PUBLISHED BY FREDERICK'S, Prince Edward Island For The Years 1889-1890,

From the Preface, page vii of the book "To give the Post Office Address of the male inhabitants over twenty-one years of age and others in the Province of Prince Edward Island."


CALEDONIA, Queens, Co, PEI A village located in Lot 60, Queens, County, Distant from Charlottetown 25 miles, from Georgetown 16 miles. Mails, tri-weekly.

Beaton, Murdock, farmer

McDonald, John, blacksmith

McKay, Donald, J.P.

Beaton, Murdock, farmer

McDonald, John, merchant and postmaster

McKay, Ronald, farmer

Beaton, Murdock, farmer

McDonald, Donald, farmer

McKay, John, farmer

Campbell, Miss Margie, teacher

McDonald, D. J.,  teacher

McKenzie, Samuel, farmer

Gillis, Angus, farmer

McDonald, Hugh, framer

McKenzie,  Finlay,  farmer

Gillis, John, farmer

McDonald, Donald, farmer

McKenzie, Neil, farmer

Gillis, John, merchant

McDonald, Mrs. D, farmer

McKenzie, Alexander

Lamont, Angus, farmer

McDonald, Charles, farmer

McKinnon, John, farmer

Lamont, Donald, farmer

McDonald, Murdock, farmer

McLean, Ronald, farmer

Martin, Kenneth, farmer

McDonald, John, farmer

McLean, Duncan, farmer

Martin, John, farmer

McDonald, Angus, farmer

McLean, Duncan, farmer

Martin, Charles, farmer

McDonald, William, farmer

McLean, John, farmer

Matheson, John, farmer

McDonald, Alexander, farmer

McLean, James, farmer

Matheson, Norman, farmer

McDonald, Alexander, farmer

McLean, Neil, farmer

Matheson, Malcolm, farmer

McDonald, Donald, farmer

McLennan, Donald, farmer

Matheson, Mrs.  Donald, widow

McDonald, John, farmer

McLeod, John, farmer

McAuley,  James

McDonald, Angus, farmer

McLeod, Neil, miller

McDonald, Ronald

McDonald, John, farmer

McLeod, Charles, Teacher

McDonald, John, farmer

McDonald, Flora

McLeod, Norman, J.P., farmer

McDonald, Donald, farmer

McDonald, Mrs. John, widow

McLeod, John, farmer

McDonald, Hugh, farmer

McFarlane,  Mrs. John, widow

McLeod, Alexander, farmer

McLeod, James, farmer

McLeod, John

McLeod, Malcolm, farmer

McLeod, Angus, farmer

McLeod, Mrs. Donald, widow

McPhee, Peter, farmer

McPhee,  William, farmer

McPhee,  Hugh

McPhee, Mrs. Alexander

McPhee,  Samuel, teacher

McPhee,  Malcolm

McPherson, Angus, farmer

McPherson, Donald, farmer

McPherson, Donald, farmer

McPherson, Donald, J.P.

McPherson, Angus, farmer

McPherson, Angus, farmer

McPherson, Norman, farmer

McPherson, John, farmer

McPherson, Mrs.  Mary, widow

McPherson, Ronald, farmer

McPherson, Mrs. Donald, widow

McPherson, Murdock, farmer

Nicholson, John, farmer

Nicholson, John, farmer

Nicholson, Donald, farmer

Nicholson, Ronald, farmer

Nicholson, John, farmer

Proctor, George, farmer

Singleton, Mrs. Benjamin, widow

Stewart, James, farmer

Stewart, Malcolm M. farmer and Post Master

Stewart, Murdock, farmer

Stewart, Donald, farmer

Stewart,  Mrs.  Charles, widow

Stewart, Neil, farmer

Stewart, Malcolm, farmer

Walker, James, J.P.



Located in Lot 62, Queens County. Distant from Charlottetown 33 miles. Mails tri-weekly.
Bell, Neil, farmer Jardine,  Thomas, captain Saunders, William, farmer
Bell, Malcolm, farmer McDougall,  Alex, farmer Stewart, D M, farmer
Bears, Mrs. Joseph, widow McKenzie, Alexander, farmer Stewart, Roderick, farmer
Bears, Wellington, blacksmith McLeod, J T, teacher Stewart, J A, farmer
Cook,  Issac,  blacksmith McLeod, Mrs. D. widow Stewart, William, farmer
Compton, W. farmer McLaren,  Daniel, Merchant and Post Master Stewart, Alexander, A, farmer
Compton,  Lemuel, shoemaker Martin, Martin, lobster factory Stewart, D A,. farmer
Compton, John, farmer Martin, Donald, farmer Stewart, Mrs. Murdock, widow
Compton, Simon, farmer Matheson, Alexander, farmer  
Emery, William, carpenter Matheson, Mrs. Allen, widow  
Gillis, John, farmer Saunders, Joseph, farmer  

PINETTE  Queens, Co, PEI

A settlement located in Lot 58, Queens County.
Distant from Charlottetown 25 miles. Mails Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Buchanan, George, farmer McWilliams, Wm, farmer Panting, F
Hubley, Angus, farmer and shoemaker McRae, R. H.,  Capt Panting, Francis, farmer
McDonald, Mrs. Donald, widow McRae, Alex, farmer Panting, John, farmer
McDonald, John, farmer McRae, R F, farmer Shaw. John, farmer
McDonald, Alex, farmer McRae, Miss A Stevenson, R, farmer and P.M.
McDonald, A, farmer McRae, David, farmer Stewart, John, farmer
McGinnis, H, farmer McRae, Annie, Miss, teacher Stewart, Wm, farmer
McKenzie, A. farmer McRae, R A, farmer Squarebridge, Henry, farmer
McKenzie. A. farmer McWilliams, Chas, farmer Squarebridge, James , farmer
McLean, Sinclair, Rev.  Presby.  Martin, J W, farmer Vickerson, Albert, tanner
McLeod, Angus, farmer Morrison, Hector, D, farmer Williams, Alexander, farmer
McLeod, Capt. M, merchant Morrison, Murdock, farmer Young, Mrs. Thomas
McLeod, James, farmer Morrison, Hector, farmer Young, Alex, farmer
McLeod, John, farmer Murchison, R. Miss, teacher


A farming settlement situated in Lot 60 and 62, Queens County.
Distant from Charlottetown 38 miles. Mails bi-weekly.

Gillis, Donald, farmer McLeod, Alexander, farmer McQueen, John, farmer
Gillis, Norman McLeod, John N., farmer McRae, Alexander, farmer
Nicholson, A Michael, merchant McLeod, John C., farmer Matheson, Duncan, farmer
McKenzie, Norman, farmer and Postmaster McLeod, James, farmer Morrison, Donald, farmer
McLeod, Mary, J. teacher McLeod, Donald F, farmer Morrison, Jonathan, farmer
McLeod, Donald, A farmer McLeod, Neil, farmer Ross, William, farmer
McLeod, Norman, farmer McQueen, William, farmer Ross, Peter, farmer