P The series of Dockyard Pay Books ,Sheernesss Extraordinary , run from


ADM 42/1601 for 1673 to 1682




ADM 42/1714 for 1826 to 1829

Most of these books cover one year in four quarters.

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Dockyard employees documents in the Public Record Office.



Organisation before 1832.

Organisation after 1832

Records before 1832

Records after 1832 ;salaries

Dockyard and Naval Establishments (Worldwide) from circa 18th century

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These are the records that follow a
Dockyard shipwright  throughout his working life and when he moves to another Dockyard,  Here are some of the Penney details we have found in them.


ADM 11 Shipwrights to the Navy a Ships Carpenters

John Penney ,entered June 15th 1799 , 36 years , shipwright, 7 years service
after apprenticeship ,16 years including apprenticeship , married  3 children,
apprenticed at Deptford   5' 9" tall dark complexion ,living in Sheerness.

ADM 42/ 169 
CHATHAM  Paybooks. for 1722
ADM  42/1871 WOOLWICH  Paybooks for1724
ADM  42/ 1242 PORTSMOUTH  Paybooks for 1724
ADM  106/ 2992 DEPFORD General Desciption  Book 1791
John Penney aged 24 shipwright discharged March 2nd 1791 request to go as a
carpenter on the -------, to East Indies , his father is ------, not married,

entered March 30th 1778.
John Penney servant of John Penney Quarterman, aged 15 entered
Sept 28th 1778
.not married, 4' 11" from Deptford Parish.
William Penney age 15 entered dec 27th 1784 was refused not bein g of
age.single 4'-10" tall
ADM 106/ 3006 DISMISSALS. Thomas Penney age 21 ,5'-5" tall, pale, labourer,
March 3rd 1795 from Chatham "leaving the service " was the cause.
ADM 106/2993 General Description book 1791

James Penney aged 16 , servant to his father, entered September 28th 1792 . single, 5 ft. tall.

ADM 106/2983 Description Book Sheerness

1796 1st quarter. Thomas Penney aged 29, Quaterman, entered July 11th 1795 ,married two children ,Apprenticeship Sheerness/Chatham, 1st class Character , 5- 1 tall and dark.

John in Guzz
Working on the marriage certificate dates I think you ought to start your search in the ADM files coving that period, so I suggest you start looking at>>>
ADM 184/38 thru 41 Discharge Books 1784 to 1892
ADM 184/42 Disposal Books 1788 to 1897
ADM 184/1 thru 14 Order Books 1760 to 1881
ADM 158/207 thru 283 Description Books
There will be quite a bit of reading but I think perhaps start with ADM 184/42 disposal book as I would hope that will show if he was sent to civvy street or a ship, the other is ADM 184/38-41 which might also show his posting
64 Company was mainly a Plymouth Division company although in the mid 1800's it was transferred to Woolwich and Chatham Divisions
If you are not list at PRO it will need to take some good identity to get a readers ticket
Have you any objection to my putting his name on the database
Good luck
Royal Marines

Bob, My family worked in Chatham up to about 1900 mostly as shipwrights. The
pay books are at
Kew. The earliest one I have consulted is 1738 = ADM 42
184; the latest 1828/9 = ADM 42 284. The pay books include Shipwrights,
Carpenters and Joiners as well as Clerks, Brickies, et al. ADM 42 covers all
the Royal Yards, Ordinary ie crews of ships laid up and Extra-ordinary, ie
those working ashore. ADM 106 2975 gives outline of service of Artificers at
Chatham and ADM 106 2980 of
Portsmouth for 1779. I am not sure what
constitutres an Artificer but it includes shipwrights. My 1st cousin 5x
removed was a midshipman on Victory in 1782 and on Thursday 7th November
1805 as Lieutenant in command of Pearl Slop Ship, "Answered signal for all
Lieutenants at the setting of the Watch fired a feu de Joy per Order in
Honour of the Great & Glorious Victory obtained by his Majs Fleet under the
Command for the ever to be commented Lord Viscount Nelson & Bronte off Cadiz
on the 21st Ult over the Combined Fleets of France and Spain.".