Sheppey Casulties WW2


The following names have been extracted from reports and family notices in the Sheerness Times and Guardian. Due to wartime censorship, fog of war, etc some details were vague, a cross check was made with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ‘Debt of Honour Register’. Further cross checking was done against the register held at Minster Abbey and some names added. However the list cannot be guaranteed complete and 100 per cent accurate.






Ronald David Andrews                   Private, Somerset Light Infantry. 14733697 24th April 1945,  

                                                                  Becklingen War Cemetery, Germany. Age 20 years.


Roy John Appleton                         Driver, RASC (Airborne),T/14306001, died of wounds 13th June 1944, Ranville War Cemetery France. Age 20 years.


Norman Baker                                Lance Corporal, Wiltshire Regiment, 5570957 2nd October 1944, Groesbeek Memorial , Netherlands. Age 25 years             


Frederick William Bower               Rifleman, Rifle Brigade, 6921212. 27th March 1943, Sfax         

                                                         War Cemetery, Tunisia. Age 22years.


Percy William Branchett               Gunner, Royal Artillery, 1482205. 26th October 1942.

                                                                  Kirkee War Cemetery, India. Age 27years.  


Owen Patrick Brannon                   Warrant Officer, Royal Engineers,7876205. 4th May 1943,                                                                 Stanley Military Cemetery. Hong Kong. Age 34 years. .                                                               


William Edwin Chaplin                 Private, 1st Royal Berkshire Regiment, 5344562. died of wounds 28th April   1944, Kohima, India.. Age 28 years.


Henry Percy Charlesworth             Lance Corporal, Highland Light Infantry, 5386542. 16th July 1944. Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetry. France.      Age 29 years.


Walter Hugh Jasper Clifford          Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals,2352318. 27th September 1944, Mook War Cemetery, Netherlands. Age 30 Years.


Alfred William Connelly                 Private, Royal Army Service Corps. S/191011.

                                                                5th August 1943. Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery. Thailand.

                                                                 Age 27 years.


Sidney Thomas Dangerfield           Private Parachute Regiment, 6354985. died of wounds10th March 1943. Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery, Tunisia.             Age 20 years.


Norman Davies                               Sergeant, Royal Engineers,1869058. 28th May 1944, Kohima, War Cemetery, India. Age 33 years


Donald Leonard Davis                   Private, Highland Light Infantry, 14699368. 3rd March 1944. Mook War Cemetery. Netherlands. Age 20 years.


Leonard John Dewell                    Corporal, Royal Engineers. 1868868. 8th April 1943.

                                                         Medjez-al–Bab War Cemetery, Tunisia. Age 28 years.


George William Dewey                  Private, The Buffs,6290523.  , 3rd/4th September 1942. El Alamein War Cemetery.  Egypt. Age 26 years.


Horace I Dodge                              Lance Sergeant, Royal Armoured Corps, Inns of Court Regiment., 7934202.  21st September 1944. Mierlo War Cemetery, Netherlands. Age 34 years


Ronald Dodge                                 Private, The Buffs,6296187. 19th May 1941, age 29 years, buried Sittingbourne, Kent.


Bertram Frank Dummott                Sergeant, Royal Horse Artillery, 1057978. 14th  November 1942, Alamein Memorial, Egypt. Age 36 years.


Ronald Joseph Earl                        Warrant Officer, RASC, T45524 16 April 1942, natural causes, buried Dartford Cemetery. Age 28 years.


Alfred George England                 QMS, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 35266

                                                         Died of injuries at Newcastle General Hospital on 30th     December 1944. Heston( St Leonard) Churchyard. Age 41


Reginald Peter Evans                     Sergeant, The Buffs, 6284269. 11th February 1944. Ancona War Cemetery, Italy. Age 28 years.


Arthur Henry Faulkner                   Private, The Buffs,6292407 6th December 1942. La Reunion War Cemetery, Algeria. Age 28 years


Charles George John  Faulkner     Gunner, Royal Artillery, 14579712. 5th May 1945, Hamburg Cemetery, Germany. Age 28years


Cyril George Fisk                           Gunner Royal Artillery,881236. accidental death Sheerness, 31st January 1940. Buried Sheerness Cemetery. Age 25 years


Frank Donald Foreman                  Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals, 6141976. 27th April 1941 Phaleron War Cemetery Greece. Age 20 years.


Victor Allen Friday                         Driver, Royal Engineers,1870703, 25 March 1940, natural causes, buried Orchard Dump Cemetery Arleux-En-Gohello, France age 23 years.


Leslie Kenneth  Furber                 Gunner, Royal Artillery, 6344691.26th April 1942.

                                                         Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery. Age 25 years.


Norman William Glendinning         Guardsman, Irish Guards, 2721562. 21st April 1945. Becklingen War Cemetery Germany, Age 32 years.


Richard Edwin Nowels Hawkins  Corporal, East Surrey Regiment, 6142270. 1st March 1945

                                                          Taiping War Cemetery. Age 26years


Ernest Edward Hilliard                   Private, Devonshire Regiment,14324248. 11th July 1944, Tilly-Sur-Seulles,Normandy, France. Age 20 years.


Leonard George Hilliard                Lance Bombadier, Royal Artillery, 964477, 6th August 1943, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery  Thailand. Age 25 years.


John Gaselee Hodge                      Driver, Royal Corps of Signals, 2346269.22nd June 1943, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand. Age 27 years


Jack Hollobon                                 Trooper, Queens Own Hussars, RAC. 79443666. 28th January 1945. Ravenna War Cemetery, Italy. Age 23 years.


Leo Marsh Houghton                     Sergeant, South Staffs Regiment, 5385530. 17th July 1944.

                                                          St. Manvieu War Cemetery, Cheux. Age 29 years


William Stanley Hunt                      Company Sergeant Major, Royal West Kent Regiment, 6346026. 4th September 1942. El Alamein Cemetery, Egypt.

                                                         Age 22 years.


Roy Franklin Ingleton                    Sapper, Royal Engineers. 1877209, 5th June 1943. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery,Thailand. Age 24 years


Thomas Isbell                                  Private, The  Queen’s Royal Regiment, 305739.

                                                         9th September 1944. Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy. Age 23 years.


William Henry Isles                       Fusilier, Royal Scots Fusiliers. 14212360. Died of wounds,

                                                          15th September 1944, Kasterlee War Cemetery, Belgium.

                                                                  Age 26 years.   


Ernest James                                  Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals, 2309645.Rescued from

                                                         Dunkirk. Died 27th December 1942. Buried Minster Abbey. Age 41 years.


Cyril Ernest Johnson                     Gunner ,Royal Artillery, 1131917. 18th January 1943,

                                                          Medjez-al -Bab, Tunisia.. Age 23 years.     


Daniel Kavanagh                            Corporal, Hampshire Regiment, 5503048.27th March 1943,

                                                         Beja War Cemetery, Tunisia. Age 26 years.  


Albert Frederick Mason                 Rifleman, Royal Ulster Rifles, 1681479. died of wounds 29th December 1944. Forli War Cemetery, Italy . Age 32 years


Charles Henry Matthews               Private, Hampshire Regiment, 5503062. 2nd March 1943

                                                         Medjez-al -Bab Memorial,Tunisia. Age 26 years.


James Alexander Nealey               Lance Corporal, Scots Guards, 2689847. 27 January 1944.

                                                         Anzio War Cemetery, Italy. Age 37.


Alfred L Noble                                Lance Sergeant, Royal Armoured Corps,7905586.

                                                                  23rd April 1943. Massicult War Cemetery, Tunisia. Age 23 years.


William C J Nokes                          Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps, T/61447 accident, 25th February 1945, buried Military Cemetery, Florence, Italy. Age 27 years.


Alfred Nunney                                Private, Border Regiment, 3183274. 30th May 1944.

                                                          Kirkee War Cemetery, India. Age unknown.


Sansat Edwin Oliver                       Corporal , The Queens Royal Regiment, 6299761. died of wounds 26th January 1944, Minturno War Cemetery, Italy. Age 21 years.


Charles Walter Payne                    Lance Sergeant, Royal Engineers, 1868797, died of wounds 12th May 1944, Cassino War Cemetery, Italy. Age 30 years.


James John Payne                          Bombardier, Royal Artillery, 1076653. 14th March 1944. Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar.. Age 23 years


Ernest George Phebey                   Sergeant, Royal Engineers. 1860913. Died natural causes 19th July 1940, Wales. Buried Minster Abbey.. Age 38 years.


Leonard Albert Record                  Private, Hampshire Regiment.6352862. 17th September 1944, Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy.  Age28 years.


James Arthur Riccomini               Lieutenant, Special Air Service Regiment, AAC. 137803.

 M B E, MC.                                    27th March 1945. Milan War Cemetery, Italy. Age 27years.


Albert David William Robinson     Rifleman, Rifle Brigade, 6923499, 7th March 1943. Oued Zarga War Cemetry. Tunisia. Age 21 years.


William George Henry Rogers     Private, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, 6340804.

                                                         Dunkirk  Memorial, France. Age 29years.


Roy Alfred Searle                           Private, Kings Own Scottish Borderers.14702355. Died of wounds  27th February 1945, Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany. Age 19 years.


Gordon Charles George Sewell     Lance Sergeant, The Buffs, 6289963. 23rd April 1943. Oued Zarga War Cemetery, Tunisia, Age 26 years.


William Sidney Thomas Shaill        Gunner ,Royal Artillery, 1776934. 5th October 1941, TobrukWar Cemetery, Libya. Age 21 years.


William Frank Shrubsall                 Gunner, Royal Artillery. 18th March 1945. POW  Sand-A-Kan, Borneo. Roll of Honour STG 15th March 1946. No CWGC report.


Thomas Henry Smith                      Gunner, Royal Artillery, 1437448. Died of wounds Normandy, 21st July 1944.  La Delivrande War Cemetery, Douvres, France Age 22 years.


William Roy Smith                          Gunner, Roayl Artillery,7017860. died in hospital, 23rd February 1944 Bari War Cemetery, Italy. age 26 years.




Kenneth Henry Snelling                 Driver, Royal Engineers, 1949906, 25 March 1945, Rhine Crossing. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany

                                                         Age 23 years.


William Thomas Sparks                 Lance Sergeant, Royal Artillery, 1432405. 11th August 1944, Bayeux War Cemetery, France.  Age 24 years.


Albert Victor Stickings                   Lance Corporal, The Buffs. 6289966  1st February 1945. Rangoon Memorial, Myanmar. Age 27 years.


Leonard Arthur Stokes                   Sapper, Royal Engineers, 6148354. 18th June 1943, Suez War Memorial, Egypt. Age 22years.


Ronald George Studd                     Driver, Royal Corps of Signals. 2330734. 30th June 1943 .Kanchanaburi War Cemetery,Thailand. Age 24 years.


Bernard William Susans                 Fusilier, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 3970325.  28th May 1944, Rangoon Memorial, Myanmar. 21 years


Harold Roy Thompson                   Private, Parachute Regiment,14433912. 24th  March 1945.

                                                         Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany Age 18 years.


Robert John Douglas Timson        Private, The Buffs, 6289175.Accident 13th February 1941,

                                                         Queenborough (Holy Trinity ) Churchyard.  Age 21 years.


Laurie Watts                                   The Buffs, died of natural causes, 25th January 1940, age 24 years. Buried Eastchurch. No CWGC report.


Francis Ernest Whitaker                Private, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 14649379. 18th July 1944, Ranville War Cemetery, France. Age 19years.


Frederick William White                Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals, 2336221.Accident in Northern Ireland, 14th October 1941. Halfway Cemetery. Age 24 years.


George Victor Willoughby              Private, Suffolk Regiment.14713144.13th October 1944,  Overloon War Cemetery. Netherlands. Age 19years


Ernest John Alfred Wood               Private, The Buffs, 6289441 Accident 13th February 1941 .

                                                         Halfway Cemetery.  Age 22 years


Edward John Wright                       Sapper, Royal Engineers, 2182215. Died of wounds, France

                                                         8th June 1940, Nantes (Pont-Du-Cens)  Communal Cemetery  

                                                                 Age 38 years.



Thomas Pitman Attwood               Died Seathorpe Ave Minster, 12th December 1940.

                                                                 Age 58 years.


Emily Jane Buckingham                Killed by enemy action London, 15th October 1940.

                                                                  Chelsea Metropolitan Borough. Age 50 years


William Henry Crockford             Injured by enemy action at Kennington, London.

                                                                 16th August 1944. Died at St Thomass Hospital.

                                                                  Buried Lambeth, Metropolitan Borough. Age 34 years.


Eleanor Kate Cross                        Died at Chillaton, Lower Rainham Road. 18th September

                                                                  1940. Age 52 years.


William Henry Cross                      Died at Chillaton, Lower Rainham Road,18th September

                                                                  1940. Age 54 years.


Robert N Duggan                            Killed by enemy action, 24th November 1940.

                                                                  Bristol County Borough. Age 25 years.


Agnes Maria Dyer                           Of Brambledown, killed whist visiting London,

                                                                   12th September 1940 . Battersea Metropolitan Borough.

                                                                   Age 81 years.


Harold Alfred Evans                       Died of beri beri as POW Hong Kong, 11th May 1944.

                                                                   Private Hong Kong Defence Force.

                                                                   Stanley Military Cemetery.


Mrs Evans                                         Died Stanley, Hong Kong . April 1943.


George Thomas Foster                    Died in Thames Estuary, 17th June 1941. Age 47 years.


Albert Edward Game                      Injured at 41 Garvey Road, Custom House, on 8th Sept.

                                                                   1940, died St Mary’s Hospital same day.              


Albert Morley                                  Died at Shrubsole Ave, Sheerness. 10th March 1941.

                                                                   Buried Halfway Cemetery 15th March 1941, Age 48 years.


Louisa Morley                                  Died at Shrubsole Ave. Sheerness. 10th March 1941  

                                                                   Buried Halfway Cemetery 15th March 1941. Age 43 years.


Walter Mount                                   Air Raid Warden, injured 31st March 1942 at Lower Road.

                                                                    Minster. Died Minster Hospital 2nd April 1942. age 53 years



Leslie Wilfred Peckham                  Shipwright Diver HM Dockyard Hong Kong.

                                                                   Sergeant, Hong Kong Defence Corps, 1/10390.         

                                                                   Died as POW, 1st December 1942. Hong Kong Cemetery.



Alice Maud Philpott                         Injured at 21 High Street, Eastchurch on the  13th August

                                                                    1940, died at Guys Hospital 28th August 1940. Age 63 years.



Reginald Arthur Shenton                Died en route to Malta, MV Peter Maersk.

                                                                   7th December 1942. Age 34 years. 


David Wildish                                   Lost in Thames Estuary, 15th June 1941. Age 19 years.


Frank Wood                                      Foreman Hong Kong Dockyard.

                                                                    Died as POW  25th August 1943.



 Merchant Navy


Andrew Cunningham                      Chief Engineer, Nassau Bahamas, 17th February 1943.


Reginald William Filby                    Senior Second Engineer Officer, MV Pacific President.

                                                                    2nd December 1940. Tower Hill Memorial. Age 37 years.

                                                                     (Previous ship Pacific Reliance was sunk 3rd March 1940)


Roderic Sutherland Masters           Master, SS Clan Mac Whirter.  26th August 1942.

                                                                   Tower Hill Memorial. Age 60 years


Allan Ramsey Nicol  D.S.C.            Chief Engineer Brisbane Star, died of wounds from

                                                                   Operation Pedestal, 17th April 1944.

                                                                   Buried Kilbride Old Churchyard. Age 55 years.


William John Sampson                   (Diver), M.V. American Salvor. Antwerp. 11th January 1945.

                                                                     Schoonselhof. Cemetery


Eric A Scanlan                                   Torpedoed off Cape Town,, died Sheerness 30 Dec 1942.

                                                                    Age 20 years.


Leslie Ernest Shannon                     2nd Officer, S.S. Stanwold, Ship sunk by enemy action

                                                                    28th February 1941. Buried Halfway Cemetery. Age 20



Sidney Sheepwash                             Chief Engineer, MV San Arcadio. 31st January 1942.

                                                                     Tower Hill Memorial. Age 43 years.   


Frank W. G. Tucker                         Chief Engineer, Royal Fleet Auxilliary, S.S, Petrella.

                                                                    12th September 1941.Suez War Memorial Cemetery. Age                             

                                                                    37 years.


 Royal Air Force


John Neville Andrew                 Sergeant  (Nav/Bomber). RAFVR 1461939 15 March 1944.

                                                          Artolsheim Communal Cemetery. Age 22 years.


Ronald Sydney Andrews         Sergeant  RAVR, 931030 Lost over Germany 17/18 April 1942.

                                                          Runnymede Memorial. Age 21 years.


 Raymond Thomas  J  Bilney  Flying Officer (Air Gunner) RAFVR. 129024.

                                                   4th September 1943. Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Age unknown.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ernest  Frederick Bishop        Flight Sergeant, 510764  Bomb disposal at Eastchurch  9th Oct 1940

                                                          Buried St Clements, Leysdown. Age 39 years.


Harry William Bloomfield       Sergeant (Pilot) RAFVR.1334268  kia 21st Jan 1944.

                                                          Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Age Unknown.


Cyril John Samuel Borras       Warrant Officer, 561982. 26th January 1942

                                                          Singapore Memorial. Age 32 years.


William Border                         Pilot Officer ( Flight Engr).56231. Lost over Germany 4 Nov 1944.

                                                          Tillicoultry Cemetery. Age 22 years.


Thomas William Bowles          Warrant Officer (Pilot), 564563.  26th  May 1940.

                                                           Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Age 26 years.


Lawrence Harold Bradbrook  Sergeant ( Flt.Engineer). 568805. 30th June 1942 .

                                                           Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. Age 22 years.


Christopher Frederick Burt    Sergeant,539698. 13th July 1940.

                                                          Alamein Memorial, Egypt. Age 20 years


Sydney Hatfield Cheeseman    Flying Officer, RAVR, 152360. 22nd February 1944.

                                                           Runnymede Memorial. Age 21


Ronald Cyril S Clements          Flying Officer (Pilot) RAFVR. 134106. Germany 20th October 1943.

                                                           Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Age 27years.


Richard Alfred James Collier  Sergeant (Air Gnr). RAFVR. 1894963. 31st March 1944             

                                                           Halfway Cemetery. Age 19 years.


Ernest Reginald  Cramp           Flight Sergeant.(Pilot) RAFVR. 1388442. Flying accident  29th July 1944

                                                           Kirkee War Cemetery. Age 24 years.


Stanley William  Dane             Sergeant (Pilot ). RAFVR.1255075.  7th/8th October 1941.

                                                   Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. Age 23 years.



Henry Allington Disbrowe       Flying Officer (Air Bomber). RAFVR. 134568. 25th/26th July 1943.

                                                    Cambridge City Cemetery. Age 21 years.                                              (6)


Gordon Frederick Emery          Flight Sergeant (W. Op {Air}) RAFVR.1393444. 18th July 1944 (formerly

                                                             Faversham, worked Sheet Glass). Faversham Cemetery. Age 22years.



Robert James Farthing              Sergeant,564639. 22nd December 1940.

                                                             Runnymede Memorial. Age unknown.


Frederick  Ronald Ford               Flying Officer (Nav W. Op), 49734. killed flying accident 29th April 1943

                                                             City of Westminster (Paddington) Cemetery. Age unknown.


Charles William Fordyce           Flight Sergeant (Pilot) RAFVR. 1029731. 30th September 1943.

                                                             Buried Minster Abbey. Age 28 years.


Sydney Ben Fuller                       Pilot Officer (Pilot) DFM, 49572. 2nd February 1943 , buried Minster Abbey 5th        

                                                              February 1943  age 28 years,


Cyril Jeremiah Greenstone        Leading Aircraftsman, RAFVR 1453609.  kia Batavia 20th November1945. 

                                                             Jakarta War Cemetery. Age 23 years.


William Henry Gull                    Sergeant Pilot, RAFVR, 658055 flying accident.

                                                             Buried Halfway Cemetery 2nd October1942. Age 23years


Ronald Hadlow                           Flight Sergeant, RAFVR Coastal Command. 26th February 1945.

                                                                 Runnymede Memorial. Age 23 years.


George Richard Harris               Flying Officer, (Air Gunner) RAFVR. 144712. 3rd January 1944.

                                                              Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Age 22 years.


Douglas Edmund  Frank Hart   Aircraftsman, 1st Class, RAFVR, 1220304 26th August 1942.

                                                              buried Leysdown Cemetery. Age 22 years


George William Hill                     Corporal, 649400 died Japanese POW 30th September 1943.

                                                             Ambon War Cemetery. Age 23 years.


Roger Leslie Hodgson                 Sergeant (Air Gnr), RAFVR, 656856.  3rd April 1943.

                                                              Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany. Age Unknown.


Leonard John Johnson                 Flying Officer, RAFVR, 120548. 20th March 1943.

                                                             Alamein War Cemetery. Age 22 years.



Norman John Jones                      Flying Officer, 44848. Died of natural causes 2nd April 1942.buried Halfway                                   

                                                             Cemetery. Age 25 years


Charles Lionel King                    Sergeant (W.Op/Ag) 1382661 13th May 1943.

                                                              Harlingen General Cemetery.. Age Unknown.


Ronald Herbert Kirkpatrick      Flight Sergeant (Obs). RAFVR, 1270480. 11th September 1942

                                                              Dusseldorf operation, Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Holland.                                   (7)


Ralph Kitney                                       Sergeant (W/Op,Air Gunner), RAFVR, 931029. 2nd April 1942

                                                                 Technical Boy from Sittingbourne. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

                                                                 Age 21 years.



Bernard Francis  Lambert              Flying Officer,RAFVR, 151807. 9th November 1944..

                                                                  Runnymede Memorial. Age 22 years.


Patricia Elizabeth Lane                    Aircraftswoman, 1st Class,  WAAF accident  Control Room, 25th April 1943

                                                                  Funeral 30thApril 1943, Charing Crematorium, Kent Age 20 years.             


Cecil Gordon Leitch                          Sergeant,571775. 14th July 1942.

                                                                 Runnymede Memorial. Age 20 years.


Norman James Lezemore                Pilot Officer,(Pilot). RAFVR, 65585. 29th August 1941.

                                                                  Minster Abbey.  Age 23 years.


Kenneth Lincoln                                 Sergeant, 533385.Gun explosion, 16th February 1942.

                                                                  Barrowford Cemetery. Age 26 years.


William John Methven                   Squadron Leader (Pilot), 43349. 21st May 1941

                                                                  Newquay (Fairpark) Cemetery. Age 38 years.


Paul Chandler Mercer                      Sergeant,, died Debent Military Hospital Canada 17th March 1943.

                                                                  Croydon (Mitcham Road) Cemetery.  Age 23 yea


John Ian Mitchell                               Flight Sergeant, RAFVR, 1801303, 14th March 1943.

                                                                  Runnymede Memorial.Age 20 years.


Noel Albert Monday                       Sergeant,812164. 1st October 1943.

                                                                  Alexandria (Hadra) War Cemetery. Age 25 years.


James William Morris                    Flight Sergeant, RAFVR, 1389993.  Calais 24 September 1944.

                                                                  Runnmede Memorial. Age 20 years.


Alfred Chenoworth Moxon            Leading Aircraftsman, RAFVR, 926649. 20th April 1944.

                                                                  Ambon War Cemetery, Indonesia. Age 21 years.


Frederick David Lloyd Oakwell    Flight Sergeant,(W/Op, Air Gnr.) 551326. 17th May 1942, buriem Military

                                                                  Cemetry, Sola, Stavanger. Age 21 years..


Frederick John Pemble                    Leading Aircraftsman, RAFVR,1632754. 24th May 1945.

                                                                  Gent City Cemetery. Age Unknown. 


James Sydney Pomeroy                  Sergeant, RAFVR, 1894985. 31st January 1944.

                                                          Runnymede Memorial. Age 27 years.


Henry Alan Sheppard                        Sergeant, RAFVR, 1391502. 12th December 1943

                                                                      Minster Abbey.  Age 23 years                                                                               (8)


Arthur Dunbell Smith                        Sergeant (Pilot), 580153. 6th September 1940.

                                                                      Whyteleafe  (St Luke) Churchyard Age 22years.


Barry Osbourne Cornelius Stevens  Pilot Officer, 33415.  18th January 1940.

                                                                       Harwell Cemetery. Age 22 years.


John Golder  Stokes                               Leading Aircraftsman, RAFVR, 915295. Java 25th  May 1943.

                                                                      Ambon War Cemetery. Age 38 years


Anthony M Tucker                                 Flight Sergeant, missing December 1943, age 21 years.


Harold Kenneth Underdown             Leading Aircraftsman, RAFVR, 982820. Accident South Africa  

                                                                      25th November 1941.Bulawayo (Athlone) Cemetery  Age 24 years,.


Geoffrey Ernest Richard Westacott Flight Sergeant (Nav) RAFVR, 1398165.Hamburg, 9th April 1945

                                                              Hamburg Cemetery. Age 21 years.


Joshua Stephen Willis                        Flying Officer (Pilot), 44051.  10th  September 1941.

                                                                      Clough (Holy Trinity) Church of Ireland, Churchyard. Age 34 years.


Noel Sydney Wilson                            Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr), RAFVR. 917135. 12th June 1941

                                                                      Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Netherlands. Age 22 years.


Alan George Wood                             Flying Officer, RAFVR. 131658. 26th November 1943.

                                                                      Alamein Memorial, Egypt. Age 22years.


Percy Charles Wood                          Warrant Officer,358570. Dog bite Rangoon, died Singapore.

                                                                     26th December 1945. Kranji War Cemetery. Age 41 years. 


Raymond Frank Woodiwiss               Pilot Officer (Air Gnr), RAVR. 173065. 8th February 1944.

                                                                     St Pol War Cemetery.  Age 19 years.


                                           Royal Navy


Thomas Clint Ambrose                      Leading Seaman, C/JX129652. HMS Dunvegan Castle. 28th August 1940.         Chapel Strand Cemetery, Arranmore Island. Age 29 years.  


   William Alfred Bailey                      Petty Officer, Royal Navy Patrol Services, HMS Maaloy. LT/JX 199121.    27th March  1944, Lowestoft Naval Memorial. Age 23 years.


    Arthur William Baker                   Petty Officer Stoker, HMS Stoke. C/K 60035. 7th May 1941.

                                                             Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 36 years.


Herbert Maurice Frank Baker       Stoker 2nd Class, HMS Galatea, C/KX 121995. 15 December 1941.                         Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 26 years.  


Henry George Barber                     Stoker 1st Class, HMS Electra, C/KX 108852.  Sunk Battle of Java Sea.               27th February 1942. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 25 years.


Robert Barker                                Able Seaman, HMS Naiad, C/JX 178861.11th March 1942. Chatham Naval

                                                                  Memorial. Age 22 years.


Thomas                                           Thomas Leonard Baskerville         Chief Petty Officer. HMS Vernon. C/J18204. 23rd January 1941. Teddington Cemetery. AAA Cemeter                                                                                               Cemetery Age 44 years. BEM.


Frederick Charles Beal                  Chief Petty Officer, Sick Berth, HMS Jervis Bay, C/M1324.

                                                                   5th November 1940. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 52 years.


John Arthur Bennett                         Petty Officer, HMS Achates, C/JX 140003. 31st December 1942.                       Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 25 years.                                                                           


George  F W Bruce                             Commissioned Gunner, HMS  Latona, 25 October 1941. Portsmouth Naval

                                                                   Memorial. Age 41 years.


Thomas Richard Burton                   Leading Seaman, HM Submarine Grampus. C/JX137770. 24th June 1940,  

  Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 23 years 



George Edward Carroll                  Chief Engine Room Artificer, HMS Kelly. C/M 35578. 23rd May 1941

                                                                   Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 45 years.



Moses John Carstairs                     Leading Seaman, HMS Somali, P/JX 141505 Russian convoy .                        24th September 1942, Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 23 years.


Frederick Chamberlain                    Cook, HMS Lightning, C/MX 76858 12th March 1943. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 28 years.


George William Barnard Chaplin  Chief Petty Officer,(Air Fitter) Fleet Air Arm., HMS Dasher.FAA/FX55010

                                                            27th March 1943. LEE-on-Solent Memorial.


James Percy Charman                      Leading Steward, HMS Neptune, C/L7820. 19th December 1941. Chatham Naval Memorium. Age 48 years.


Charles John Chew                              Able Seaman,  HMS Southampton, C/J 97392. 11th January 1941.

                                                                     Chatham Naval Memorial.  Age 37 years


James Henry Christie                          Petty Officer, HM Drifter Ocean Reward. C/J 8015 June 1940.     

                                                                    Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 45 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (10)


Edward Thomas Clark                       Petty Officer Writer, HMS Adventurer, D/MX 48304 12th November1939,

                                                                    Sheerness Cemetery. Age 24 years.


William Albert Clark                        Petty Officer, HMS Sultan, C/J 108057. 16th February 1942, Singapore.

                                                                     Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 27 years.                          


Kitty Irene Crockford                         WREN, HMS Europa, East Anglia, 42881. 12th  May 1943, buried Minster,       

                                                                     Sheppey. Age 19years.      


George Edward Cuckoo                    Petty Officer, HMS Firedrake, C/J 99720. 17th December 1942. Chatham Naval Memorial.                                 



George Kingsbury Darby                 Chief Yeoman Signals, HMS Wildfire, C/192960 BEM. Royal Naval

                                                                     Hospital,Chatham. 21st January 1943,. Buried Sheerness Cemetery. Age 61                                                                        



Leslie James Docking                          Petty Officer, HMS Avenger, C/J 112875. 15 November 1942. Chatham     Naval Memorial. Age 34 years.


Harry Fitzpatrick                                  Leading Airman, HMS Illustrious. FAA/F 55059. 10th January 1941.

                                                                     Lee on Solent Memorial. Age 40 years.


Benjamin John Fleetwood                Gunner, HMS Grove, (no service no. given.)12th June 1942

                                                                      Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 46 years. 


William John Frier                              Petty Officer,  HMS Ibis, C/J 107495. 10th November 1942. 

                                                             Chatham Naval Memorial Age Unknown.


Arthur John Fisher                              Stoker 1st Class, HMS Achates, C/KX 105296, 25 July 1941. 

                                                             Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 20years.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Charles Edward Fitch                           Leading Signalman, H M S Royal Oak, P/J 82386. Scapa Flow.

                                                                      14th October1939. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 40 years.                   


Herbert Ford                                      Seaman, HM Trawler Bedfordshire, LT/JX 185319. 11th May 1942.

                                                                      Lowestoft Naval Memorial. Age 34 years.


Percy Gleadle                                     Stoker 2nd Class, HMS Egret, P/KX 159212. 27th August 1943.

                                                                      Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 19years.


                 Gordon Clifton Godfrey                     Ordnance Artificer 1st class,  H M S Duchess C/M36714 12th December

                                                                                      1939, Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 33 years.


Frank John Edward Goodenough   Corporal, Royal Marines, PLY/X2279.11th June 1944.Died of wounds.

                                                                     Ranville War Cemetery, Age 26 years.


Alfred Thomas Chitral Hammond   Able Seaman, HMS Skipjack, C/JX129286.  Sunk Dunkirk. 1st June 1940

                                                                      Long  Longuenesse  (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetry. Age 28 years.


William George Hardy                         Leading cook, H M S Sphinx, C/M38195. 4th  February 1940,

                                                                      Wick Cemetery. Age 34 years


George Henry Harvey                          Able Seaman, HM. Motor Gun Boat, C/JX 317419. North Sea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      19th September 1943. Great Yarmouth (Caistair) Cemetery. Age 19 years.


William Deans Hewitt                           Lieutenant (E) RNR. HM Rescue Tug Cyrus 22nd January 1941.

                                                                       Liverpool Naval Memorial. Age 51 years.


William Frank Hide                               Shipwright 1st class. HMS Kelly C/MX47063.Crete. 22nd May 1941

                                                                      Chatham Naval Memorial. Age Unknown.


William Henry Hindmarsh                  Leading Stoker, HMS Mashona, C/KX 84123  25th May 1941.

                                                                      Chatam Navy Memorial. Age 26years.


Harry Hillyard                                        Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class, HM Submarine P319. 8th January 1943..

                                                                       Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 25 years.


Percy Clifford Holness                          Royal Marine, HMS Hannibal, CH/X 109258 died Royal Naval Hospital,

                                                                      Chatham, 3rd April 1945. Buried Halfway Cemetery. Age 21 years.


Ernest Johncock                                      Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, HMS Daring C/MX 52935. 18th                                                                       

                                                                       February 1940. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 28 years.


George John William King                  Stoker 1st Class, HMS Emerald C/KX 126918 Died Durban, 19th        .                                           

                                                                       December 1941. Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery. Age Unknown.


Edwin John Knell                                   Able Seaman, HMS Niger,C/JX128628. 6th July 1942.

                                                                      Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 32 years.


Cecil Albert Knight                                Petty Officer Stoker, HMS President III, R/KX 99007.

                                                                      1st November 1942, Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 32 years.


Frederick Alfred Lambkin                Leading Stoker HMS Naiad, C/K 51714. 11th March 1942.

                                                                      Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 41 years.


Herbert Frederick William Lane      Able Seaman HMS Hood,  P/SR 16563 24th  May 1941,  

                                                                        Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 22years.


Edward  Joseph Charles Larman       Shipwright 1st Class, HMS Cornwall, C/MX 45371

                                                               5th April 1942. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 38 years.


Myles Edward Lawson                           Leading Seaman, HM Submarine Snapper, C/JX 127646.

                                                                       12th February 1941. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 30 years


George Imeson Lax                              Able Seaman, HMS Willamette Valley, C/JX 144638      

                                                                      29th June 1940. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 20 years


Frederick Lloyd                                        Chief Petty Officer, HMS Jervis. C/J 62239. 28th December 1940

                                                                      Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery. Age 39 years.


Ernest Percy May                                Able Seaman, C/JX 153293, Invalided out of service, buried Minster

                                                                        3rd October 1945. Age 24 years.


William Thomas Henry Moriarty      Petty Officer Supply, HMS Marigold, C/MX 45108. 14th December 1942

                                                                        Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Algeria. Age unknown



Thomas Moysey                                   Stoker 1st Class, HMS Hotspur, C/K 60089. 10th April 1940. Narvik

                                                                        Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 41 years.


Walter Thomas Norris                           Engine room Artificer 3rd Class, HM Submarine Tetrarch, C/MX 52906 .

                                                                        2nd November 1941. Chatham Naval memorial. Age 27 years.


Sidney Edwin Page                                  Engine Room Artificer, HM Submarine Syrtis, 30 March 1944,

                                                                        Chatham Naval Memorial, Age 23 years.


Ernest William Payne                          Able Seaman, HMS Tern, C/J94361,died Osaka 23rd October 1942.

                                                                         Yokohama War Cemetery. Age unknown.                                                                                                                               


Harold Collins Pike                                  Electrical Artificer 1st Class, HMS Firedrake, C/M 37750.

                                                                        17th December 1942. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 40 years.


Alfred Bernard Joseph Rendell           Leading Seaman, HMS Kelly. C/JX 140811. Crete. 23rd May 1941

                                                                        Chatham Naval Memorial. Age Unknown.


Frank Cyril Robson                             Engine Room Artificer 5th Class, HMS Royal Sovereign. C/MX 53247.

                                                                       13th May 1941. Halifax (Camp Hill) Cemetery, Nova Scotia. Age 20 years


Edward Norman Rogers                       Leading Seaman, HMS Beverley, P/JX 144712

                                                                     11th April 1943. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 23 years.


Lionel Arthur Roome                          Able Seaman, HMS Achates, C/JX 163532. 31st December 1942.

                                                                        Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 19 years


Douglas Frank William Ross               1st Class Stoker  HMS Southampton, Mediterranean.

                                                                        31st January 1941, Age 21 years.


John Wallace Rowell                              Sub Lieutenant (A), Fleet Air Arm, RNR. 24th January 1945,    

                                                                        Lee- on- Solent Memorial. Age 24 years.


John Henry Ruchley                               Able Seaman, HMS Vimiera, C/JX 197599. 9th January 1942.

                                                                        Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 24 years.


Harry James Aboukir Seago               Leading Seaman , HMS Grove, C/JX 139256. 12th June 1942  

                                                                        Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 25 years.


Bertie Sheepwash                                     Sub Lieutenant (E), HMS Saucy

                                                                       Naval Auxiliary Personnel. (Merchant Navy)

                                                                       Accident Greenock, Scotland. 29th March 1940.

                                                                       Buried Turo Cornwall. Age 44 years.


Lionel Arthur Sheppard                     Stoker 1st Class, HMS Liverpool, C/KX 94100. 12th July 1940.

                                                                       Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery. Age 20 years.


Walter Henry Shoesmith                     Able Seaman, HMS President III, P/JX 261897. lost on convoy.

                                                                    25th January 1944. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Age 31 years.


John Charles Simmance                     Ordnance Artificer 4th Class, HMS Eclipse, D/MX 57672.

                                                                       24th October 1942. Plymouth Naval Memorial. Age 21 years.


Robert Simpson                                   Able Seaman, HMS Ivanhoe, C/JX 129957.  Dunkirk 1st June 1940.

                                                                        Chatham Naval memorial. Age 28 years.                                               (13)


Frank Skinner                                          Leading Stoker, HMS Kelly, C/KX 89343. Crete 23rd May 1941.

                                                                    Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 23 years.                                     


Sidney Albert Skinner                           Petty Officer, HMS Tern, C/JX 132691. 3rd March 1943.

                                                                    Yokhama War Cemetery. Age 30 years


Frank Stephens                                        Electrical Art. 1st Class, HMS Woolwich, C/M 38292. 7th October 1941.

                                                                       Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery. Age 43 years.


Raymond Taylor                                     Able Seaman, HMS Penelope, C/JX 315628. 18th February 1944..

                                                                       Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 40 years


Victor Gerald Thomas                        Able Seaman, HMS Chakdina, C/JX173984. 5th December 1941.

                                                                        Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 22years.     


Charles Frederick A. Thompson        Able Seaman, HMS Greyhound, C/J 95848 Crete 22nd May 1941.

                                                                       Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 38 years.


William John Tilley                                Leading Airman, Fleet Air Arm.  HMS Merlin,SR 415.   

                                                                        Flying Bomb London. 22nd Augus1944. Minster Cemetery. Age 25 years.


Frederick John Whalebone                  Chief Petty Officer HM Submarine Narwhal C/J108318. 1st August 1940

                                                                     Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 32 years  


Douglas  Haig Wood                            Leading Stoker, HMS Samphire , C/KX 93991. Convoy duty,

                                                                       30th  Januar 1943. Chatham Naval Memorial. Age unknown


John Anderson Woolage                     Engine room Artificer 5th Class, HMS Calcutta C/MX 53168.

                                                                        1st June 1941, Chatham Naval Memorial. Age 21 years


John Alfred Yates                               Canteen Manager, Navy Army and Air force Institute, HMS Orion.

                                                                       Battle of Crete, 29th March 1941.Plymouth Naval Memorial. Age 20 years.





Sheppey Casulties WW2


The following names have been extracted from reports and family notices in the Sheerness Times and Guardian. Due to wartime censorship, fog of war, etc some details were vague, a cross check was made with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ‘Debt of Honour Register’. Further cross checking was done against the register held at Minster Abbey and some names added. However the list cannot be guaranteed complete and 100 per cent accurate. Numbers listed for each section are:-






Merchant Navy


Royal Air Force


Royal Navy