The Hulk Dwellers of Bluetown (Sheerness).

Isaac Coffin. The Commissioner of Sheerness Dockyard , had among his claims
to fame , the knocking down of one side of Bluetown High Street for the
Dockyard wall, listing those who lived on the hulks in 1801 and getting rid
of the Old Ships used for housing -he was nearly lynched  for this as the
folk loved their aquatic accommodation .

In 1801 there were 4 hulks of old warships used for accommodation .Edgar,
Nottingham ,Orford , and Montague housing a total of 186 families 350

Edgar 44 Families - 113 children.           Nottingham 42 Families - 79

Orford 69 Families - 110 children           Montague - 31 Families - 56

People were listed as married, single, widow, servant, or child

They were recorded as living on various decks

Breakwater , Lower deck , Main deck , Spar deck , Quarter deck , and Fore
Castle .

The following list is in alphabetical surname order.

  Adams, Amner, Amner, Anmer, Anderson, Ansell, Arney, Athens, Austin,
Baker, Bartlett, Batt, Bay, Barrows, Beal, Belldom, Bell, Bligh, Brenchly,
Bristow, Brookman, Bruce, Buckley, Burman, Carey, Castle, Chambers,
Charlesworth, Chilton, Connelly, Cooper, Costen, Cox, Crown, Coultrip,
Cradock, Cullum, Cunningham, Davis, Davis, Delanie, Douyles, Dyer, Earl,
East, Easton, Edwards, Emm, Escabec, FishendenFlemming, Flecther,
Frankland, Fry, Fray, Gattley, Gibbs, Gilpin, Gloster, Gloster, Gooding,
Grinstead, Hall, Hearn, Hawkins, Hills, Hollands, Holden, Holmes, Hooker,
Hough, Houghton,
Hudson, Hugill, Hunt, Husbands, Jacobs, Jarvis, Jeffs, Johnson, Keeler,
Killpatrick, Knight, Knott, Knott, Lane, Langman, Lawson, Lee, Lee, Lee,
Lewcock, Linch, Mantle, Martin, Merchant,  Miller, Millgate, Mockett, Monk,
Morgan, Murry, Needham, Nicholay, Norman, Oliver, Osbourn, Outrim?, Oyre,
Parker, Pearson, Pointing, Porter, Petts, Reed, Reves, Richards, Rigsby,
Rowley, Sedgwick, Selby, Shads, Shepherd, Smith, Smith, Snooks, Soles,
Spencer, Springfield, Stace, Stodard,  Tanner, Thompson, Tucker, Turner,
Tyler, Walk, Walker, Warner, Wattson, Webster, White, Whitehead, Wickenden,
Willis, Wyeat, Wyeatt s ?, Young.

I was surprised that my ancestors were not named but on checking with a
friend it may have been  because they may have lived in the Blue Houses
(Bluetown )  ;a shanty town ; the wall of which was pulled down by
Coffin -page one of this list - to make way for the Dockyard wall . I am
hoping there is a Shanty Town list as well

I have had a few   enquires for more detail but I appear to have mislaid the
reference number  for the moment .But the list is in the PRO and I am sure
it would be fairly easy to locate ??? should a friend be going there .


Here it is !! by Peter Lowe


Piece details ADM 106/1844
     ADM 106  Navy Board: Records
       Subseries within ADM 106  IN-LETTERS
         Subsubseries within ADM 106  From Yards
Scope and content D. Sheerness. Commissioners.
Covering dates 1799-1802

The list was copied by David Hughes of Minster ,Sheppey a dedicated
Historian for Sheppey.

Regards Colin