There was an old  man of Brenchley who died some years ago who was a collar boy in his youth. A collar- boy was a boy who stayed under the table during festivities to undo the collars of those guests who slipped off their chairs and literally went under the table.. At this period the glasses used were rounded  like soda water bottles ,so that each man had to empty his glass before putting it down



The reading of the Church registers from the originals from 1538 to 1650 is a laborious task.Some were well kept and some badly. The spelling of names in the early time was quite unimportant..The same surname was sometimes spelt in two different ways on the same tombstone.In Somerset House I found the name Snatchbull spelt in three different ways in four lines of a will.



The original idea in forming the Club was that there should be twelve members and that each member should entertain the others at his house once a year.But the club was too popular and expanded.The meetings were from two of the clock till nine of the clock.