These short tit-bits of Sheppey Tales were collected by L.G. (Algy) Welland  ( School master at  the Sheerness Technical School ) and Les Hogan .They were recorded onto 6 cassettes and sold at the Minster Abbey Church ,all proceeds went to the Church Funds.

These are/were ? sold in the Church Shop.


The  Memory Jerkers “ below are to assist me in finding  certain required articles.

In my next Web Page  revision I will possibly have sound to some ( all !! <B.G>)  of the short articles below .

A few reports are duplicated (please excuse any spelling mistakes )




Song By Ken Hollow(Les Hogan )  Re The Ballard Of The Witch And  Lord Robert De  Shurland’s horse.

Queenborough Castle.

Names Of Sheppey,Wool Staples

W.H.Srubsole Master Mast Maker Preacher ,Tonoc-Sol-Far System inventor

Sheerness Natural History

Haywoods And The Black Box And Haywoods Charity Etc Etc Etc

Old Kings Of Kent

Norwood Family History ,Norwood Brass in the  Abbey Church

Cheyney history bulls horn on his crest.

Fossils on the Island and Dr.Jacobs

Johnson and his fossils of Sheppey.

James II escapes from Sheppey at Harty

Holy Trinity Church Sheerness  cost £4,000( and £4,000,000)

Hogath and his wanderings on Sheppey

Sheerness Technical School  Baron Penney, Michael  Crawford , Rod  Hull

Iron blocks in the Dockyard re ballast then used as paving,

Overtime and long hours –never seen children in daylight for years

Hobbs visit to Mile Town and indolent scalded and thrown out

Visit trip to Island etc ,Harty, Queenborugh 1747 food etc etc well ,Nore Chapel,food , oystera,,Chatham ,Minster , Abbey.


Sexburgha  saint , 77 nuns,Family of.

Robert De Shurlands family line.and his horse

Wrecks at sea.

Ann Plot run over ,as flat as a pancake legent

Sir Humphrey Gilbert 1560 explorer left wife and family .Discoveed New Foundland

Queenborough and Elephant and Queen Elizabeth

John Taylor and the paper boat.1620

Harty and Trial by Combat (Paramour)

Fish ,3 rod long by Stephen Rouse 1769 Parish Clerk

1322 + ghost  +  Priest in love with a nun.

1340 kidnapped a nun of Sheppey

Mutiny of the Nore , Captain Trollop , crew joined mutiny ,captain to blow up

Nore Mutiny and Richard Parker very long incl Captain Blyth

Buttercup and the Fairy.1920 R.A.F.plane  race of two planers

Queen borough smuggler  in goal  access to goal .from council chamber

Rouse diary 41 years each day ,school ,undertaker etc etc very good data .

The oak tree and Kingsborough  court.

The first co-op ever. The history of

Sheppey and flight  members who flew. And first accident.

Escaped prisoner by railway

Bouncing bombs tested at Leysdown.





Memorials and epitaphs gravestones in the cemetery

War time boom Sheppey

Oak lane pub,beagle pack RAF officers

Richard Montgomery

The Smugglers stone and story .

Dockyard and chips and Blue House

Sheerness in three parts Mile Town etc

Dockyard two unseparable twins but one was female !!!

Smuggled liquor French gin ,names etc  fined £75

Poachers found out, fined ,no money jailed

3 Julius Ceaser on Sheppey

King  Richard ransom, freedom, dunes

Elephants prehistoric etc one at sea

Royal Arms on Sheppey, churches etc Anne , William iiii

1734 gun accidents 3 off

Bronxe age metalworker tools found at Harty Old coins found 3rd C

1781 Wild Wolf French ship lands men at Sheppey for food  left ashore.

1840/1846     Pile of clothing  on beach

Old Parish Road  ghost noises heard swish of habits etc

Smugglers and pigeons dash to bed to hide

Vicar of High Halden ,and man found dead with large stone around neck

Shurland Hall ghost ,   1769 Ghost of Grace seen  at Eastchurch pond

1795  John Redman of Faversham and 200 seamen captured and rations

fireworks thrown  fined 5/- etc

Simon Gilks

Nore Mutiny death of doctor

Water boats and water buckets plus wells

Windmills on Sheppey horizontal mills


June 1756 letter re large fish Stephen Rouse

U2567   Stephen Rouse Diaries at Maidstone 49 small diaries

Stephens family history very very long  and his work  etc very good.

His garden products .  names he worked for/with  all subjects

18th Court cases  with names

STEPHEN ROUSE very very good and very very lkong.

1760  Work house WITH NAMES





Jerrold theatre and actors  and Punch

Poet” The shipwreck “ , Hobbs , author Dibdib.

Sheerness theatre and smuggling,  cracks in floor found 80 sacks of Gin

Smuggling “ Times “ 1832 fires insurance claims 50 houses burnt down lady refused help gin.

Annual Fair Minster,

Dockyard 5 till 10 request days leave never seen at daylight

Dockyard block iron paving ,Ballast .paved in Yard.

Hobbs book story, lady stayed in bed ,fire light  baby thrown out

Shurland story De  Shurland Cheyney

Hogath and his trips and De Shurland

De Shurland tales by Hobbs

Hasted De Shurland Wreck of the sea

Smugglers stone Beaney institute  advert  re murder on Sheppey 1814


1798 Christmas in Borstall Hall ,All names VERY VERY GOOD

EDWARD Shurland re 13th May 1609 buried in Essex ?

Romans here then Saxons Nunnery 670 . 8oo AD Vikings Wrecked Abbey .Settled on Sheppey

Newington Nun killed .nuns sent to Minster, rebuild the Abbey .On a down £139.8d

Roads running North digging ,trenches skeleton s  small bodies  and large

Viking Chief   loved a nun  did not touch , went to sea .On Danish coast a cave for them .

Horse radish Island Sheppey

Nore Mutiny very long  letter to Admiral1797 122 men aboard Ships red flag to join or sink ship

Letter 1747 12 to 14 years old family to go to Queenborough






Cliff falls

False alarm invasion ?

Storehouse HMD Size of .,spring door stealing

Shurland house  4? Ghosts, A  Saunter thro’……

Leysdown Church .Fishing by nets not allowed

Silk Farms .To grow mulberry . sites of.

Sea glass ??/ mica.

Mice/rats tales legends .why no rats on Island but 165 rats killed ? 

Copperas Falconer 1682 Roman Cement

Harty and Elmley 1850  Globe pub school. The Wells .

Coursing and sanctuary Kingsmill

Airship scare Zepplin U.F.O. at Sheerness  Churchill and Parliament 1912 

Banks Family  and Sir John Rennie

Banks and Jollife Ltd built Sheerness Dockyard and Royal Hotel and Sheppey Court Warden Manor and P.O.

Hayward charity Sheppey/Holligbourne  Names of trades.

Rouse The Chatham Chest and Wrecks

Cat  and nine lives

Tontines and an Example

The Mayor of Queenboro’ Greet

Race around Sheppey


Highland Pub  in one of  six booklets.  Plus tales of Sheppey

No. 2 booklet Shurland tale

No. 3 booklet Queenboro paper boat

No.4 ? Smugglers freed from goal

No.5? Mayor on ground and queen breeches elephant

No.6  Liversy

Shurland hall  visit and good description of feast and Ransom paid

Harty +water day ,an old organ, Brising Stone ,Water divining ,

Arden of Faversham killed ,his  death

Sheppey Sport  cricket matches.-Rouse-etc etc 1770 golf course Dr. Grace cricket  ,boxing

Sheppey names , people , and sites

1635  freemasons   to view steeples, £135 collected to repair

Press gangs

1573 bakers dozen =13  .scolding, school ,arms in church  cost of ,

1660 36/- for the Kings arm

 Old Queenborough family names 1590





Minster Abbey description of parts  etc 2 saxon high windows ,Roman bricks

St Catherine and St .Large figure dug up  .holding his soul..very long

3 Memorials +tablets.. The Horse Church .Norwood Brasses .

Sheppey Founder of Newfoundland

Rouses Diary Bell Tower , bells by Wm Hatch

Gunner Worth headstone Abbey Gatehouse

History/ Description of Sheppey

Rouse, Wesley , Shrubsole

Scandnavian influence.

Blockhouses bottoms cleaned, beacons ,

Start up of Dockyard/description

Garrison point


Chips and Bluehouses

Naval Hospoital 300 worked in Dockyard Fort Townsend

Nore Mutiny ,Burial of Parker

Blue Town High Street .Naval burial site

Coffin closes the Hulks wells

Hulks Rennie Plan of Dockyard to Portsmouth

Boathouse sizes Basins ,Church , Drawbridges

Description of  Bluetown , Sheerness



Sheppey/Sheerness description  size from -0000BC  Harty iron works VERY  VERY  VERY LONG

Queenborough Castle earthquake. 4 ferries ,Gunpowder

Rebellious Sheppey Haywoods charatices .

S ROUSE    A mystery man . Thoughts on churches. 1785 10th October last sermon glad to see him go 

Dockyard 177 Stokes preached to 4 score men . 1777 Morton and family married Mary Baker  v ery quick promotion  ?why ? 1786  very poor sermon etc .






Stephen Rouse Diary “ had my dogs hanged”Rabies?? “ took down the sentences ?? /Faversham

Church Sentences Georgian texts

Silver locks 1770 ? John Payne

Sir Thomas Cheyney coat of arms a description of him, Big John 7 feet tall.

Minster Thanet/Sheppey oldest.?

Ship models Stockwell Model first ? built ship then the model ???

HMS Leopard  mutiny and hanging list of names 1797 carver of  ships head

Donkey stolen anchor  taken to Faversham and returned  no donkey

Cricket match Teams listed

Canterbury  & Danes  killing. Only king buried  in Canterbury

Ospringe roads hangmans field 1777 female found hanging  buried with ashen  stake in a crossroad through her heart.

Gunner Worth tombstone .


Sondes Family line and Earl of Faversham

Earthquakes in Kent

Priest holes on Sheppey

1939 hide  holes

Land/houses for sale

Irish troops.very small

Militia , defensibles,  local voluteers 1803   and definition  and numbers

Press gangs or prison

Nore Mutiny

Sheppey pubs trip all listed

Prison food John Redman 1795
Boats built at Faversham

1808 Frenchmen escaped

Parker /Nore Mutiny 21 ships flying the red flag.Dover .

Clock Tower 1907 origin.