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November 2009 Update


I have migrated all the data I’ve held on here for over 10 years to a new, dedicated site: www.oxfordgenealogy.com


When I started to share all my research online, back in 1996, the genealogy/online community was quite small and people were happy to credit each other’s findings. With the growth in internet usage and family history interest, however, it seems to be too easy to lift information from a site and integrate it into another tree, without contact or credit. This is where a lot of incorrect information starts to confuse people.


I have therefore decided not to publish any of my detailed research anymore, and list only names and dates of birth without linking individuals together.

I hope this will encourage serious researchers to contact me if they find similar names, to ensure people stay in contact and credit each other’s work.



My interest in genealogy started when I realized there were very few people with the surname Periton, my mother’s maiden name and the married name of my beloved grandmother. Using the internet back in 1995, I did rough searches on the name and came up with a sketch of the present day Peritons, alive in England and elsewhere. I have now broadened my search beyond this name, but it still remains the anchor of my own family’s genealogical research.


My immediate family has given me a lot of information including photos, original documents and their own memories but through research on and off the internet I have now built up a large (and ever growing) database of names, dates and relationships.  More importantly to me, however, are the lifestyles of my ancestors; their jobs, houses, living conditions etc.. which make us all different.


I also research other people’s families on their behalf, so please visit my website for more information: www.oxfordgenealogy.com


Contact me at contact@oxfordgenealogy.com


Last revised: November 2009

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