Generation 1

The Pennington Research Association has designated the family descended from Aaron Pennington as Family Group 31. Each group is designated based on the earliest identifiable ancestor and research begins from that point.

Aaron Pennington (EPHRIAM1) was born about 1786 in North Carolina, and died December 23, 1861 in Harlan Co., Kentucky. He married Ann Coldiron about 1806 in Ashe Co., North Carolina. She was born about 1790 in Virginia, and died 1860 in Harlan Co., Kentucky.

Some researchers have indicated that Aaron was the son of Micajah Pennington. But most research suggests that an Ephriam was Aaron's father. The 1861 Harlan Co., Kentucky Death Records indicate that Aaron died at age 75 and list him as the son of Ephriam Pennington.

The 1800 Ashe Co., North Carolina Census lists an Ephriam Pennington on page 85, line 21 with a family group of: 1 male 10-16 (possibly Aaron}, 1 male 45+ (Ephriam), 1 female 16-26 (unknown) and 1 female 45+ (unknown). Aaron would have been approximately 13 at that time and any older brothers could have already moved out of the household. To date, this is the only family group located which could be Aaron with his father Ephriam.

The 1810 Ashe Co., North Carolina Census, pg. 8A, line 9, lists an A. Pennington with a household of: 2 males under 10 (Levi and Henry), 1 male 16-26 (Aaron) and 1 female 16-26 (Ann). This would be consistent with Aaron and Ann's family at that time.

Aaron is listed in the 1815 Tax List for Ashe Co., North Carolina. A William is also listed.

Based on Census Reports and Tax Records it appears Aaron and relocated from North Carolina to Kentucky between 1815 and 1820. The family settled at Cutshin, then called New Harlan, presently Leslie Co., Kentucky.

Aaron is listed in the 1820 Harlan Co., Kentucky Census, pg. 116, line 240, with a household that matches Aaron, Ann, Henry, Levi, Ephriam Aaron, Nancy and Malinda.

The Harlan Co., Kentucky Tax Records show Aaron was taxed 1821-1827. William Pennington was taxed 1820-1832. Micajah Pennington was taxed in 1824. Wiliam Pennington (PRA Group 28) and Abigail recorded a 100 acre survey in Harlan Co., Kentucky on June 24, 1818. It is unproven if this William is the same William that appears to have moved from North Carolina to Kentucky with Aaron.

Harlan Co., Kentucky Court Records, Deed Book A, Page 171: Aaron Pennington (signed by Amy Pennington) to Elias Smith on August 24, 1826 for $100 - 50 acres part of a 100 acre survey granted to said Pennington on June 24, 1824 on the South side of the Poor Fork. Witnessed by A. Lewis and Jonathan Smith. Note: The Amy who signed for Aaron is unknown.

Aaron is listed in the 1830 Clay Co., Kentucky Census with a family group that matches Aaron, Ann, Ephriam Aaron, Nancy, Malinda, Sally, William and Jesse.

Aaron 63 and Ann 60 are listed in the 1850 Harlan Co., Kentucky Census, Dist. #1, Pg. 22A, #169-169 with James (age 18) and Sally (age 17 or 19 born in Virginia). It is speculated that this Sally is Sarah Polly Lewis b. 1830 and could have been age 19 at that time.

The 1850 Harlan Co., Kentucky Census lists Ann as 60 years old and born in Virgina. To date there have not been any male Coldirons discovered in Virgina in 1790 who could have been Ann's father.

The Harlan Co. Death Records reflect that Aaron Pennington reported the death of Sally Baker age 36 in December 1855. Although there is a minor conflict with dates, this may have been Aaron's daughter who married Isaac Baker.

Aaron 73 and Ann 60 are listed in the 1860 Harlan Co., Kentucky Census, Harlan Courthouse Post Office, Pg. 91, #583 living with their son James (age 29) and wife Sarah (age 30). Note: Ann would have been 70 at the time of this census and the 60 is believed to be a transcription error. This is the last census data for Aaron and Ann prior their death.

Statements by John Pennington (This may be John b.1868 s/o William or John b.1852 s/o James) recorded in the Diary of Rev. John Dickey on Jan. 20, 1898 indicated the following: His Grandfather Aaron Pennington and wife Ann (Coldiron) came to Kentucky from North Carolina and settled at Cutshin which was then called New Harlan. Their children's names he remembered were Levi, Jesse, Henry, William, Ephriam Aaron, James, Nancy and Malinda.

Note: Additional information in this interview indicated Aaron's brother may have been Abel (II B). Ref. 1990 Willis Lake Article "More on Abel II". However, there are some birth year issues with this theory that require additional research.

The Lewis Family Bible listed some of Aaron and Ann's children as Ephriam Aaron, Jesse, Bill (William), Jim (James) and Linda (Malinda).

Published researcher Otto Coldiron has been researching the Coldiron Family since the early 1970's. He advised that Ann has been one of the most difficult mysteries in the Coldiron Line.

One speculation is that Ann may have married a Coldiron who subsequently died and that she could have used her married name rather than her maiden name when she married Aaron.

Children of Aaron Pennington and Ann Coldiron are:

Levi Pennington, b. August 15, 1807, North Carolina; d. September 23, 1894, Burning Springs, Clay Co., Kentucky.

Henry Pennington, b. 1808, North Carolina; d. between 1880 - 1900, Leslie Co., Kentucky.

Ephriam Aaron Pennington, b. about 1812, Ashe Co. North Carolina; d. 1884, Perry (now Leslie) Co., Kentucky.

Nancy Pennington, b. 1815, Ashe Co., North Carolina.

Malinda Pennington, b. 1820, Virginia or Harlan Co., Kentucky.

Sarah Sally Pennington, b. 1822, Harlan Co., Kentucky; d. 1853, Harlan Co., Kentucky.

Jesse Pennington, b. 1824, Harlan Co., Kentucky.

William Pennington, b. December 1829, Harlan Co., Kentucky; d. after 1900, Leslie Co., Kentucky.

James Pennington, b. January 1831, Harlan Co., Kentucky; d. before 1920.