he is in a private house & is treated very well.
 This information is provided courtesy of Peel family descendant, Kevin Hudson
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