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Thank you for the Recognition and Honor!

Sonya Perkins Lynch and the Whole Perkins List


Thank you!
Gracie's World
Feb, 23 2000

Thank you!
Kathy McCellan
Feb 14, 2000

What an Honor!
Thank You!
Feb. 10, 2000

Thank You!

Ancestry Connections

Tell us about your web page!  We have an award too!

It was created by a Perkins list member.
Our Award is called:  "Perkins List Research Award"!   
It represents  a willingness to share PERKINS family history .
     Your site must be a Free for all Genealogy site! 
It must deal in in some portion with the Perkins Surname
Since I am a novice at Graphics...that is not something I am not looking for but, information is!
Your site must have lots of information.
Send me an E-mail with this information
A link back to our site would be appreciated if you win our Award.  I would also need:
The Site URL:
The Site Name:
What you would want the world to know about your site!:
Thank you all and have a Great Perkins Day!
We will have more choices of award designs in the near future.

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